Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 27 18th October 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 27 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Usman recieves a call from Advocate Ashraf and says that he forgot them and invite him in a Seminar which they have arranged for Danial and says that he has selected for presidency. He says that he knew that Danial was innocent. Usman says that he will meet him on thursday. Usman tell his wife about the Seminar. His wife ask him to not to go there as they are no one to do that. Usman says that this was Danial’s right as he was blamed for the reasons which he didn’t done and now he should be given a standing ovation for his work and he will go there for Danial.
Usman and Asfandyar attends the Seminar and they all show them the journey of Danial. Ashraf say good things about Danial that he made them proud. He invites Usman to say something. Usman thank all of them. Usman says that Danial fought with devils and he proved that he was right and he has taken side of truth. Usman and Asfandyar went to Danial’s grave and Usman cries and ask for apology. Asfandyar ask him to not to do that as he has done everything for him and his brother. Usman says that time has changed and Allah told everyone that Danial was right and innocent. Usman says that they can’t stay here in Islamabad for forever but he want to arrange his marriage from here. Usman ask that he likes Zubia? Asfandyar didn’t answered.
Urooj in jail recalls how Asfandyar helped her by saving her son even after knowing her.
Asfandyar ask Geeti that she is still awake? Geeti says that she was not feeling sleepy. Geeti says that they went on Danial’s grave. Asfandyar says that there was too much calm on his grave. Geeti says that she is also calm as Danial was special and she was asking him to leave that. Geeti says that if she stopped him than he wouldn’t be Usman Ali. Geeti says that she has only one regret to not to be upset on his last day and should let him feel that she is with him. Geeti says that they know that Danial was right but when everyone proved that he was right. She says that she want him to come back once and he want to make him feel that she is with him. Asfandyar cries. He says that she knew she can give him happiness by keeping herself happy and they also want him to be happy.
Zubia called Asfandyar and ask that where he went? She ask that is he fine as he was not picking up the call and not coming to hospital as well. He says that he is absolutely fine and tell her about Seminar. Zubia says that she saw the coverage of the Seminar. He says that she saw him there than she was worried. Zubia says that she was not worried. He says that she worry about him. Zubia says that yes and drop the call. He smiles.
Asfandyar’s mother says to Zubia that she called her to check her bp and Asfandyar became worried. His mother ask about her aunt. Zubia tell her about her aunt and her family. His mother ask about her parents. Zubia tell her about her parents. His mother says that she felt her alone and there is no one with her. His mother ask about her aunt and ask her to gave her address and tell that she will tell her aunt that Zubia is so nice girl and where ever she will marry, her husband and that family will be so lucky.
Khajista’s mother in law show her shirt which she made for her. Khajista says that she is so nice. Her mother in law says that she was not nice as she did bad with her. Her mother in law says that Zubia made her feel to respect her. Khajista ask her to forget everything. Her mother in law ask her to wear that dress and show her.
Zubia thinks that she is not like that as everyone thinks as she has no home to live and no relative and she don’t deserve Asfandyar.
khajista gave Rustom water as he was doing lunch. Rustom says that his mother brought this dress for her. Khajista says that she made that for her and she wore bangles as well. Rustom ask her to be happy always and not to listen to his brother much as he is mad. His brother heard everything. Bahadur ask Khajista to be happy with her love. Rustom says that she is like her sister. Bahadur says that he will saw him later. Bahadur beats Khajista and Rustom fought with him. Khajista got shot by Bahadur as he has taken gun out for his brother. Bahadur ran from there.
Zubia met Asfandyar and says that she want to talk something important as she came here to talk about themselves. He ask that everything is fine. Zubia says that she says that she want everything to be clear between them. She says that his mother asked for her aunt’s address. He says that they are going to talk about their marriage with her aunt. Zubia says that she don’t want to get married with no one. He laughs. Zubia says that she is serious and she also want him to take that seriously. He ask reason from her. Zubia says that she is not here to tell him reason. He ask that there is something wrong than she can tell him. Zubia says that there is nothing like that but she is not ready to get married. He says that they both love eachother and his family also like her. Zubia says that he niether said that to her nor she said that. Zubia says that there is some kind of attraction but this doesn’t mean to get married with that person. There came an emergency case and Zubia leaves. Zubia cries.
Bahadur’s mother brought Khajista to hospital and ask Zubia to do something. Everyone says that they have to teminate the pregnancy before operation. Khajista’s operation held.

PRECAP: Asfandyar says to his father that everything chnaged but there situation is the same as before. Bahadur’s boss says that he will not allow Asfandyar to remain alive.

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