Tou Dil Ka Kya Hua – Episode 14 15th October 2017 Written Update

Tou Dil Ka Kya Hua – Episode 14 15th October 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Maya says that she want to be back. Faris says that he want to see and have to think that the way to come back in divorce is possible for him or not and she can’t be a boss at his home and he can’t forgive her. Faris says that his love is not dead for her and it is trying to live and this needs time. Faris says that he will drop her till door.
Saif tell his friend that Lubna sent him these all gifts of her and also sent him a letter. His friend says that he got all things which he gave to her. Saif says that he still thinks whom he will cheat and he don’t want to be cursed by her and he don’t want to lose her as he want to marry her. His friend says that they will find her. Saif ask him to call her from his number and say that he is talking from curiour service as her parsal has been delayed and she will come to check her parsal and than he will talk to her.
Faris recieved a call from Maya’s mother and says that he want to talk to Zoya. Her mother ask Zoya to talk to Faris as he is on call. Faris complaints that she don’t recieve his call. Zoya says that she gave reply of his message. He says that he has a news to tell her as Maya came to meet him. Her mother also hears everything. Faris tell her everything. Zoya says that what did he answered? He says that he said that he will ask Zoya than he will answer. She says that he is lying. Faris says that this is true that he will ask her first. He says that he has no place for her in his heart and he wanted her to come back like this infront of him as she was not having tears in her eyes but she was too much upset and after seeing her he didn’t wanted to see tears in her eyes.
Siraaj says to Maya’s parents that he don’t know what is the reason behind this meeting and what would be the result but he thinks that she should stay in this home otherwise she will be doing stupid things outside. He says that this is the big thing if a mother should forgive.
Maya says to her friend that he was right as she can’t be a boss like before and what all he said. Maya says that he said that he is still in love with her. Maya tell her everything what Faris said. Maya says that she will recieve a call from him as Dariya is leaving and today he said that he is not in love with Dariya. Her friend ask that she will not talk to her parents. Maya says that her parents haven’t seen her like that. Maya says that Dariya was there and she is handling every work. Her friend ask her to beware as her wait will start on tuesday as Faris said that he will call her. Her friend says that he will call and meet her but this is confusing that what he will talk. Her friend says that she has to walk in a difficult path as she don’t know about men’s nature as she was to marry someone else first who will share bedroom first before leaving her. Maya says that she needs her support. Her friend says that she just need prayers. Maya’s mother came to meet Maya at her friend’s home.
Siraaj became angry on Faris. Faris says that he is becoming angry because of Dariya and ask him to make her understood to not to go back. Siraaj ask him to say this by himself. Faris says that Maya is not back still as the path of coming back is so much difficult. Siraaj says that Dariya said that she will not live here on chance. Faris says that he is ready to marry Dariya but he will meet Maya for the last time as he wants Maya to be punished.
Faris says to Dariya that he heard that her seat is not confirmed. Dariya says that she is leaving via Dubai. Dariya says that she is leaving many things here and she knew that he needs her. Faris ask her to not to leave and create a reason by herself. Dariya ask him to help her in doing packing. Dariya says that she is leaving today at 2 and ask him to hire someone else at her place. Faris ask that there is no one there. Dariya says that when she will meet him next time than he will meet someone else with her. Faris ask Dariya to marry him. Dariya says that he never said that he is in love with her. Faris says that she also didn’t said that and he want to stop her and he can marry her to stop her. Dariya ask that when he want to marry her? She ask him to marry her now before 2 otherwise this will not happen. She ask him to tell Maya that he is going to marry Dariya and ask her to keep away from him and his office. Maya called Faris and tell him that she is at her home. Maya ask that there is someone with him. He tell her that Dariya is with him. Dariya says that she still has his cell number. Faris says that his number hasen’t changed. Dariya says that he also not changed yet.
Zoya met Maya and Maya ask that is she afraid from her? Maya says that she always became angry on her because of her mistakes as she is younger than her. Zoya ask her to not to leave her again as she will bear her anger. Maya says that this can’t happen again. Zoya says that she used to interfere in her matters. Maya ask that she want her to apologize. Zoya ask her to not to do that. Maya says that she will let her meet her friend ask she used to say that her sister love her. Everything became alright between Maya and Zoya.
Siraaj ask Faris that he don’t have much time to think. Faris ask him to make her understood. Faris says that he thinks that he will fall in love with her as she is taking revenge from him. Siraaj ask him to stop by holding her hand and throw her bag and torn her tickets and say loudly that she will not go.

PRECAP: Zoya says that she has taken her decision. Her mother says that people will say her characterless girl as she thinked about her sister’s husband. Maya says that she want to kill Zoya. Tipu ask her to not to do that as she is the path for her to be back to home. Tipu ask Maya to marry him.

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