Gustakh Ishq – Episode 13 13th October 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 13 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Sikandar got ot knew from Samina that Maleeha went somewhere without telling her and she will come to meet and she haven’t eaten anything. He says that he will see if she will come here.
Zubair saw Maleeha coming towards his home. Maleeha came to meet Najaf and tell her that she is her sister and from when she knew this? Najaf says that when she got that job. maleeha ask her everything and Najaf says that Sikandar got to knew about this a few days before as she didn’t told him. Najaf says that he said that she is the same for him after knowing this and she will marry him. Maleeha says that she can’t believe her and ask that what kind of role she ois playing in this? Najaf says that she always asked him to keep her happy. Maleeha says that he never kept her happy as he don’t love her. Najaf says that he love her. Maleeha says that her life has became a trajedy and she is not understanding to be happy or not as she got her after 22 years and because of her her engagement has been broken. Maleeha says that she broke her relation after kicking her out from there and leaves.
Sikandar tell Samina that Maleeha didn’t reached yet and she says that he will not leave him. Her ask her to find Maleeha and this is because of them as they broke everything. She says that she also beared every pain and he has to change his decision. He says that this is better for them and he can’t help her. Samina says that he is like his father.
Mumtaz says to Najaf that she never told her everything and became upset on her. Her aunt ask her to live with her sister. Najaf says that she don’t know about her engagement.
Samina says that why she is giving her punishment as she loved her alot. Maleeha came back and tell her that she went to meet Najaf. Samina became worried.
Zubair says to Najaf that she rejected him and she used to hate Sikandar than why she broke her sister’s engagement. Najaf says that she has no answer. Zubair ask her that she love Sikandar? Najaf ask him to leave. He says that he will not come in her way now. She says that she knew that her love was just for a part time.
Samina ask Maleeha that why she went to meet her? Maleeha says that she is her sister and she did wrong by hiding truth from her and ask her to leave her alone.
Dua ask Sikandar to bring Najaf here for for ever and she asked her to become a bride of him. He says that she will come after becoming bride here.
Mumtaz complaints to Rashid about Najaf that She hid everything from him. Rashid ask her to not to say like that as she has to face Allah and this is the matter of Sikandar and they can’t interfere.
Maleeha called Najaf and says that she did wrong with her. Najaf says that she love her. Maleeha says that she showed her love after breaking her relation. Najaf says that she used to pray for her and tell her about her parents.
Reema says to her mother that she is happy to hear about Sikandar. Her mother says that he will never marry her. Her mother ask Reema to be careful from Najaf.
Rashid says to Najaf that all mistake is of Samina and she should have told Maleeh about this as she will be in so much pain. She says that Sikandar should have thinked about it. He ask that what she talked with her. She says that she was asking about her parents. He ask that what she thinked about her? She says that she has left that on her destiny. He ask her to not to give her pain as this is better for her.
Sikandar called Najaf and ask answer from her. She says that she has given her answer and she is doing this for her sister. He ask that she love him. She says that she love her sister. He says that he know that she love him and she should have not rejected his proposal if Maleeha wasn’t there and ask her to not to lose her happiness for her sister. She says that she can lose him for her sister.
Samina says to Maleeha that she will never forgive Sikandar. Maleeha says that he has taken advantage from this situation. Samina ask her to not to leave her as she is no one without her. Maleeha got a call from Sikandar and she went to meet him. He says that they can keep the relation of friendship with her. Maleeha says that this is his last decision. He says that she can understand as she is strong. He ask that where she met that day? She says that she went to meet Najaf as she is her sister. He ask her to went with him to meet Najaf for his proposal with Najaf.
Maleeha went back with anger and cries. Samina ask her to open the door. Maleeha ask her to leave her alone.
Dua went to meet Najaf and she felt happy to see Dua. Maleeha and Sikandar went to meet her. Maleeha ask her to let them sit as they are her guests. Maleeha introduce her family to Maleeha. Maleeha says that she came here for Sikandar’s proposal with Najaf.

PRECAP: Maleeha says that he will feel about her love soon. Mumtaz says to Najaf that now the whole story is infront of them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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