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Saba cries with her aunt and her aunt ask her to be strong. Saba says that she will always need her support from now and whenever she remembers her mother she saw her. Her aunt ask her to not to think that much and ask her to remain at er decision and she will save her all money for her things after marriage and prays that she will find her Zohaib soon. Kashif heard everything and became upset after listening the name of Zohaib and leaves.
Saba’s friend tell Zohaib and Ashar that Saba was her friend and gave them numbers of her more friends. She ask them to not to tell anyone that she helped them. Ashar ask about Saba’s close friend. She tell him about Saman.
Kashif called Saba and says that he wants to talk to her. He ask her to meet him and he want to tell her something. Saba ask him to tell her here. kashif says that if she want than he can come now. Saba ask him to come.
Zohaib recalls when Saba used to say that she can’t understand what Iqra says and he said that Iqra is suffering from depression. Saba ask him to promise her as she is afraid that he will change but she can see herself in his eyes and he said everything from his eyes. Zohaib said that they are made for eachother and no one can seperate them. Ashar ask Zohaib that he didn’t got connected with Saman. Zohaib says that that number was not in use. Ashar says that his love is strong and he will get her soon. Zohaib says that he will get her but when and says that he don’t know where is she and in which situation is she? Ashar ask him to mot to be upset as this is the start. Ashar says that he had a belief that he will find her and ask him to keep patience.
Saba thinks that why Kashif wants to met her as if he knew about Zohaib?
Kashif came to meet Saba and tell her that he went to Zohaib’s home but he met his neighbours and they told the no one lives here and they didn’t told him that where they went. He says that he felt happy that she gave him work and ask her to not to think wrong. Saba leaves while saying that she has some work. Kashif thinks that why he lied to her as he came to talk about something else.
Shagufta’s mother congragulate her about her pregnancy. Her mother says that her all complications will be finished after this baby and ask about Usman’s case. She says that she don’t know what will happen as Usman was saying that this matter will end in two three days. Shagufta tell her mother about her problem that Usman said that he don’t need a baby girl. She says that he is saying like this because of his sister. Her mother says that she will have a baby boy. Shagufta ask her mother to pray for her.
Zohaib went to Saba’s friend home and ask about Fauzia. Zohaib says that he want to meet Fauzia as he want to ask about Saba. He tell Fauzia about Saba. Fauzia says that she was having friendship with Iqra only. Her mother ask him to let her stay away from this matter. Fauzia says that she don’t know about anything. Zohaib gave Fauzia his number.
Kashif went to Zohaib’s home and ask someone that this house is lokced. He tell Kashif that this is locked from 3 to 4 days. Saba called Kashif and tell him that her aunt is not feeling well and she is asking about him. He says that he is just coming. Saba ask him to bring medicines for her. He ask that why she came to the shop. Saba didn’t answer and drops the call.
Farah saw the cell phone and called Ashar. She ask him about Zohaib. He tell her that he is better now. Farah tell him that she is fine and ask him to take care of him and he don’t want him to come infront of Usman.
Zohaib went to that restaurant where he brought Saba with him. He ordered orange juice for him.
Kashif gave Saba medicines and tell her that he told a lie to her. He says that he didn’t went to Zohaib’s house than. He ask that she didn’t felt bad? Saba says that she didn’t felt like that as she requested him and to do that or not is his choice. He says that he went there today and says that what he said was truth and says that he realized his mistake. He says that he don’t want her to leave from here and ask her to stay here. She says that now she is thinking that she should believe on him or not. He says that he feels the same for himself. Zohaib went to his home and recalls all the memories. He cries while seeing his mother’s picture.
Saman came to meet Saba and says that she didn’t told her about her mother’s sickness. Saman became angry on Saba. Saba says that her mother asked her to not to tell her.
Shagufta tell Usman that her mother came today and was too much happy. Usman ask her to bring tea for him. Usman got to know that his shop has been burnt on news. Usman called Raza and he tell him that this news is right. Shagufta felt shocked to hear that news. Usman ask her to pray. Usman panics and call Adnan.
Ashar came to meet Zohaib and became angry on him that his cell number is off and he was worried. Ashar ask him to return back with him as this is not right to stay here. Zohaib ask tea for him. Ashar says that they will find a better way and ask him to go back with him. Zohaib says that he has taken his decision that he will stay here only.
Saman ask about Zohaib from Saba. Saba says that she thinks that her life has stopped and she will not find any other way. Saman says that she is saying the same and this can create a distance between them. She says that he will be good for her but he is a man. Saba says that Zohaib is not like that. Saman says that she felt like that and this is the point where no man compromise. Saba says that Zohaib can’t do like this as he knew about her situation.
Zohaib went to find Saba.
Shagufta tell her mother about every situation and cries. Her mother ask her to keep patience. Shagufta says that this is all because of Farah. Usman’s mother says that because of her she is aspecting. Shagufta’s mother says that this is all because of Farah. His mother says that this happened because her daughter’s are not here and Allah has snatched their part. Shagufta ask her to not to say like this. His mother says that this is revenge taken by Allah as this is the revenge of fire from fire. Shagufta recalls how Usman burnt Iqra. His mother ask Shagufta to ask Usman to wake up otherwise everything will end.
Saba’s aunt gave Saba her gift in the form of money and Z A gave that for her. Saba says that she can’t keep that. Saman ask her to take that. Saba recalls when Usman asked her to remain at home and not to do any work.
Zohaib ask about Saba from everyone.
Shagufta prays and Adnan says that he need some money. She says that she has no money. She ask him to do something for his brother. She says that she has nothing for him. Adnan says that he will return her back. She ask him to ask his wife to earn money for him.
Saba went somewhere without telling her aunt as she was sleeping. Kashif met her. He ask that she is going somewhere and he can drop her. Saba became angry that this is not right as he stopped her on the road and leaves.
Adnan saw Saba on the road. Saba was shocked to see him.

PRECAP: Adnan tell Saba that they told a lie to people that she is dead. Saba ask Adnan to tell Usman that now she has changed and she has born newly. Zohaib says to Farah that he knew that she is not happy here and he will take her away from this home. Shagufta got to know that she is having a baby girl and says that Usman will never accept her. Zohaib says to Ashar that he will only marry Saba.

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