Baaghi – Episode 11 12th October 2017 Written Update

Baaghi – Episode 11 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Gogi says to Fauzia that here he prepared the juice and she is taking rest and ask that what is she thinking? Fauzia says that she made a mistake by leaving her space and she gave place to Rubi. Gogi says that Rubi should have taken her place even she was there. Fauzia says that Abid used to say this to her. Gogi says that he betrayed her. Fauzia says that she is worried about her son as he gave him to her sister as he was his son as well. Gogi ask her to not to worry. Fauzia says that she have to be upset as she has nothing and she is load on him as well. Gogi says that nothing has happened and everything will be fine. Fauzia cries and says that she want to earn money and help her parents.
Fauzia’s mother ask Abid that where is Fauzia? Abid says that he don’t know where is she. Her mother ask him to bring her daughter back. He says that how he can bring her back as she went by her choice. Fauzia’s brother ask him to talk nicely to his mother. Abid ask him to not to talk him like that. He says that she will be enjoying there. Her mother says that he brought her here by saying that he will took care of her. Abid and her mother fought. Hwer mother says that she will not leave him.
Gogi ask Fauzia to not to eat that much as she will be healthy and she will not get work. Fauzia says that she is feeling nice by eating like this. Gogi says that she want to finish everything. Gogi says that till when he will take care of her as he is not her husband and he is working hard so that she can make her own career. Fauzia says that she will make her own career. Gogi says that she has nothing else her face and ask her to come back to real life. Fauzia says that he want her to leave her house and leaves.
Fauzia do the job in the bus as an care taker and people irritate her. They ask her to give them food. Fauzia serves food to those men. They ask her to hurry up and Fauzia ask the to relax. Fauzia gave them food and drink. They ask that when this bus will be stopped. They laughs.
Fauzia saw the show inwhich the host ask girls to be ready and live in the village. Fauzia says that she will leave everyone behind.
Fauzia says to Gogi that she is leaving his home as she is the load on him. Gogi says that she is still angry. Fauzia says that she will not stay here anymore. Gogi says that she will not go anywhere. Fauzia says that she has decided now and she will go. Gogi ask her to not to ignore him.
Fauzia went for an interview to participate in the show. Fauzia fill the form for auditions. The main host of the show ask that she knew that why girls want to come in this show. Fauzia says that she saw him on tv. He ask that is she strong? Fauzia says that she can do anything. Fauzia ask him to examine her as she can do anything more than the girls sitting outisde. He ask her to not to be that much over confident and ask her to wait for her turn. One of the girl in that show who came for auditions and says that she will win this show. Fauzia says that there is a big difference in saying and doing. She says that she can do anything. She says that she didn’t talked to her as she look like an illiterate. Fauzia says that she will handle her as well in this show. She says that she has seen girls like her. Fauzia says that what does she mean. Fauzia says that she will take her tongue out. Fauzia fought with that girl and beat eachother. The manager of that show came and ask them to leave eachother. He says that he ned that in the show. He take Fauzia in his cabin. He says that he need this in this show and ask her to break her face in this show. Fauzia says that she came here for work. He ask that where he stayed? Fauzia says that she stayed in a show. He ask her to drop her home. Fauzia became happy as she has been selected in the show.
Salam welcome all girls in Desi kuriyan show. Salman says that they all are beautiful and they can see him. He ask Fauzia that why she is so much depressed? Fauzia says that there is nothing. He ask them to chill and sing a song. Fauzia says that she will sing a song.
Fauzia was happy to be in the show and reached village. Salman took introduction of all girls. Fauzia tell she has born in America and she has done A levels and she love music.

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