Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 23 17rd October 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 23 17rd October 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Nawazish slapped Shamo for saying wrong about him to Rani. Nawazish says to Rani that he stopped her to not to call him here again. Shamo says that he do the same as he is weak and if he is strong than he must tell people about Rani that she is his wife. Rani ask Nawazish to leave him. Nawazish says to Rani that if he came here again and if she tried to meet him than she will also go with him. Nawazish ask him to leave. Nawazish says that she is has friendship with cheap people. Rani says that he gave everyone chance to speak. Nawazish says that it’s not a big deal if he is hiding his marriage with her. Rani says that this is a big thing as he is considering a wrong thing into right.
Qadir’s wife says that Nazi hasen’t eaten anything since morning and ask that what is he thinking? Qadir says that if they will not tell Malik about Nazi than he will consider them that they were not loyal with him. His wife says that he is worried about the same thing as she has taken divorce from Shahzaib by herself. He says that Malik will not leave her alive. His wife ask him to tell Malik about her by himself. He ask her to keep an eye on her and he will go to village tomorrow. Nazi heard everything.
Qadir’s wife leaves for some work and ask Nazi to take care of home.
Basit got a job and met all professors.
Qadir’s wife didn’t found Nazi anywhere and panics. She tell his husband about Nazi that she is no where. She says that she thinks that Nazi left as she heard everything what they talked. He became upset. She says that she knew that she will do a thing like this. He says that he should call Basit. He called him and he didn’t pick up the call. She says that Nazi is with him. He cries and says that they had left nothing for them and this would be better if they had no child.
Nazi thinks that she don’t know where she should go and she has to go somewhere where his father didn’t find her. Nazi called her friend and tell her everthing. Her friend ask her to met her cousin Zimal as she is a nice girl and she will pick her up.
Professor introduced Basit to every student and says that he will help in making sculptures.
Every girl says that they are happy without Rani as talk about Rani that she will be making life of Nawazish difficult. Sheerin says that she is happy in their happiness. Every girl ask Chaman begum to close the doors of this place for Rani. Sheerin says that she will never come here again.
Zimal’s cousin tell her about Nazi and ask her to take care of her as she is too much worried.
Qadir’s wife prays and cries. She talks to Basit and ask that where was he?
Nawazish first wife says that he is looking so handsome. He says that he is going to meet his friend and he will be late. She says that they invited guests at home and Faraz is coming after 10 years from London. He says that he will try to come early.
Zimal brought Nazi at her home and introduce her to them and says that she is her collage friend. Zimal says that she will stay in her home. Zimal’s mother says that there is something fishy in it. He ask her to trust Zimal as she is so nice daughter of them.
Basit says to his parents that they have said something to her. His mother says that she is not having care of her respect and don’t think about others. Basit says that there can be complications. His father says that she left every thing for him. Basit called Nazi and ask that where is she? Nazi says that she called him every time but he didn’t recieved. Nazi tell him that she is at home of her friend’s cousin and he can meet her there but he will not go with him.
Nazi’s mother went to meet Shahzaib’s mother and His mother tell her about Nazi and says that she has no relation with them now. Nazi’s mother says that she has been misunderstod. His mother says that she will never understood and they did bad with them. She says that she will never get her love as she didn’t kept there respect. His mother curse Nazi. Nazi’s mother ask her to forgive her. His mother says that if she would be at her place than what she has done.
Faraz ask about Nawazish movie and ask about Rani that live in red light area. Nawazish’s wife says that if he has to keep an affair with a girl than he must prefer a nice and decent girl but with not Rani.
Nazi’s mother called Nazi’s friends.
Zimal ask Nazi that she had a believe that she will get her love? Nazi says that she will get him if she has to fight with everyone. Zimal says that what people think doesn’t happen every time. Nazi says that she will not understand as she didn’t loved someone. Zimal says that why she think that she didn’t fallen in love ever. Nazi says that she is having a calm face and if she would have loved someone than there is a kind of impatience on the face. Zimal says that she is happy that she is concerned about human being. Zimal says that a person can’t understand anyone.
Qadir was worried about Basit as he didn’t reached yet. Basit came and his mother ask about Nazi from him. He says that she is safe. Qadir says that Malik will not leave him if he got to know about this. Basit says that he is not afraid from Malik. Qadir says that he blamed him as they are not loyal with them. Basit says that he is addicted to do slavery. Basit says that he is still a slavery from mind but he is not. Basit says that he will marry Nazi. Qadir says that he knew what is he saying. Basit says that he knew everything. Basit says that she left everything for him and now he can’t betray her. Qadir says that she was not loyal with Shahzaib and she will make his life complicated. Basit says that he left everything on destiny but he will not leave Nazi now.
Basit prays in mosque and Babar tell Shahzaib that he called an artist from the city who will continue work of Basit. Shahzaib says that he will not meet anyone now and he ask him to take care of work.
Nawazish showed Rani a clip of her movie and she says that she is so happy. Nawazish ask her to give him a gift for that. She says that she will make food for him.
Soma people with guns went to Basit’s friend home and ask about Basit from him. His friend says that he don’t know about him as he used to live here before. His friend called Basit.
Rani went with Nawazish for dinner and says that there is a gift for him. Rani tell him that she is pregnant.

PRECAP: Zimal ask Nazi that she can believe Basit fully? Nazi says that she can trust him blindly. Zimal says that this believe of girls always betray them. Shamo ask Rani to compete Nawazish and be strong. Shahzaib’s mother went to Basit’s home and ask about Basit from his parents. Basit did nikah with Nazi.

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