Woh Aik Pal – Episode 26 16th September 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 26 16th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Aarish friends took Hina with them.
Mushtaq tell Ahsaan that he got prove against Aarish and he has to took care of him now. Ahsaan ask him to send that. Mushtaq says that he has to access Aarish email.
Aarish friends says that they got to know that Hina is finding them. Hina says that she has to talk something important about Aarish. They ask about her marriage with Aarish. Hina tell her that Aarish married with Faris’s wife.
Unaiza booked tickets for London. Nazia ask Unaiza to go out with her for lunch. Unaiza refuses and ask her to plan some other day. Unaiza went to pick up Zaid from school.
Hina ask both of them to not to do another murder. Hina says that Aarish will listen to them as he is their friend. His friend says that they should gave statement infront of his wife and his wife send them to jail. Hina says that she want to save both of them. His friends ask her to tell where is Aarish. Hina ask them to drop the gun here.
Nazia ask Aarish to go with Unaiza as she has a doubt that she is going for abortion.
Hina with Aarish’s friends followed Aarish. Aarish tell Nazia that she didn’t done anything with her.
Unaiza went to Faris’s grave and says that how she should face him as she is living with his murderer and she should kill herself. Unaiza cries. Dany followed Aarish. Hina prays that Aarish shouldn’t going to pick up Zaid. Hina ask Dany to go and talk to him. They says that he want to see his child. Zaid met Aarish. Aarish says that he came to meet him as he is leaving to meet his parents. Zaid ask that is he upset. Aarsih says that he is upset and ask him to be brave and not to tell anyone that he came to meet him.
Unaiza ask zaid that why he came out. Zaid says that Aarish asked him to not to tell what he said.
Aarish friends met Aarish and ask that how’s he? Aarish saw Hina in their car.
Nazia ask Unaiza to drink tea. Unaiza refuses and says that she don’t know where is Aarish and ask her to let her take rest.
Zaraar tell zaid that he came in rickshaw. Zaraar says that he want Aarish as his father as his father don’t play with him and he is not nice.
Aarish friends took Aarish with them and ask that he decided that he will tell everything to police. Aarish says that he was going to do that. Hina ask Aarish to listen to them and they will tell Unaiza that he is innocent. Aarish ask Hina to shutup. Dany says that he don’t want to kill him and if his family will be killed than? Aarish ask them to not to touch his family. They both says to kidnap his family as well.
Nazia ask Unaiza that where Aarish went as he is not replying. Unaiza says that she don’t know. Nazia says that Aarish will not come like Faris. Unaiza says that he will come back as he has no chance of leaving this house. Nazia says that has she asked Zaid that what he was saying to him last time?
Unaiza ask Zaid to woke up and ask that what Aarish said to him? Zaid says that he went to meet his parents as she asked him to go. Zaid says that he will not come back. Zaid ask that is she upset as she started liking Aarish? Unaiza ask Zaid to sleep.
Aarish became angry on Hina and ask her to shutup. Hina says that she didn’t had any other way. Aarish says that she made his life more complicated. Hina says that she thinked that they will convince him and says that she don’t have any idea that they will do like this with him. Aarish says that he will kill her if something happened to his family.
Unaiza says that she can’t forgive Aarish ever. Nazia make her understood that he love her alot. Ahsaan says that Aarish deposited all money in her personal account and ask Unaiza to apologize him and Aarish as she is so lucky that she got Aarish as her husband.
Nazia says that she is lucky that she got him as her husband as she felt proud when he talked to Unaiza in that way. Ahsan says that he made too much mistakes in his life and now his son don’t want to accept him as his father. Ahsaan says that he don’t need anything else his father’s love and time and he lost his son. Nazia says that it’s her promise that he will never lose his son.
Aarish recalls everything what Aarish said to her.
Nazia ask Ahsaan to do breakfast. Ahsaan ask her to sit with him for sometime.
Dany kidnapped Unaiza and Zaid. Ahsaan got to know that Unaiza has been kidnapped.
Hina ask them to open her up as she is with them. He opens her up. Unaiza and Zaid come and Aarish says that he will be agreed and ask them to leave his family. Unaiza says that she will forgive them and ask to leave Aarish. Hina pick up the gun and ask to leave them otherwise she will shot them. Hina shot Aarish by mistake.
Unaiza brought Aarish to hospital and ask Aarish to woke up and cries. Unaiza says that when she started loving him and now he is leaving her alone. Aarish says that he is listening. Unaiza says that she don’t wnat to live without him. Aarish says that he also love her and he will not leave her alone.

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