Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 19 13th September 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 19 13th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Asfandyar felt gulity as he became angry on Zubia because of not submitting him report and saw that file on the table. Zubia complaints Haroon for that and ask that why is he silent? Haroon says that today is 20 october and at this day he became sad as her wife died on that day and he lost her in an accident.
Rehan was worried about Zubia and recalls Zubia while drinking water.
Zubia says to Haroon that she didn’t knew about his tragedy. Haroon says that he became emotional that’s why he shared that with her. Zubia ask him to share sometimes and ask that how his mother sent him here. He says that she also knew that he can relax only here.
Rehan says to Sheema that she is wearing Zubia’s earings and ask her to give them back to him. Rehan ask her to not to wear that again.
Bahadur’s mother in law came to hospital for tests and ask Zubia to gave her medicine for bones pain. Zubia says that Khajista took care of her alot and she is so lucky that she got Khajista as her daughter in law.
Zubia ask Khajista that what happened to her? Khajista says that today her husband said her bad words and she can bear everything but she can’t bear that she is characterless as he thought that she finds a chance to talk to Rustom as he is like her brother. Zubia says that he knew that he married a young women that’s why he do this as she is so nice.
Zubia ask Khajista’s mother in law to lower her weight and she will give her medicine after tests reports will come. Her mother in law ask Zubia to gave her medicine for a baby. Zubia ask her to make her son understood to not to beat Khajista as she is so young and ask her to took care of Khajista.
Haroon and Shehroz drank tea and Asfandyar come. Shehroz says that Asifa called everyone to enjoy some time. Asfandyar ask that where is everyone? Shehroz says that Shahaab is on duty and Zubia is helping Asifa in kitchen. Haroon ask that how she cook with her job. Zubia says that she can make good food. Asfandyar says that she is good doctor as well. Haroon says that he is hungry.
Asafandyar while driving recalls what Zubia said that she can also make good food and Haroon asked him to tell is she a good doctor or cook or not.
He reached home.
Geeti spend time with Zubia and tell her that she is a nutritionist. Zubia was shocked to hear that and ask her to join her hospital. Geeti says that everyone ask her to join but she don’t want to. Zubia ask that this is because of her husband’s death. Geeti tell her about Danial and how he died. Geeti says that they were a happy family and after this case her father in law left everything and tell about Asfandyar that he was so fun loving and tell her about Faryal and he was engaged with her and she left Asfandyar and after that he changed and stopped playing guitar and singing.
Zubia and Asfandyar went for a round up and check patients. Zubia recalls what Geeti said to her about Asfandyar and Asfandyar ask Zubia to take his blood test again. Asfandyar ask Zubia that if there is some issue than she can tell him. Zubia says that there is nothing like that.
Zubia ask Geeti to join her hospital as they need a nutritionist. Saim got injured and Zubia came to see Saim. Asfandyar hear about Saim and came back home. Zubia says that he is fine. Saim ask Asfandyar to gave him his phone as he wants to play the game. Asfandyar ask his mother to not to worry as Saim is fine. Geeti ask Zubia to stay and ask her to do dinner with them.
Zubia enjoys dinner with everyone. Everyone ask Geeti to join hospital as she is the best nutritionist. Asfandyar went to drop Zubia home and his father saw them together.
Asfandyar says to Zubia that he is sad to hear about her parents and ask her to come home and spent time with them. Zubia says that they all are nice. Asfandyar says that he don’t stay at home much. He say him Changaiz Khan as she call him like that. Zubia says that he used to became angry much but now she is used to it. He says that sometimes he felt that the way shouldn’t finish.
Asfandyar’s father ask his wife that he liked Zubia and she is nice and ask her to talk to Geeti that her parents died but her aunt is here. She says that she should talk to her aunt but she is doubtful that Asfandyar will be agreed. He ask her to talk to Geeti first than they will see.
Zubia tell that Khajista is pregnant and her mother in law became angry. Zubia ask her to now take care of her alot like mothers.
Zubia tell Asifa that Khajista is aspecting and her mother in law was happy. Zubia says that her mother in law promised her that she will took care of Khajista.
Zubia says that sometimes people gave importance and on the next day behaves like that they don’t know them.
Geeti says to Asfandyar that she is going to hospital with him today. He was shocked to hear that.

PRECAP: Asfandyar’s father says to his wife that she has started seeing Zubia as her daughter in law. Asfandyar took care of Zubia when she got injured. Haroon gave Zubia a flower and flirts with her. Asfandyar saw this. Faryal came back to meet Asfandyar and his family.

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