Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 19 12th September 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 19 12th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Basit recalls when Nazi used to say that she will be his mother’s daughtr in law. Basit gave back his mother bangles from Nazi. Salma ask Shamo that how’s his Ustaad. Shamo ask that why Allah took exam of good people as he is in pain.
Zamal came back home and eat snacks. Her mother ask her to freshen up first.. Zamal says that she is tired. Her moher says that there are some rules and regulations of life. Zamal says that her mother in law is very nice.
Basit came to meet Shahzaib for his project of Masjid. Shahzaib says that he want a beautiful work of art in Masjid. Shahzaib ask him to start the work from today. Basit says that he need time to think as he has to find the place to live with his parents. Shahzaib ask Babar to give him advance.
Zamal’s mother gave gift to Zamal and says tht Sonia sent this for her. Zamal was happy to see her gifts.
Shahzaib do breakfast with his mother and Nazi. His mother ask that why he asked to clean the guest room. Shahzaib tell that one of his guest is coming to stay here and ask that she know Basit? Nazi says that she know him. His mother says that he will be important to them as well. Nazi leaves the table and says that she is not hungry.
Basit says that he find this home for sometime to live. Basit’s parents says that they are just having a guilt and ask him to bring Samina here. Basit says that he will come after 2 3 weeks. Basit tel her about his work.
Ustaad ask about Rani as she don’yt want to go for shooting. Chaman begum says that she know why he is asking for Rani. Ustaad says that she came a big star. Rani come and ask that what he is doing here? Ustaad Chando says that she became a star and request her to gave him a chance for a choreography. Rani laughs and ask him to not to forget his standard. Rani insults Chando and says that his dance is old fashioned.
Salma says to Shamo that he got offer from a industry to do makeup of film stars. Shamo refuses and says that he don’t want to do that.
Ustaad Chando says that he is trying to make himself understood as how he forgot what a human is? Ustaad says that why she is having so much pride. Chaman begum says that she will realize when she will fall down.
Nazi recalls when Shahzaib asked about Basit from her.
Zamal ask that what he liked in her painting? He says that he liked her as she is making this painting.
Babar ask Shahzaib to see the expenses of Masjid once. Shahzaib says that he trust him. Babar tell him about Basit that he is so hardworking.
Rani and Nawazish spend sometime together and he says that she will become so successfull than she will not remember him. He ask Rani to stay here always. Rani says that he want to leave her all things and her profession as well.
Rani ask that for what relation she should stay here with him? He says that he will take her out from that place. Rani ask that he will give his name to her. He says that he can’t do that. Rani says that he want her to do the same thing here than there is no difference and he is leaving his chance. He says that she got that movie because of him. Rani ask him to take that back if he can.
Zamal’s friends celebrate birthday.
Rani spend time with her co star and he thank her as she is drinking coffee with him. Rani says that she don’t know how she came here. Rani says that she spend time with Nawazish but this doesn’t mean that he bought her.
Shahzaib called Basit at his home and Nazi was shocked to see him there.

PRECAP: Nnwazish ask co star to not to interfere otherwise he has to leave this movie.

Update Credit to: Niki

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