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Usman became angry on Saba and ask her to wear that ring and not to remove that ever. Usman ask his mother to go outside as he wants to talk to Saba. His mother says that she will not leave him if he did anything to her. Usman ask Saba to sit. Usman ask Saba to speak that what she said to her mother? Saba cries. Usman says that he is happy as she is silent and and ask her to keep his respect on that house as well. Usman says that she sat like that infront of his father as he didn’t wanted to marry with Shagufta but he didn’t said anything to his father and says that everything will be alright after her marriage. Usman ask her to not to be doubtful on his decision and ask her to sit as he didn’t ended. Usman says that he don’t want her to make a mistake like Iqra. Saba says that she understood and leaves.
Saba’s mother says that nothing can happen now as 2 days are left as she lost her one daughter and she can’t bear to lost her as well and ask her to listen to her brothers. Saba ask her mother to say one thing on one time. Her mother says that she thinked that she will arrange her marriage with Zohaib hiddenly but how? Her mother says that the result is just death.
Usman ask Adnan to do all the preperation of marriage. Adnan says that all works will be done. Usman gave Shagufta money and ask her to take Saba for shopping.
Zohaib leaves for Islamabad.
Shagufta went to Saba’s room and ask her to dress up well as they are going for shopping. Saba refuses. Saba says that she is not feeling well. Shagufta force her to come with her. Saba argues with Shagufta and says that she is not ready for this marriage. Shagufta says that she should be thankful as she is getting married with her brother. Shagufta says that she is giving her ten minutes to be ready otherwise she will call her brother.
Saba recalls what Iqra said to her.
Saba went to market with Shagufta and Babar. Babar ask her to eat something here. Shagufta says that they can’t eat here. Babar says that he is too much hungry. Babar ask her to buy something and they both will eat something together. Saba ask Shagufta to leave and they will eat together. Shagufta ask Babar to keep an eye on Saba. Babar says that he will took care of her.
Babar went in a hotel with Saba. Babar ask Saba to say something. Saba says that she is happy with her marriage as she is afraid that he will tont her on Zohaib’s affair. Babar says that he is open minded as he is also having affair with many girls. Babar says that he promise that she will not be having any problem with him.
Shagufta come back to hotel and ask about Saba. Babar says that she went to washroom. She panics and went to find Saba. Saba leaves the hotel. Shagufta checks the washroom and Saba was no where. Saba leaves and Shagufta and Babar finds her.
Saba went to Zohaib’s house and Farah was shocked to see Saba there. Saba hugged Farah. Her aunt ask that what happened? Saba ask that where is Zohaib and she don’t want to be back. Saba drank water. Her aunt tell her that Zohaib went to Islamabad today. Her aunt says that she has taken a big step and her family will come here. Saba ask them to not to tell Usman anything. Shagufta and Babar ask Zohaib’s mother to open the door. Her aunt ask her to leave now from the back door otherwise they will kill them. Farah opened the door and ask that what happened? Shagufta ask that where is Saba. Farah says that she didn’t came here. Zohaib’s mother says that Saba is not here. Farah says that Saba is not here and Zohaib went to Islamabad. Shagufta finds Saba. Saba leaves from the back door. Shagufta says that they will call police. Farah ask them to call police. Shagufta called Usman and tell him that Saba ran with Zohaib and ask him to come faster as they are at Zohaib’s home.
Usman came to Zohaib’s home and ask that where is Saba. Farah says that she don’t know where is Saba. Usman ask his aunt to call Zohaib. Usman called Zohaib and his number was switched off. Usman panics and ask that where is Zohaib. Usman ask his aunt to tell Zohaib that Farah will be back when Saba will be back. His aunt says that she will tell him where is Saba.
Saba went to her aunt’s friend home.
Usman took his aunt with him.
Saba went to her friend’s home and where her marriage preperations were held. Her friend was happy to see her and ask that why is she crying? Saba says that she wants to talk to her alone. saman’s mother ask that who is she? Alizay tell her that she is her friend. A person who was related to her friend’s house and gave Saba’s rent.
Saman says that how anyone can do this? Saba ask her to help her. Saman ask her to give her number of Zohaib. Saba says that she don’t know his number. Saba says that she can’t go anywhere. Saman’s mother come and ask that who is she? Saman tell that she is Saba. Usman took Zohaib’s motehr to her friend’s house and saw that the home is locked. Zohaib’s mother says that she will ask from neighbours. They tell her that her friend left before 6 to 7 months. Usman became angry and took them with her.
Saman’s mother ask Saba to tell her address and she will send her to her home. Saman says that she is in danger right now. Saba ask her to not to worry as she will leave now. Her mother says that she will drop her home and ask her to tell what happened. Saba says that if she don’t believe than she will leave. Usman took Saba to his home. His aunt says that she don’t know where is Saba. His mother ask that where Saba went? Usman says that Saba ran with Zohaib.
Zohaib went to Islamabad and called at his home.
Zohaib’s mother tell Usman everything. Usman ask her to tell that where she sent Saba. His aunt says that she didn’t ran with Zohaib. Usman locked them in a room.
Saba ask Saman that if she will be kicked out from here than where she will go? Saman ask her to not to think like that and ask her to dress up well. Saba ask her to call Zohaib. Saman says that she can’t go there as she is in mayo and her mother will kill her. Saba says that who will go there and tell her that Zohaib is in Islamabad. Saman says that they can send Kashif there.
Usman was worried about Saba.
Babar’s mother complaints that that’s why she asked him to not to marry with Saba.
Zohaib called Ashar and ask him to went to his home as his mother is not picking up the call.
Usman ask Farah to call Zohaib and Usman ask Zohaib to bring Saba back. Zohaib says that he is in Islamabad. Usman says that his mother and sister is with him and ask him to come back with Saba.
Zohaib leaves from Islamabad for Karachi.
Shagufta ask Saba’s mother to tell that where is Saba. Her mother says that she went with her. Shagufta says that she know that she is involved in that.
Farah ask Adnan to call doctor as her mother is not ok. Adnan says that he can’t open the door but he can come in and flirts with her.

PRECAP: Zohaib’s accident occur. Usman ask Shagufta that where is she as she went with her.

Update Credit to: Niki

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