Woh Aik Pal – Episode 25 9th September 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 25 9th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Nazia ask Aarish to take Zaid to tghe hospital as he is sick.
Nazia ask her son to woke up. Her son says that he will be angry on his father if he would say anything to her. Zaraar ask her to not to go to hi father. Nazia ask him to get ready.
Unaiza tell Ahsaan that he went to hospital and Doctors told her that there was no poison. Ahsaan says that but he killed her husband or she think that it was a thought. Unaiza says that they will talk later as she is upset. Ahsan says that he thinks that she is having no love for Zaid. Unaiza ask Ahsan to leave now and thank him for coming. Ahsaan behave badly with Nazia and ask that who brought Aarsihg outside from the room. Nazia says that she don’t know as she slept. Ahsan says that he has to send her to his sister. Ahsan says that he will divorce her and tries to slap her. Zaraar come and says that he opened the door and ask him to not to hit his mother. Zaraar says that his father will hit him. His mother says that he love him and he will not do that.
Nazia ask about Zaid. Unaiza says that he went out with Aarish and she is worried. Nazia tell her that Aarish is innocent and he did that by mistake. Nazia ask her to concentrate on that. Unaiza says that she has to kick Aarish out from here as he is a doubtful person.
Ahsaan ask Zaraar that why he is afraid as he is taking him out somewhere. Zaraar refuses. Ahsaan says that his mother make him afraid from him. Nazia ask him to talk Nicely with him. Zaraar says that he has seen him trying to slap his mother.
Zaid tell his mother that Aarish told him that he will be a big brother soon.
Unaiza ask Aarish that why he told Zaid about his baby without discussing to her. Aarish ask that what happened? Unaiza says that she is going to abort this baby. Aarish ask her to deliver this baby and he will take this baby with him. Unaiza says that he has no idea that she loved her husband alot like he love this baby without seeing him.
Ahsaan ask that Zaraar slept? Nazia says that he slept. Ahsaan says that she has no feeling that what he is doing is for her and his son. Nazia says that she knew. Ahsan says that she is trying to keep away Zaraar from him. Ahsan says that this is her responsibility to make him understood that his father is also important in his life. Nazia ask him to not to hit Zaraar. Ahsan says that he will tell him that he is doing all this for him.
Nazia says to Aarish that he did murder of Faris by mistake? Aarish says that he did that in cowardness and he will request police to arrest him. He says that he is just worried for Unaiza and Zaid. He ask to do him a favour. He ask her to talk to Unaiza as she don’t want to deliver the baby. Aarish says that he will take his baby and will leave. Nazia ask him to take care of Unaiza till he is here.
Aarish brought milk for Unaiza. Unaiza says that she don’t drink that. Aarish says that he put chocolate in that. Unaiza felt sick. Aarish became worried. Unaiza ask him to leave as she is ok.
Aarish ask Nazia to come with him as she is not feeling well and ask her to go to the hospital. Nazia says that this is normal and ask him to buy a baby book and read it. Nazia ask Zaraar to go to Lubna’s house and Zaraar says that he don’t want to go. Nazia make him understood. Ahsan come and says that he knew that she is trying to divert his mind.
Ahsan became angry on Lubna as he was on her house and she is in the party. Ahsaan ask Zaraar that now where he want to go? Zaraar says that he want to go to his mother and Ahsan ask him to spend time with him and took him to the mall.
Nazia thinks that she shouldn’t be worried as Zaraar is with his father.
Nazia ask Unaiza that what is she doing? Nazia ask that why is she searching for divorce. Unaiza says that she has to take the divorce. Nazia ask Unaiza to not to leave Aarish as he is like a blessing. Nazia make her understood. Unaiza says that she is trying to say to live with him. Nazia ask her to forgive Aarish and she asked him to not to leave Unaiza. Unaiza became angry and ask her to leave alone. Nazia says that she is doing wrong with her and he love both of them alot.
Zaraar show his mother what he bought from the mall.
Mushtaq says that he is confirmed now that there are too much complications in the office. Ahsan ask that he know that this is all done by Aarish. Mushtaq says that he is doing all that.
Ahsan says to Aarish that he made a wonderful plan and his mission will not be successful. Aarish says that they both have to leave. Ahsan says that he is forgetting that he is husband of her sister. Aarish says that he is forgetting that he is husband of Unaiza as he had more right. Ahsan says that he will check all money. Aarish says that he don’t know about what money is he talking. Ahsan says that he will be kicked out of this house. Aarish ask him to think about himself. Ahsaan ask him to tell what he did?
Nazia apologized Unaiza and says that she did that for her. Unaiza says that she knew that Aarish love her and Zaid alot. Unaiza says that she forgive Aarish.
Zaid ask that why they are sleeping so early? Unaiza ask him to sleep. Unaiza says that Aarish has to leave to meet his parents. Zaid ask that he will not live with him than? Unaiza says that he has to take help from her and ask him to sleep.
Aarish went to meet Zaid and Unaiza says that he slept. Aarish ask her to take care of herself. Unaiza says that she don’t need his care and says that she is going to sleep now.

PRECAP: Mushtaq says that he found prove against Aarish. Unaiza, Aarish and Zaid was kidnapped. Hina ask them to leave them otherwise she will shot them. Aarish got shot.

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