Gustakh Ishq – Episode 8 8th September 2017 Written Update

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Iqbal says to Najaf that she is not understanding that she is a servant. Najaf says that she is here because of Dua. Iqbal ask her to leave now. Najaf says that Dua didn’t done anything that he don’t liked. Iqbal ask her to respect what he is saying as she is just a employee. Najaf says that she knew that what she is in this house. He ask her to not to argue. Zubair come and Iqbal says that she also called her relatives as well and now he has to think about her. Sikandar met Zubair and Zubair says that he came here to meet Najaf and he didn’t knew about the function. Sikanadar says that he forgot to invite him and ask him to sit. Zubair says that he will come later. Sikanadar says to Najaf that he just forgot to invite him. Najaf says that she knew that thye don’t have respect and place for poors like them. Dua ask Najaf to come as engagement ceremony is going to start. Samina says that she will take Dua with her and who asked her to dress up that much. Najaf says that she is here because of Dua. Samina ask her to remain in her limits and this would be better for her.
Najaf recalls what Iqbal said to her.
Sikanadar ask Iqbal that he said anything to Najaf? Iqbal says that he said what Samina said. Sikandar ask that why she said that? Iqbal says that she don’t like their relatives. Sikanadar says that there was no one related to them. Iqbal says that Najaf was there. Sikandar ask that what is the problem of Samina with Najaf? Iqbal ask him to ask that to his mother in law. Iqbal ask him to take care of his image as Najaf is no one to him. Iqbal says to him that Najaf called Zubair to the function and Sikanadar says that he don’t think unimportant things. Sikandar ask his father to be afraid from curse.
Zubair’s mother was shocked to hear about Sikandar’s engagement. Zubair tell him about Samina that Sikanadar got engaged with her daughter. Zubair says that Najaf is not well there as they misbehave with her. His father ask him to call Najaf. Zubair says that her phone is switched off. His father was worried about Najaf. Zubair says that this was her decision and now she will not complain. His father says that she has given exams at every point of life and she succeeded and now she will also succeed. Zubair ask his father to ask Najaf to come back.
Sikandar remembers Najaf.
Sikandar came to meet Najaf and says that he is here to apologize her. Najaf ask him to leave that as they felt good by insulting them. Najaf says that she is shocked that why she is bearing all this. Najaf thanked him for giving him such expensive dress. Sikanadar says that she changed that too early. Najaf says that she is applicable to wore that dress. Sikanadar ask her to stop talking about standards. Najaf congragulate him for his new relation.
Samina says to Maleeha that she has taken her first step and ask her to beware with Sikandar and he invited Najaf in the function. Mlaeeha says that she knew as before she was listening to her and Sikandar hiddenly and when she became angry on him than Sikandar said that she is wrong. Samina says that she will keep her control on that house because of Dua and ask her to do something like that to kick Najaf from that house.
Zubair’s mother says to Reema that Iqbal has broken all relations with them because of Najaf as they didn’t called them on engagement and this is all because of Najaf as he asked Sikandar to do that. Her mother ask her to not to dream about Sikandar and ask her to do breakfast.
Sikandar ask for breakfast and ask his maid that where is Akram. His maid says that he is sick and Najaf made this breakfast. Sikandar ask his maid to call Najaf. Sikandar ask Najaf to not to do that. Najaf says that there is also no need to bring dress for her. Sikandar thank her and ask her to make tea. He ask her to sit and ask her to do breakfast. Maleeha come and says that she is calling him and he was not picking up the call and ask that why he is at home. Sikandar says that he slept late. Maleeha ask Najaf to leave them alone. Maleeha says that she came here because of him and Sikandar says that he has to leave now for office.
Zubair came to meet Najaf and ask her to come back home as he love her so much from childhood. Zubair ask that why she is living with them as they don’t give her respect. Najaf ask to drink tea. Najaf says that there is no way and she will not accept his proposal now as she rejected before.
Najaf plays with Dua and Dua ask Sikandar to play with him. Sikandar says that he will also play with them and Sikandar blind folds Najaf and ask her to catch them. Maleeha watch all that. Najaf caught Sikandar and Maleeha ask him that what happened to his standard that he is playing with Servants. Sikandar ask her to not to talk about her badly. Maleeha says that he pay her as well like others and ask Najaf to not to forget her standard as she is just a servant. Maleeha ask Sikandar that what is the importance of Najaf in his life. He says that she is having doubt on him. Maleeha says that she is telling the truth and ask her to kick her out now. He ask her to not to interfere in his business matters. Maleeha says that he is having the right to say him like that and ask him to kick her out.
Najaf thinks that she is her sister and she don’t know that as she is only sister of her and she can tell her everything but she can’t do that.
Maleeha says to her mother that she fought with Sikandar because of Najaf. Samina ask her to not to compromise. Maleeha says that she can’t as she waited alot for him and she can’t see him closer to anyone else. Maleeha ask her mother to do something as she is afraid. Samina says that she will anything for her happiness.
Najaf says to Sikandar that she wants to leave this job as she don’t want to make his life complicated. He says that he is not having any complications and if she is taking this decision because of Maleeha and ask her to not to take her seriously. Najaf says that she was saying right. He ask her to take Dua seriously. Najaf ask him to appoint someone else as she can’t bear her insult. He says that this will not happen. Najaf says that when Maleeha will come in this house than this will happen as she will be kicked out of this house as she is not stupid. He says that he didn’t thinked that she was that much weak. Najaf says that she has been tortured always. Sikandar ask that what happened to Dua after she will leave. Najaf says that she will take care of her till than she is here and Dua will forget her and Maleeha will take care of Dua more than her. Najaf says that Maleeha love him and she can do anything for him. He ask that what she knew about love. Najaf says that a person can do anything for his partner. Sikandar says that he can’t allow her to leave. Najaf says that she is not asking for permission and she is telling her decision.

PRECAP: Sikandar apologize Zubair’s mother and Zubair’s father cries and tell Sikandar about Maleeha that she is her sister.

Update Credit to: Sona

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