Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 18 6th September 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 18 6th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Asfandyar attends the meeting with all doctors and talks about camps. They all have there suggestiosn related to precautions of different diseases.
Zubia works on the project but Haroon ask her to chill but Zubia says that she wants to listen compliments from Asfandyar. Haroon ask Asfandyar that he is happy with Zubia’s work and Asfandyar says that she is doing good. Asfandyar ask Haroon to treat patients well. Zubia called Asfandyar as Changaiz khan and Asfandyar heard all and smiled.
All doctors treat patients well in the camps. Asfandyar says to all doctirs that he is proud of all of them and a person came that his wife is aspecting and she is critical and ask them to help. Asfandyar went with him to his house.
Zubia ask Asfandyar to call ambulance as she is critical and it would be dangerous to wait. Asfandyar says that ambulance can’t came due to land sliding. Zubia says that they can’t wait. He ask her to do something by herself.
Zubia tell Asfandyar that she and her baby boy is absolutely alright. Asfandyar was happy with Zubia. Zubia says that she was afraid but now she is happy.
Zubia’s dress became dirty due to tea and that person scolds her daughter. Zubia ask him to not to scold her.
Asfandyar gave Zubia his tea to drink .
Zubia went with Asfandyar to home and ask that is she tired. Zubia says that she is not tried. He says that she did a great job without any help. He appreciate her hardwork. He says that they are taking the long route but this is safe. His car stopped suddenly due to some problem. he ask Zubia to sit in the car as she is his responsibility. Zubia ask him to take someone’s help. They went at a place near them and knocked the door. A man came and Aafandyar ask him to help them. That man says that he tooked care of everyone and he ask him to not to worry and he can stay here at his home. Asfandyar says that he can’t stay here as they have to leave. That man went to find a mechanic. Asfandyar’s car became alright and they both leave for home. Asfandyar ask Zubia to not to come to hospital tomorrow and take rest. Zubia says that she will come as it’s her duty. They both thinks about eachother.
All doctors ask Zubia for treat as Asfandyar complimented her for her hardwork.
Khajista ask her mother in law to eat something but her mother in law refused as she has to go for blood test. Bahadur says that he don’t like to go like that and he don’t like her as she is too much clever. His mother says that she is so nice as her cough is now fine because of Zubia’s medicine. His mother says that she will take Khajista with her.
Asfandyar says to Geeti that he got everything prepared after returning back to Pakistan. Geeti ask him to get married. Aafandyar ask about Zubia that she didn’t came to meet her. Geeti says that she is always there on duty and She is afraid of him as she didn’t came to home. He says that he know that he is frightening but he don’t think that she is afraid of him.
Asfandyar recalled when Faryal paniced on waiters due to her bag.
Asfandyar come and says that he asked for the report of the patient but she didn’t gave him. Zubia says that she came but he was not in his room. Asfandyar became angry on Zubia and leaves.

PRECAP: Geeti tell Zubia about Asfandyar that he was so fun loving and tell her about Faryal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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