Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 17 30th August 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 17 30th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Geeti says to Asfandyar that she is too much afraid because of him. He says that she is just doing her job and he didn’t said anything to her and he has no issue if she will come here. Geeti says to her mother in law that he is roo much bossy. His mother says that he has changed alot.
Zubia went to hospital and Khajista’s brother in law met her and tell her about Khajista that she is not fine. She ask him to make his brother understood. His brother says that he can’t do anything. Zubia says that his brother is not a right person.
Bahadur’s boss gave him a duty to take care of his guests. Bahadur says that he will do that what he will say. His slave ask him to fight for elections. His boss says that he has no interest in that.
Asfandyar saw the report of Zubia of her patient. His friend says that he did a good job. His friend ask that why he didn’t appreciated her? Asfandyar says that it’s her job. His friend ask him to appreciate his team members.
Bahadur says to his mother that Dr. Zubia is not right. His mother says that she is feeling good because of her medicines. Bahadur ask for Kawa.
Asfandyar became angry on his employees that he need a clean environment in his hospital. Zubia ask her colleague that what happened why Asfandyar is upset? She tell that he found them together in the garden and they are having affair. She says that he hates characterless people.
Geeti says that she is going to meet Zubia as she is angry with her.
Zubia gave tutions. Zubia was shocked to see Zubia. Geeti says that she came here to apologize her. Zubia says that she is not angry now. Geeti says that she can complain to her if Asfandyar say anything to her. Zubia says that she like help everyone that’s why she made her own school to teach the children whose parents can’t afford there studies. Geeti says that that’s why she like her alot as Danial was like her. Geeti ask her to not to forget herself by helping others. Geeti says that she is too much precious for her.
Usman ask Asfandyar that why he was awake last night. He says that he was having some important work of his hospital.
Khajista’s brother in law came to meet Zubia and Zubia ask him to take her to his home as she wants to meet her. He took her to his home. Zubia met Khajista. Zubia says that she brought gifts for her. Khajista says that she can’t take this. Khajista says that if she will take that than Bahadur will beat her. Zubia says that she is looking weak. Khajista says that she forget to take medicines on right time. Zubia ask that he still beats her? Khajista says that she want to run from here. Khajista cries and her mother in law come. Her mother in law complaints that she didn’t done her work yet. Khajista says that she was with Zubia. Her mother in law ask Zubia to sit. Zubia gave her medicine for cough. Zubia ask Khajista to speak up and stop her husband to not to beat her.
Zubia got to know about Azfandyar that he did Mbbs from Karachi. Zubia thinks that she has seen him somewhere before. Zubia recalls when she met him. Zubia thinks that how he didnn’t recognized her.
Asfandyar says to Zubia that he don’t need a characterless people in his hospital and gave her temination letter. Everyone talks about her past. Zubia woke up and paniced and recalled when Asfandyar asked her to tell him the truth.
Zubia got a call from hospital to come early.
Zubia went to hospital and Asfandyar became angry on her. Zubia says that she was not feeling good. Asfandyar ask Zubia to sit. Asfandyar says that she is having fever and ask her to take medicines and take rest. Khajista came to meet Zubia. Khajista says thats he was worried about her as she is like her sister. Zubia says that she want to do something for her.

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