Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 16 23rd August 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 16 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Asfandyar ask his mother to come to the hospital and ask her for medical checkup. His mother ask her to concentrate on his life.She ask him to be settled.He says that he knew that she is talking about marriage but there are more important works to do other than this. He leaves for hospital.
Zubia ask other doctor about his health and he is says that he is not felling well. Zubia ask him to not to stay for night duty as she will handle everything.
The emergency case come and Zubia came to check the patient. Asfandyar come and check her. Patients relative ask Asfandyar to not to touch but He ask him to talk nicely and he is the senior doctor. Asfandyar ask him to sit calmly. Asfandar ask about Dr.Shahaab. Zubia says she sent him to home to take rest. Asfandyar says that she is not having right to do this and says that he was not here than what she will do and ask her to learn how to control and treat patients. He ask her to leave now.
Zubia came to check that patient and She ask about her name. She ask that what happened to her yesterday. She says that she fell from stairs. Zubia says that its look like that she has been beaten up. The patient tell her that he is her husband and tell her about her whole story that her husband and mother in law has beaten her up and says that they used to beat her and when she try to save her but thye beat her more and he too her to the hospital as he was afraid that she will die.
Zubia went to Asfandyar and tell him about her story and says that this is domestic voilence and she is afraid and she will not take any step. Zubia ask him to make her husband understood. He says that they can’t interfere in that matter. Zubia says that they are here to treat physically but they can also treat them in that way and if that happened with his family than what he would do. He ask her to leave as she has to attend more patients.
Zubia tell the story to Asfandyar’s friend and tell him that Asfandyar is not interested and ask him to talk to her husband. He says that he will talk to him and says that she is a soft hearted human being.
Asfandyar recalls what Zubia said to him.
Next day, Zubia came to check khajista and says that she refused her husbad to take her from here. Zubia ask that why her parents didn’t stop him. She says that her husband bought her from her father and as her frist wife died she will also die.
Rehan recalls what happened to his sister that night and says to Sheema that he is worried about Zubia. Sheema says that she left her aunt’s house and she knew that before but she didn’t told him and she is working in the hospital. Sheema ask him to leave her. Rehan ask Sheema to shutup as she is her sister.
Bahadur’s brother says that his brother is like that and Zubia ask him to take care of Khajista and she will be disharged today.
Zubia gave Khajista gift and ask her to take care of her. Bahadur came to pay the bill of the hospital. Asfandyar says that there is no expense. He says that they don’t charge the patients for treatment. His friend made Bahadur undertood to respect his women. Bahadur says that this is village and the know how to treat a women.
Asfandyars friend discuss about the surgery matter.
Zubia ask Dr.haroon that if she send a wong text to someone than what she should do. He ask her to broke her phone.
Zubia didn’t faced Asfandyar and went to meet Geeti and tell her about her mistake. Geeti ask her to apologize from him. Geeti ask her to come to her home.
Bahadur called Khajista and ask that why she went outside. She says that she was seeing bangles with Salma.
Zubia went to home with Geeti and Usman ask her to come regularly as she is her friend. Asfandyar’s mother met Zubia and Zubia says that she is so nice. Asfandyar come and Zubia was afraid to see him there. Zubia says that she has to leave now as she is getting late.Zubia became angry and says that asfandyar would be thinking that she is trying to make relations with her. Geeti says that she didn’t wanted to lose her that’s why she didn’t told her. Zubia leaves.

PRECAP: Zubia get to know about Asfandyar. All the doctors get to know about Zubia’s personal life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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