Woh Aik Pal – Episode 24 26th August 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 24 26th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Aarish came to meet Unaiza in his room and bring breakfast for her and ask her to eat that and ask her to remember that their baby is innocent. Unaiza ask that he killed Faris? She says that she want to see that how he came close to her and how he faced her. She ask that why he killed him as he needed money? Unaiza throw money on his face and gave him jewellery. He ask her to apologize him. Unaiza says that he knew that what he did with her? Unaiza complaints and cries and says that she will never forgive him. She ask him to leave. Aarish ask her to wait for Zaid ask he will be worried if he will not see him infront of him. Unaiza ask her to divorce her. Aarish says that he will give her but not now. Unaiza says that he didn’t gave time to Faris after killing him. The bell rung and Hina came with Zaid. Hina ask about Unaiza and Aarsi took key from her and close the door.
Ahsan took Hina with him.
Unaiza says to Zaid that from now she will do all his works as he is her son. Zaid says that he is also the son of Aarish and he knew that he also love him and ask her to not to say like that.
Ahsan ask Hina that what happened after he left.Hina says that she don’t know and ask her to drop her back. Ahsan says that he will tell to police if she will not tell him. Hina says that she don’t want to argue with him and ask him to confirm by himself. Hina says that she will not let him to do that and she will came in his way. Ahsan says that when Aarish will be killed than she will get to know. Ahsan says that he will tell to media and tell police about his friends as well.
Aarish packs his bags and Unaiza came and says that she came here to ask him to leave and ask him to not to meet Zaid. Aarish ask her to see the files of office and she has to understand that. Unaiza says that she will read them and ask him to leave silently as she can’t bear him now.
Hina says that she should tell Aarish and thinks that what should she do now.
Zaid ask that Aarish will not eat? Unaiza says that he is not hungry. Zaid ask that she fought with her. Unaiza says that she didn’t and shouts on him. Unaiza says that Aarish is not nice. Zaid says that he is very nice. Aarish tried to leave silently without telling Zaid but Zaid saw him and ask that where is he going? Unaiza says that he is going to meet his family. Zaid says that they are his family as she said. Zaid says that he will go with Aarish to meet his grandmother. Aarish says that his mother is also calling him like his mother and he will come back. Zaid says that he will not allow him to go. Aarish ask him to eat as he is not going. Aarish says that he will love him like his father as where he would be. Zaid force to stop him. Zaid argues. Aarish ask Zaid to not to argue with her. Aarish ask Unaiza to eat something as he thinks that they are angry with eachother.
Hina went to meet Deny and Affi and ask an stranger to give him a paper if he met them.
Unaiza ask Aarish to leave as Zaid is slept.
Ahsan and Nazia come and Ahsan says that he will not leave him and he will send him to jail. Ahsan ask that what is he taking in this bag. Unaiza says that there are his clothes as she checked. Ahsaan ask him to leave this bag here. Aarish ask him to talk slowly as Zaid is sleeping. Aarish says to Unaiza that he wants to talk to her. Unaiza refuses. Aarish ask Ahsaan to not to touch him. Aarish ask Unaiza to not to believe Ahsaan ever and ask Ahsaan to not to touch him as she is still his wife. Unaiza says that she will take divorce from him soon. Ahsaan ask Unaiza to take divorce from him now. Unaiza says that she will take divorce but now ask him to leave. Ahsaan says that he can’t go like this. Aarish says that he will not give her divorce ever. They fight and Zaid called Unaiza. Zaid tell Aarish that he saw that someone shot him like his father. Aarish says that he will never leave him.
Ahsaan and Nazia plan to shift to Unaiza’s house as Aarish will not go ever. Nazia tries to make him understood that they can try to cpmplain to police. Ahsaan says that they are not having any prove. Nazia says that this can happen that Aarish would be guilty. Ahsaan ask her to do what he would say.
Aarish says to Unaiza that he is not leaving and ask her to not to take any action for sometime as Ahsaan is here. Unaiza says that she hates him. They both argues. Unaiza shouts.
Ahsaan saw Aarish taking Zaid to school. Ahsaan ask Unaiza that she gave him her property. Unaiza says that she didn’t. Ahsaan ask her to check her account. Ahsaan says that he is going to kick Aarish out from office. Nazia ask Unaiza to handle her office and ask her to not to tell that to Ahsaan. Unaiza says that she want to go back to London. Nazia ask her to sell everything otherwise Zaid will not get anything.
Aarish bought icecream for Zaid from the side road while going to school. Unaiza come and ask Zaid to come into car. Zaid refuses and says that he wants to go in the Rickshaw. Zaid says that he don’t want to go home as Ahsaan is at home. Unaiza became angry and leaves.
Zaid tell Unaiza that he is having stomach pain. Zaid went to washroom and do vomiting.
Ahsan tell Aarish that he tried to kill Zaid to name Unaiza’s and Zaid’s property to his baby. Aarish ask that what happened to Zaid. Ahsaan stops Aarish that he can’t meet Zaid and guards take him away. They locks him in the room and ask that what he gave him tin the icecream. Aarish says to Unaiza that she knew that he loves him. Unaiza ask Ahsaan to kick him out of the house.
Mushtaq ask Ahsaan to not to complain to police about this as police will investigate and this can happen that he might be having constipation. Ahsaan says that Unaiza thinks that he is a serious killer. Ahsaan says that he should not take him to the hospital than. Nazia heard everything.
Nazia called Hina and ask her to tell everything. Hina says that she is still finding his friends and she don’t think that Unaiza will believe him.

PRECAP: Unaiza says that she is going to abort her baby.

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