Gustakh Ishq – Episode 7 2nd September 2017 Written Update

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Maleeha tell her mother that she has taken her first step and told him about her love for him. She says that he didn’t said anything and said that he will think about it. Her mother says that if he refused than what will happen? Maleeha says that he will not do that. Her mother says that Naima was her best friend and she knew her very well and Sikandar is like his mother and he don’t taek his task easily. Maleeha says that she will won.
Iqbal ask saba to come here. He ask that where is she going? Najaf says that she is going to eat food. Iqbal says that she is just a servant and she should eat woth servants. He called his other servants and ask them that if someone’s food will come out of the kitchen than they will be out. Siknadar heard that. Najaf leaves without eating.
Siknadar says to his father that he is not allowed to interfere in Najaf’s matter as she is not like other servants. Iqbal says that it’s his choice to behave in a way he want but there are some rules and regulations for servants. Sikandar says that those rules are not nice for anyone. Sikanadar became angry and leaves. Najaf went outside.
Sikandar brought food for Najaf and ask her to eat food and apologize for what happened. Najaf says that she want to talk something important. Sikandar says that he is tired now and they can talk tomorrow.
Najaf says to Dua to not to play that much and she will talk to Sikandar to take her outside. Najaf took care of Dua.
Najaf says to Sikanadar that she want to take Dua for outing. He ask her to not to talk on this topic. She says that she is just ill and change in atmosphere make her more better and she will bring her back in a normal position.
Najaf took Dua out for enjoyment.
They both return back and Sikandar also came back. He ask that where tbey went? Najaf says that they were enjoying only here. Sikandar says that he saw them outside. He says that he asked her that he will take her outside. Dua says that she enjoyed alot.
Iqbal says to Sikandar that what is his decision about Maleeha. Iqbal says that he is behaving like her sister’s husband. Sikanadar ask him to not to compare him and his sister with Maleeha and Affaan. Iqbal says that Maleeha love him in the same way as Abeer loved Affaan. Sikanadar says that he is not selfish. Iqbal ask him to take his decision as he is not having the choice of rejection and Maleeha want to join him with happiness. Sikanadar says that he asked for time. Iqbal says that they are not having the time and he is his father and he can understand his pain that as Affaan left Abeer and Abeer comitted suicide, in that case he is afraid that Maleeha can also take this step.
Maleeha ask Sikabdar to tell her about his decision. He says that he thinked alot that they both suit eachother. Maleeha says that she love him. He says that he respects her and that’s enough to start a relation. Maleeha says that she knew that he will love her in that way she love him. Sikanadar gave her a ring.
Maleeha tell Iqbal that they both are engaged. Iqbal says that he will throw a party for this.
Maleeha’s mother came and Najaf say Salaam to her and her mother ask Najaf that who is she? Najaf says that she is working for Dua. Her mother thinks that she knew that she is the sister of Maleeha and thinks that she should tell her but if she didn’t knew about it than what she will do.
Iqbal says that her daughter is coming in this house like his daughter in law. Samina says that she is more happy that her son in law is not like her friend’s husband. Iqbal says that her friend talked bad about him forever and now she is fixing her daughter’s marriage with his son. Iqbal says to Samina that whole life she talked rubbish about this house and after her daughter’s marriage she will talk like this. Samina says that she talked about those people who did bad with their own. Iqbal says that they are here to fix their children engagement. Samina says that they both will fix the dates by themselves.
Iqbal ask his servants to not to do any mistake in the function as he will not bear anything like before. Iqbal ask Najaf to stay and tell her that a servant was kicked out of this house as she broke a rule on Sikabdar’s prayer. Najaf says that only Sikanadar can order her. Iqbal says that these rights will be given to Maleeha to take every decision. Najaf says that she is here to take care of Dua as she is not having any relation with the people of this house. Iqbal says that she is just a care taker.
Najaf selects her dresses for function and ask Dua to select them. Dua rejects all. Sikandar heard all and Dua ask Najaf that she has to go with her on enagagement. Najaf put mehndi on Dua’s hand and Sikandar brought clothes for her and Dua.
Dua says to Najaf that they both are looking beautiful and she will ask Sikandar to take their picture.
Iqbal thinks that Samina will be in his control as Maleeha is in his control now.
Funtion starts.
Zubair’s mother ask him that where is he going? Zubair says that he is going to meet his friends. His mother complaints about money.
Everyone was looking happy in the function. Samina says to iqbal that said to him that he will not invite his servants in this function and she will meet them personally as they don’t look like that they are his servants and he betrayed her.

PRECAP: Iqbal insults Najaf that he has to think about her as she called her relatives as well in the function. Maleeha became angry on Sikandar that he is too much frank with his servants.

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