Ghairat – Episode 4 21st August 2017 Written Update

Ghairat – Episode 4 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Shagufta tell everything to Usman that Zohaib wants to marry Saba. Usman was shocked to hear that. Usman became angry and says that he will kill him. Shagufta says that he was saying that Saba is safe here. Usman says that he is going to talk to them. Shagufta stops him. Zohaib’s mother come and Usman ask them to leave. Shagufta says that she asked them to not to come here again. Zohaib’s mother says that in what way he is talking to her. Usman says that they are not having any relation with eachother and ask her to ask Zohaib to talk to him and ask her to ask Zohaib to not to come again infront of him otherwise he will kill her son.
Saba says to her mother that Usman will kill her also and he is asking her aunt to be out of the house. Her mother says that she will talk to him.
Junaid ask his friend that how Usman is out of the jail. His friend says that this case will take time. His mother says that they lost the case and now they don’t need any lead. His mother ask his friend to finish this case. His friend says that Usman can do nothing and he will be in jail and he know what to do. Junaid says that he has to be punished like Iqra. His friend says that he will put him in jail. Jamal says to his mother that if he felt anything wrong than he himself send him to his father.
Shagufta ask Usman to bring tea for him. Usman says that he wants to finish his life. Shagufta says that they deserved that. Usman ask her to ask Saba to not to come infront of him otherwise he will also kill her. His mother says that if she did anything wrong than he should kick her out of this house and arrange her marriage. Usman says that he will fix her marriage where he wants to.
Saba ask her mother that what his brother said. Her mother says that she will fulfill her dreams and ask her to not to worry.
Zohaib’s friend ask Zohaib to eat something. Zohaib refuses to eat and says that he is worried because of his mother. His friend ask him to not to worry. Zohaib says that he don’t thing everything will be alright. His friend says that they will think positively because of that incident. His friend ask him to eat. Zohaib says that he is having a fast and prayed for his marriage.
Zohaib’s mother came back home and saw Zohaib with anger. His sister says that Usman has broken every relation with them and ask him to forget Saba as they will never accept him for Saba. Zohaib’s mother cries and says that this is all because of Zohaib. Zohaib ask that what he did? She ask that to tell that what she did and she has been kicked out of her sister’s home and will not see her sister again. His sister says that they was not having relation with them also. His mother says that now she will not be able to see her sister’s face and she made him understood to not to go there but he didn’t listened. Zohaib apologizes and says that he will also apologize Usman.
Adnan come back and Usman ask that where was he? He says that he was with friends. Usman ask that how that all happened infront of him and why he didn’t killed Zohaib. Adnan says that he was not able to do anything. Usman ask about expenses and Adnan tell a lie and ask about Kulsoom and ask that he wants to marry him as he gave him seven dresses.
Zohaib’s friend says that what he is thinking to do? Zohaib says that he can’t live without Saba and he wants to talk. His friend says that they have to relax now and he will not go there. Zohaib says that he don’t know what happened to him as he is afraid and will die without Saba. His friend ask him to relax and everything will be alright. His friend leaves and Zohaib says that he will go to meet Asif.
Hajra ask Saba to sleep. Saba says that she is afraid. Hajra says that she is a mother and she is trying to forget and ask her to forget as well as this was a bad dream. Saba says that when she close her eyes she saw Iqra with that fire. Hajra ask her to not to be afraid of that fire and says that she has to fight for her rights. Her mother ask her to be strong.
Shagufta says to Usman that her mother sent proposal for Saba. Usman ask that why her mother wants that as she knew everything. Shagufta says that she didn’t told anything to him. Usman ask her to talk to her mother and says that need urgent marriage. Shagufta called Babar and says that Usman accepts him for Saba. Shagufta says that there is a problem that her mother in law will not be agreed. Babar says that she will talk to her. Usman ask her to close the door as he is going somewhere.
Saba recalls everything and what her mother said to her.
Zohaib came to meet Saba and to talk with Usman. Shagufta was shocked to see Zohaib and ask her that he wants to talk to Usman. Usman says that why he came here again. Zohaib says that he is misunderstood. Usman slapped him and says that what he thinks of himself and why he came here. Zohaib says that he just came here to apologize him. Usman beats him. His neighbour come and ask what happened. Usman ask him to leave and says that he was lucky as he remained safe.
Usman says to Shagufta that he is afraid because of respect that’s why he is safe. He ask Shagufta to talk to her mother that he wants to fix her nikah on this friday.
Zohaib’s mother ask her daughter to call to Zohaib as he is late. She says that he will be on his way. Zohaib came back and his mother ask that what happened to her. Zohaib says that he is fine. Zohaib apologizes and says that he went to talk to Usman. His mother says that that’s why she asked him to not to go there. Zohaib says that he went there to apologize him. His mother ask him to relax and let Allah do everything. Zohaib says that this is wrong all what’s happening.

PRECAP: Saba refused to marry with Babar and Usman slapped him.

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