Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 18 5th September 2017 Written Update

Allah Aur Insan- Episode 18 5th September 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Shahzaib thinks that he is so unlucky as his love is nothing for her and Basit is so lucky. Shahzaib says that he wished to get a moon but he didn’t reached yet to it. He thinks that what should he do to get her love.
Samina says to her parents that Basit didn’t informed them about him. Qadir ask her to leave him. His wife ask him to not to do that as he made a mistake and ask him to call him. Qadir called him and his mother ask Basit that is he ok? Basit says that he is just living and he got a place to live with too much difficulty. His mother ask him to not to worry as they will send him money. His mother ask her husband to take care of Basit as he is worried. Samina says that this is all because of Nazi. Qadir says that why she blame Nazi every time as Basit was also involved in that. Qadir says that if man would be strong than a women can’t do anything. Samina says that he don’t know Nazi as she is so clever. His mother says that Basit is innocent and cries for him. Samina ask her father to do something.
Shahzaib touched Nazi while sleeping and Nazi panics and says that he has no right to touch her. Shahzaib says that he is her husband. Nazi says that they don’t have any relation with eachother and now he finished his relation of trust with her also. Shahzaib says that he thinked that he will bring her back with love but he can’t force her. Nazi says that why he come close to her. Shahzaib says that how he can bear that there is someone in between them. Nazi says that Basit is the only one in her life. She ask Shahzaib to bear this all as he married to her forcefully.
Nawazish Ali ask his employees that what happened to them. They complaints that Rani is always late on the set. Nawazish ali called Rani and Chaman begum picks up the called and Chaman begum says that she is sleeping. Nawazish ali ask her to give Rani phone. Nawazish ali says that everyone is waiting for her on shooting. Rani says that she is too much tired. Nawazish says that he want her to be always with him and Rani ask him to wait. Nawazish ask his employees to wait for 1 hour more.
Qadir cries and ask Malik to not to do like that with him. Malik says that he was disloyal with him. Qadir ask malik to apologize Basit and recomend a job for him. Malik says that he made a mistake and curse Basit. Qadir ask him to not to curse as they both made a mistake. Malik kicked him and ask him to not to take his daughter’s name. Qadir says that he can’t see Basit like this in pain. Malik ask Qadir to leave this place as well with his family. Qadir cries.
Shahzaib ask Babar to make mosque so much beautiful that it should look like the home of Allah. Babar says that they are trying to do that. Molana says to Shahzaib that he will get prayers after making this mosque. Babar says that his home was also made beautiful. Molana says that it’s also of Shahzaib as they both are not seperate.
Shamo come to meet Jamaal and was sad to see him like that. Jamaal ask him to not to cry as he has to leave this world. Shamo says that he is like his father. Shamo ask him to come with him for treatment. Jamaal says that he don’t need treatment as he is having cancer on last stage and ask him to just pray for him. Shamo gave him money to keep it. Jamaal was happy to see that and ask him to make people like him as he made him like that. Shamo says that he is totally broken. Jamaal refused to take the money and ask him to help others.
Qadir’s wife cries while leaving the house as they didn’t apologized Basit as they took care of them alot. Qadir says that he didn’t thinked once. Samina complaints that where was his wife as they took care of them. Qadir’s wife says that where should they go as they are not having any other house to live. Samina cursed Nazi. Her father ask her to not to curse her as this was their destiny.
Nawazish ali dropped Rani home and He says that she will not ask him to come in. Rani says that he can do one thing as she can only take care or he can act for his film.
Chaman begum ask Rani that Nawazish ali became angry. Rani says that he refused him and he is happy to do that and ask her to make almond juice.
Chaman begum ask Rani that why she is laughing? Rani says that she rejected him like a wife. Chaman begum says that a dancer can not be changed. Rani says that she changed into a star from a beggar and she can make her destiny by herself. Chaman begum ask her to not to talk like that. Rani says that she don’t want to argue with her as she is happy today.
Zamal’s friend says that she is too much talented as she made this sculpture so beautiful.
Rani’s make up man says that she will do her makeup so beautiful as everyone will see her. Rani says that someone can understand and he can do her makeup most beautiful. Her co star ask that who is he? Rani says that he don’t do makeup of stars. Rani says that a dancer covers her up as no one shouldn’t recognize her and normal women cover them up to hide them for other men and this is the meaning of her respect.

PRECAP: Basit says to Nazi that this is not important that what a person say come true.Nazi says that she believe in herself. Sahhzaib ask Basit that he needs money. Shahzaib ask Babar to give him thirty thousand in advance. Shahzaib ask Nazi that she knew Basit?

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