Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 17 29th August 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 17 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Rani says to Nawazish Ali that he fulfilled her dreamz. Nawazish Ali says that he will make her life colourful. Rani signs the contract. Rani starts her shooting. Nawazish Ali says that he will drop her to her house.
Nazi came to her room and remove her jewellery in anger. Shahzaib says that he wants to talk to her. He says that he didn’t hid anything from her. He ask her to tell if she is worried. Nazi says that she didn’t wanted to marry him. He says that he knew that. She says that he came to her life forcefully. He says that they has to continue this relation. Nazi says that she is not having place for him in her heart. He says that she don’t know how much he love her. Nazi says that she don’t love him because she love someone else. Shahzaib was shocked to hear that and remained silent.
Nazi’s mother ask her husband to relax now as Nazi is happy in her home. Her father says that now he is not worried about her.
Samina gave tea to her mother and her mother says that she is tired because of Nazi. Samina says that she is afraid as Nazi didn’t accepted Shahzaib yet as she was saying that by herself. Her mother became worried and Samina ask her to fix Basit’s marriage. Her mother says that she will talk to Qadir. Samina ask her to do early as she can do anything.
Nawazish Ali dropped Rani at home and Rani ask him to come in.
Shahzaib went to meet Molana and tell him that he is worried. Molana says that this is the part of life. Shahzaib says that why he always fell in exams as he didn’t done bad with anyone. Molana says that he is too much angry that’s why Allah refused to do that. Molana ask him to keep patience. Shahzaib says that what kind of patience. Molana says that Allah took better decisions for them.
Chaman begum brought juice for Rani and Nawazish Ali. Chaman begum says that he can’t come regularly here as everyone is having doubt. Rani became angry and ask her to call everyone. Rani ask Nawazish Ali to leave right now.
Shahzaib’s mother gave sadqa of Nazi as she is so beautiful. His mother ask that why Shahzaib come late everyday. Nazi says that she don’t know.
All girls ask that why Rani asked them to be together. Rani ask that how dare they doubt on her and ask Sheereen that why she is having doubt on her. Sheereen says that she is having doubt on Nawazish ali as he came on regular basis and she made her a queen as she know that what she was before. Rani slapped her and warned them to not to say a single word again about her.
Shahzaib’s mother ask Shahzaib that what’s happening between him and Nazi as she can see everything. Shahzaib ask her to not to worry as everything is alright.
Nazi says that Shahzaib is hiding the truth from his mother and he is doing drama and now she has to do something.
Sheereen cries and says that she was a beggar and now she act like a God. Chaman begum says that her destiny is with her and she will not listen to anyone. Sheereen curse her. Chaman begum ask her to keep patience. A girl ask her to warn Rani to not to slap anyone. Chaman begum says that no one can take a stand. All girls refuses to dance today and says that she is a queen so she should dance.
Nazi ask Shahzaib for tea. Shahzaib says that he brought flowers for her. His mother ask Nazi to wore them in hairs. Shahzain help her in wearing that.
Rani ask that who will dance today. Chaman begum says that today she will dance. rani refuse to do that as she is a film star now. Chaman begum force her to dance. Rani says that no one can force her. Chaman begum ask her to do that today only as she did once in a month. Rani ask her to start preperations.
Basit says to his friend that all grossary is finished. His friend ask her to share everything as he can’t handle alone otherwise he can find some other place.
Nazi ask that what was that as he did flowers drama. Shahzaib says that his mother is worried for him that’t why he did. Shahzaib ask that what he did with her and why she is doing this? Nazi says that she can’t forget Basit. Shahzaib says that he will give her that much love that she will forget him. Rani says that she can’t do that and she is having no relation with him.

PRECAP: Qadir cries infront of Malik and says that they are the only one for them. Shahzaib came closer to Nazi and Nazi panics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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