Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 16 22nd August 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 16 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Nawazish ali compliments Rani and gave her gift. He says that he wanted to cast her in films but because of Nigaar she didn’t got a chance. He says that’s why she got a place a Nigaar because of her destiny. He ask her to work in his film and she will be successful. Rani says that she will think. He ask her to not to refuse as this is his dream. Rani says that she will fulfill his dream.
Basit’s friend ask Basit to not to worry. Basit says that he was having a hope that he will get a ob but he didn’t. He says that his professor said that there is a change in policy and if they will find a place than they will send him a invitation. His friend says that he will talk to his boss and he can stay here. His friend ask about Nazi. Basit says that she got married. His friend felt happy.
Shahzaib went to met Molana and felt worried that he was sick. Molana says that this is the part of life. Molana ask that why he is here? Shahzaib says that he is getting married and he came here to invite him. Molana congragulate him and says that he can’t come as he is not alright. Molana says that his prayers are with him. Shahzaib ask him to take him to the doctor but Molana refuses.
All dancers says that Rani is too much successful and now she will get too much success and money. Shireen says that her destiny is too strong.
Samina says that there was no one happy at Nazi’s home. Samina says that she is feeling sad for Shahzaib. Qadir says that this is his destiny. Samina says that she will be divorced. Her mother ask her to not to talk like that. Her mother says that Samina is right as Nazi is in love with Basit. She ask Qadir to ask Basit to not to keep any relation with Nazi. Qadir ask her to sleep and pray for her son.
Rani talks to Nawazish on call and laughs. Rani says to Chaman begum that her shooting will be soon. Rani ask her to distribute clothes and prepare food. Chaman begum ask her to not to forget this place. Rani ask her to pray for her. Chaman begum ask her to not to forget the truth. Rani says that she is not liking to see her in films. Chaman begum says that she is afraid of results. Rani says that she is here in this place without frightening. Chaman begum says that today is her dance. Rani ask her to arrange her dance according to her permission.
Basit talks to Nazi’s pic that today is her wedding and before she used to love him but now he love her more than her. He recieved call from Nazi and congragulate her for her wedding. He ask her to start her new life. Nazi says that he is a loser and she will remain angry that he is a loser. Basit says that he kept his family’s respect. Nazi congragulate him for his lead. He says that she don’t know what he is feeling now and he still love her and it would be better for her to accept Shahzaib and her destiny.
Nazi went to Shahzaib’s home after marriage and their maid compliments her that she is so beautiful. Nazi says that she don’t need anything. Shahzaib came into his room and thank her for accepting him in her life. He apologizes her for hurting her and promise that he will not hurt her again. He holds her hand but Nazi says that she is not feeling well. He says that he knew that she don’t wanted to be married but he wanted her to remove everything bad from her heart and says that he will wait when she will accept his love. He says that he love her. He gave her a ring but Nazi refused to wore that and He says that he don’t like to force and ask her to sleep. He slept on the sofa.
Shamo’s relatives remembers him.
Shahzaib ask Nazi to woke up and Nazi says that he has no right to touch her. He says that he is her husband. Nazi says that he himself said that he will not force to love. He says that he believes that she will start loving him and he will wait. He ask her to dress up well as everyone is waiting for them for breakfast.
Shahzaib’s mother made alot of things for breakfast and says to Shahzaib that she is happy today as she is complete now. Shahzaib’s mother ask her maid to dress up Nazi well. Shameem says to Nazi that she is so beautiful that’s why Shahzaib liked her. Her mother came and says that she is looking beautiful and prays for her. Shahzaib’s mother says that breakfast is ready as they were waiting for them. Nazi ask Samina to pin up her dupatta. Samina says that she is looking beautiful. Nazi ask her to tell that to Basit and ask her to pray for her for her death. Samina says that Shahzaib was her destiny. Nazi says that she don’t believe in that and now she will write her own destiny. Samina ask her to respect Shahzaib. Nazi says that she can’t anything in Shahzaib as she can only see whom she likes.

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