Woh Aik Pal – Episode 23 19th August 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 23 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Hina says that she thinks what she happened is better for her and says that first she wanted to ruin both of them but later she realized that she was wrong and there situation was not right that’s why she thinked to start a new life and she will return back to Dubai. Aarish ask her to forget everything. Hina says that she can’t forget that’s why she wanted to go back.
Aarish ask Hina that what she is doing here? Hina says that she came here for prayers. Hina says that she was trying to be relaxed by she felt embarassed again and again. Aarish aplologizes. Hina says that all what happened will be better for them. Aarish says that she deserves better than him.
Unaiza drop Hina somewhere and Hina leaves. Unaiza ask Hina to not to wait outside the car. Hina says that what she did for her that’s enough and now she needs nothing. Ahsan came to pick Hina. He says that in which situation she is that is because of her. Hina says that she knew that. He ask that what happened? Hina says that he don’t wants to talk to her related to Murder. He ask her to make friendship with Unaiza. Hina ask him to drop her there where he killed Faris.
Unaiza went to meet Nazia and tell her that she is pregrant and ask her to pray for a baby girl. Unaiza says that she thinks that he is so caring. Unaiza says that she is so lucky that she got him. Unaiza says that she was trying to arrange marriage of him with Hina and because of Hina there was able to understand eachother. Nazia ask her to take care of Hina. Unaiza says that she hates her. Unaiza says that when she talked to Faris last time if than she knows that this was her last talk than…!! Nazia ask Unaiza to not to forget her past ever.
Zaid come and Hina says that she wanted to gave her surprise and apologizes that she did wrong with her. Unaiza says that she has a right as she came between her and him. Hina says that this was her destiny and now she wanted to move forward to look at her future. Unaiza says that she is feeling good. Hina says that she wants to change herself. Unaiza says that she is good and her sister said right that she will help her in her difficult situations.
Hina recieves call from Ahsaan but didn’t received his call and says that she knew what she wants to do and now she don’t need him.
Hina ask Aarish that what is he doing? Aarish says that he is hungry. They both ate pizza and he talks about Unaiza. Hina interfers and says that she knew every secret about him. He says that he believe on her. Hina says that how he beard everything. Aarish says that he don’t think about that. Hina says that if Unaiza will knew about that than what he will do. He says that he will be in jail than. Hina says that she is worried about Unaiza. Hina says that he left Faris in that condition. He says that he can’t forget that moment. Hina records everything and Aarish ask her to talk about something else.
Ahsaan called Hina and ask about everything. Hina says that everything is in process. Ahsan ask her to meet him. Hina says that she is busy today and he can’t force her. Ahsaan ask her to not to under estimate her. Hina says that he will get his right. Ahsan says that she will cross him.
Zaid says to Hina to see his game. Hina says that she wanted to talk to Unaiza something important. Zaid says that he kept chocolate for her.
Ahsan ask Nazia to come with him as she wanted to betray him. Ahsan says that he will tell Unaiza everything. Nazia says that Unaiza will not believe him as they are not having any prove. She ask Ahsan to not to take any wrong step.
Hina recalls when she used to spend her moments with Unaiza. Aarish snatched Hina’s phone and Hina ask him to give her phone back. Aarish says that he is happy because of her as she is so nice with them now. Hina ask about Unaiza. Aarish says that she went to meet Nazia. Hina ask him to call Unaiza back and panics. Hina tell Aarish that she told Ahsan everything about Faris murder.
Ahsan tell Unaiza everything and says that Aarish did that.
Aarish says that what type of revenge she took from him. Hina says that she will say that she said that in anger.
Ahsan says that she made a mistake by leaving this house and he was with him. Unaiza says that Aarish was with him and he will remain with him. Unaiza says that she will live with him and says that she can leave Nazia but not Aarish. Ahsan ask her to examine that. Unaiza ask him to think before saying all this who can beat him at this. Ahsan ask her to go there and when he will bring her on road than she will get to know. Unaiza says that she will give him her all property and ask Nazia to stop her husband.
Hina says that she will tell Unaiza that he is talking wrong and she will clear everything infront of Unaiza. Hina says that she will delete his voice note as she felt happy that they both love her. Unaiza come and says that she wants to talk to Aarish. Hina ask her to do that here. Hina says that Ahsan was lying as she did that in anger and apologizes. Unaiza says that she is so much angry as he don’t know that what is blind trust and she will never believe on him. Aarish says that if he will say that Ahsan as right. Aarish says that this all happened. Unaiza ask Aarish to not to talk like that. Aarish ask Unaiza to sit. Unaiza ask that what’s happening. Aarish tell her everything. Unaiza didn’t replied.
In the morning, Hina tell Unaiza that she is leaving and this all happened because of her. Unaiza ask Hina to leave.

PRECAP: Unaiza says that how dare he came close to her and how he faced her in all these days. Ahsan says to Aarish that he did two murders as he wanted to make his child a property leader that’s why he tried to kill Zaid.

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