Gustakh Ishq – Episode 6 18th August 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 6 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Iqbal ask Sikandar to give him time and the differences made difficult communication between them. Sikandar says that he is the reason for that. Iqbal says that Dua is the main reason. Iqbal says that he care about him. Sikandar says that he has no right to love those people whom they love. Iqbal ask him to marry Maleeha. Sikandar says that he don’t love her. Iqbal says that but she loves him and ask him to bring Maleeha in his life for him and Dua.
Reema says to Najaf that she thinks that she will find a better job for her in this newspaper. Najaf says that she is not finding the job according to her qualification as she is finding her destiny. Reema says that her destiny is so good as what she thinks that happens. Zubair ask Reema that she need something as he is going out. Reema says that he didn’t care about her before as he is doing today.
Najaf came for her job in Sikandar’s office and was shocked to see Sikandar there. He ask her to sit. He saw her documents and ask that she knew that in what kind of job she applied. Najaf says that her qualification and intelligence is infront of him and there is nothing more than that. Najaf says that she is having tears in her eyes of happiness and he knew that very well. She says that he said that she can be infront of him at any day for help and now she is here. She says that she need that job. She says that she is here with the request of job.
Reema’s mother says that this is better she will do a job otherwise she will ask her to leave this house. Reema ask her to give her time and where she will go. Her mother says that this is not their headcahe. Reema ask her mother to send her to Hyderabad back. Her mother says that she can’t live there that’s why she is here.
Najaf says that she is powerless infront of Sikandar as she was strong infront of him before. She says that she didn’t lose from him but she lose because of her destiny. Zubair come and ask that where she want to go? Najaf says that she will go to home by herself and ask Zubair to leave. Zubair waits for her but Najaf sat with him and leaves.
Sikandar recalls every moment when he met Najaf.
Najaf’s uncle says that she didn’t even taken advice for her job. Najaf says that she wants him to be mentally prepared. He ask that Zubair said her anything than why she is taking that decision. She says that now she can’t face him and now she can stay here like as she is a load and ask him to give her permission.
Reema ask Najaf that she applied in Sikandar’s office. Najaf says that she didn’t knew that this job was related to him. Reema complaints that why she asked for job from him and says that she ruined their respect.
Reema’s mother says that Najaf has taken advantage of their relation with Sikandar. She says to Zubair that Najaf got job of more money than him. Reema says that this is all because of Sikandar. Her mother complaints to her children to do better job. Zubair says that he is trying to find his job. His mother says that there is no importance of her infront of them.
Maleeha ask about Najaf who he appointed for Dua. He says that she is sensible. Maleeha ask him to not to worry for Dua now. He says that Dua is more important for him. Maleeha ask Sikandar to change himself. Maleeha says that she fought with her mother that she will marry to him and ask him to fight with his afraid. He says that he is not in the position to take nay decision. Maleeha says that she will try to bring him back in the present. He says that he can’t forget his past. She ask him to give her a chance.
Zubair says to Najaf that this is not like that what she is thinking as she love her that’s why he asked her to marry him. Najaf says that she see him as her brother. Zubair says that she is leaving this house to not to see him again as she hates him. She says that she got a care taker job and she has to be there all the time. Zubair says that he will remain embarassed whole life. She says that he was there with her in every situation and she has to live away from this house.
Najaf packs her bag and her aunt says that she found everything for her and she didn’t even informed her. Najaf says that she is herself shocked. Her aunt says that she asked them to give her this job. Najaf says that she can’t forget love which she got from them and she will leave tomorrow morning.
Najaf says to her uncle the this is too much difficult to live alone. Her uncle ask her to not to think like that. Her uncle tell Najaf about her sister and tell her the whole story. She ask about her sister. Her uncle ask her to not to tell this to anyone.
Najaf went to Sikandar’s home and Khursheed says that she will tell her everything and took her to Dua’s room and Dua ask about her from Khursheed. Khursheed says that she is her friend and she will take care of her. Najaf makes friendhsip with Dua. Khursheed tell Najaf about everyone and Dua’s situation. Khursheed tell her that Dua is having Thalesemia. Najaf says that she will take care of her. Najaf ask that why is she leaving from here. Khursheed didn’t answered and says that she will show her room.
Sikandar says that he gave her a chance as whenever she met him she challenged him and now he is giving her challenge for this job. Najaf says that she will never step back from this job. She says that Dua is her responsibilty only. Sikandar says that Dua is important for him and every demand related to Dua. Sikandar says that she is a servant in this house as she will be paid.

PRECAP: Najaf plays with Dua. Sikandar says that he don’t know him.

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