Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 15 15th August 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 15 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Molana prays to Allah. Molana ask Shahzaib to sit. Shahzaib ask to pray for him as he is going to face the truth. Molana says that truth needs a will power. Shahzaib says that power is needed to say or bear the truth. Shahzaib says that he is now ready.
Nazi called Basit but he didn’t pick up the call. Malik’s daughter make her father understood that everyone compliments Shahzaib. She complaints about Basit’s marriage with Nazi. Qadir came with Basit and ask Malik to apologize Basit. Razia tell them about Nazi’s planning. Malik slapped Basit and ask them to leave otherwise he will kill him. Nazi says that she wants to marry Basit. Her mother slapped her. Nazi says that she loved him and she will get him in anyway and now she is leaving with Basit. Basit says to Nazi says that he don’t love her and he will not marry her and he accepts Malik’s decision and he will never be back in this village. They leave and Nazi says that she hates her parents. Her mother Yasmin to see Nazi.
Chaman begum ask Rani to decide her room by herself. Rani says that she don’t want to change her room. Chaman begum says that today is her dance in the evening. Rani says that Nigaar used to do that in a week. Chaman begum says that all are standing in a line to see her dancing and ask her to earn more than Nigaar. Chaman begum says that she will ask girls to dress up well for the evening. Rani says that Nigaar was right she should have remained a beggar.
Shahzaib and his mother came to meet Malik and says that he didn’t done anything to embarass them. His mother says that her son never lied ever and he can see his truth on his face and eyes. Shahzaib tell him that because his friends forced him he went to that place.
Nazi cries by recalling that Basit refused her to take her with him. Shahzaib says that he went there but he stepped back. He says that he never crossed his limits and he didn’t wanted to start his relation on a lie and he told her everything. He apologizes as Nazin didn’t understood him. Malik says that he accepts his apology. They felt happy and thanked him. Malik says that now he can see on his face that he is innocent and he can’t betray anyone. Shahzaib’s mother ask Nazi’s mother to start the preparation and they fix the day of marriage.
Nazi cries and prays to Allah to give Basit back to her and says that she will never ask for anything else. Her mother says that Allah take better decisions. Her father says that her marriage is on friday with Shahzaib. Nazi says that they can’t do this with her. Malik says that he can force her as she lied to them. Nazi says that she can do anything to get her love. Malik says that he will kill her. Nazi slapped her and Nazi ask her to kill her. Malik take out his gun and says that he will kill him and her and than himself. Nazi ask him to not to do that. Malik says that he loved her alot and she gave him this result. He became angry on her.
Basit’s mother says that he ruined their hopes as well. Qadir says that he thinked that he will celebrate when he will bring degree. Samina says that this is all done by Nazi. His father says that he is not a man. Nazi says that Basit that he is a weak person.
A girl ask Rani that she is looking silent and ask that how much she got from the dance. She says that Chaman begum didn’t gave her much as she earned alot that day. She says that she is dancer and she has to save money. She gave her musical anklet and ask her to wear that. Rani cries for what she did and threw everything. Chaman begum ask her to wear the musical anklet as everyone is waiting for her. Rani says that she will come and ask her to leave. Rani laughs loudly and than cries.
Nazi came to meet Basit and says to him that he is a loser and his mother ask Nazi to go to her home back. Nazi says that he betrayed her. Basit says that his family is loyal with her family and he is saving her from future. Basit took a knife but his mother ask Nazi to leave. Nazi says that she just needs his love and he can bear to see her with someone else. Basit says that he can bear but Nazi panics and says that she can’t bear that.
Nazi’s mother cries that she went to meet Basit as Yasmin was right. Nazi came back and her mother ask that where she went? Nazi ask her to leave her alone. She says that they snatched everything from her. Her mother says that if she will do anything than she will kill her. Nazi says that now she is living dead. Her mother ask her to not to come out of room now. Nazi says that now she will never go any where.
Rani recalls her dance while dreaming and woke up and saw Nigaar infront of her and Nigaar laughs at her and says that she came here to become Nigaar. Rani says thats he will not leave her and threw things on her. She laughs continously on her. Chaman begum come and Rani panics and ask everyone to leave and Chaman begum says that she is looking tired. Chaman begum ask her to take care of her.
Rani’s mother ask Gudi to find out Rani and Gudi says that Shamo refused to not to call him again. Gudi gave her Shamo’s number and ask her to call by herself. Her father ask that whose number is this and Gudi tell him everything. Her father says that she is now dead for them.
Chaman begum tell Rani that Nawazish Ali is here to meet her. Chaman begum ask her to dress up well.
Nazi’s mother ask Nazi to not to cry now as Shahzaib is in her destiny. Nazi says that than why person ask her to pray what they want to get. Her mother says that she didn’t get as he is not her destiny. Her mother tries to make her understood. Nazi says that she don’t need Shahzaib in her life. Her mother ask her to see her dresses and jewellery as she will look good after wearing that. Nazi says that now she is dead. Her mother prays and ask her to keep patience.

PRECAP: Rani says that her dreams will come true. Chaman begum ask her to not to ignore the truth. Basit tell Nazi that he will love her more than her.

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