Woh Aik Pal – Episode 22 12th August 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 22 12th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Hina says that she left her job. Unaiza ask her to join her job back as she enjoys at home. Hina says that she has planned everything as she is so good in cooking. Unaiza says that there is no competetion between her and Hina. Hina says that nobody likes working women as Aarish likes house wife. Unaiza says that he also likes working women. Hina ask her to do work than. Unaiza called Sara and ask her to come to meet her.
Sara came at Unaiza’s home and Hina says that she brought too much things for her and she has a good relationship with her. Sara ask Unaiza that why is she so silent? Hina ask Sara about Danish. Unaiza went to leave to make tea but Hina says that she will make tea for her. Unaiza ask Sara to find a guy for her for marriage.
Danish says that he is accepting what she is saying but Hina can create a big problem. Danish ask her to think first. Sara says there would be nothing happened. Danish’s office colleague came to see Hina. Danish ask him to be relaxed and ask him to not to tell her that he came to see her.
Hina holds Aarish’s hands for help as she was having the problem with her heels. Unaiza holds her hand and Hina says that she is alright.
Hina, Aarish and Unaiza came to Danish’s house. Raffay says that he don’t like working women. Aarish says that he also don’t like. Hina says that’s why she left her job. They all left Hina and Raffay alone for talk. Aarish, Unaiza and Sara and Danish felt afraid because of Hina as she can do anything.
Danish and Sara irritates Unaiza and Aarish.
Raffay says to Hina that she is so intelligent. Hina says that he thought that she is stupid. Raffay says that she is beautiful and whom she will marry he would be lucky. Hina says that she is fixed with someone. Raffay says that she is serious. Hina says that she is going to be married soon.
Raffay tell Danish that she is going to be married. Raffay complaints. Danish says that she must be joking. Raffay says that she was saying that she was serious. Danish says that she must be talking about him. Raffay says that she was intelligent. He says that she should meet his parents. Danish refuses and ask him to make understanding with her first.
Hina tell Raffay about her friendship with Aarish. Aarish says that now he is married to Unaiza and this is all because of Hina. Raffay says that he is understanding everything. Aarish says that she is keeping friendship with us and this is alot that she apologized Unaiza and him. Aarish tell Raffay that she is having interest to go to the coffee shop. Raffay ask her to go with him to the coffee shop. Hina refuses but Aarish forced her.
Raffay took Hina with him and ask her to that what she will eat? Hina ask him to not to be frank with her. Hina ask him that she wants to go home. Raffay says that he sent her with him for company. Hina says that he sent her to spend time with Unaiza. Hina tell him everything about the situation that how Aarish met Unaiza. Raffay says that he thought that Unaiza is a nice lady. Hina says that she hate Unaiza. Raffay ask her to get married to a better person and Aarish will feel jealous to see her happy.
Aarish make coffee for Unaiza. Hina come and says that when he sent her than why he is asking that how’s she? Hina says that if Unaiza will be in her place that he send her with him. Aarish says that what she is talking about. Hina says that he is trying to fix her marriage with him. Aarish says that he is not doing that. He ask that he like him. Hina says that she told him everything. Aarish ask that what she told him. Hina ask him to ask Raffay what she told him.
Danish apologizes Raffay and says that he was finding a girl and he suggested him for her. Raffay says that he don’t want to talk Unaiza and they did so bad with her. Aarish says that she is alone. Raffay says that he wants to marry her and he want to bring his parents. Danish ask him to wait and understand her. Raffay says that he want to bring proposal now.
Aarish ask about Hina. Unaiza says that she is pressing his shirt. Aarish show that to Unaiza. Hina says that she can do every work of him. Unaiza and Hina fights. Aarish tell Hina that Raffay wants to marry her. Hina says that they both want this to kick her out. Hina says that she don’t want to marry him. Unaiza ask Hina to leave as this is her house. Aarish took her with him. Aarish says to Hina that this her house. Hina says that why is she insulting her. Aarish ask about Raffay that he is saying that he wants to marry her. Aarish says that he is getting jealous and he don’t want her to meet his parents. Hina ask him ask Raffay that she wants to meet Raffay’s parents.
Unaiza ask Aarish that she accepted to meet Raffay.
Hina came to meet Ahsan and tell him that Aarish is a murderer of Unaiza’s husband. Nazia ask that he told her that. Ahsan says that why she hid that. Hina says that he did that with mistake. Ahsan says that he knew that. Hina tell him everything that he didn’t knew Faris. Hina tell him that he is going to be a father soon. Hina says that she want to take revenge from Aarish. Ahsan ask her to come with him to the police station. Hina says that she is not having the prove. Hina says that now she will take revenge from him and will never forgive him. Ahsan says that he is with her now.

PRECAP: Hina records Aarish’s statement that he murdered Faris. Unaiza says that Ahsan told her that he left Faris on the road. Aarish says that if he will say that Ahsan is right than?

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