Gustakh Ishq – Episode 5 11th August 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 5 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Zubair helps Najaf in leaving and ask that they are doing right? Najaf says that if he don’t want to help her than it’s ok she will go by herself. Najaf went to Hyderabad at her home and Zubair ask that where is everyone? Khalda says that this her home now and why they came here. Najaf says that this is her father’s home. Khalda says that she will take divorce from her husband soon and ask them to leave. Najaf ask her to not to take such decisions and her uncle asked her to do that. Her uncle ask her to shutup and became angry on her. Zubair says that this is her home as well. Her uncle says that he will send him to jail. Najaf ask her uncle to ask him to not to do that with Zubair as he came with her. Khalda says that he will go to jail and their respect will be ruined. Khalda says that she will give her statement infront of media that she was running with Zubair. Najaf says that she will return back to Karachi and ask them to not to call police. Her uncle calls police. Najaf ask Zubair to return back and apologizes Khalda. Najaf ask her to not to forget that Allah is watching them and she will be justified.
Najaf and Zubair went to hotel to eat something and Najaf ask him to bring poison for her. Najaf and Zubair eat food. Zubair ask her to ignore his mother and Reema and says that they will return seperately at home.
Sikandar’s father says to his maid that why he is giving them too much salary as they are not able to take care of that child. His maid says that she can’t take care of her alone. He became angry on her. He says that his respect was ruined infront of everyone. His maid says that Dua need care and love. He says that she is like a load on them. He ask her to think otherwise she can leave he will hire someone else.
Najaf returns back home and her aunt ask her to eat something. She tell her that there is a prayer at home.
Her uncle call Najaf and ask her to sit with him. He says that she is strong and she can keep patience and her mother also prayed for her before she died. Najaf says that she can’t understand anything. Her uncle ask her to listen what he wanted to say to her. He tell her that her father died. Najaf cries. He ask her to keep patience.
Samina says to her daughter that she taught her everything to take her decisions properly. Her daughter ask that what is her wrong decision? Samina says that she took a wrong decision for her life. Her daughter says that she love Sikandar and she can spend life with him. Samina says that she knew them all and she don’t think that anyone can spend life in that house. Maleeha says that she want to spend life with Sikandar not with his family members. Samina says that she don’t know anything as she didn’t knew the truth. Maleeha says that she is not interested in his personal and past and he will marry him.
Najaf cries and her father prayers came to an end. Her aunt says that she was not able to see her father as she is so unlucky. Her aunt says that she is like her daughter and they are not greedy as Khalda. Her aunt says that Zubair has no job and he is also not able to work and there is everyone to eat.
Maid ask Dua to eat food. Sikandar was happy to see Dua eating. His maid says that she want to leave this job. He says that she is not in control of someone else. His maid ask him to hire someone else as now she is too old. she ask him to find a maid for her till than she is with her.
Maleeha recieves calls from Sikandar and He ask her to do dinner with her tonight. Maleeha was happy by hearing that from him. His father ask that what happened? Sikandar says that Khursheed is leaving and they has to hire another maid. His father ask him to send Dua to boarding school. Sikandar says that he will handle Dua if they will not find a maid as Dua is more important for him.
Najaf says that she has no reason to live now. Zubair came and ask her to eat something. He says that he can understand her feelings and ask her to be stong.
Maleeha came at Sikandar’s home and she tell his father that Sikandar called her. He says that Sikandar believes on her and ask her to understand that he has made Dua his priority and he will be able to spend life with him easily. Maleeha ask him to tell the solution. He ask her to marry Sikandar so he will be able to forget Sikandar and Sikandar is not ready to understand that.
Zubair ask his father to talk to Najaf. His father says that he will talk to his mother as well and he is not sure that she will be agreed. Zubair ask him to talk to Najaf first than.
Sikandar’s father says that he will talk to her mother. She says that she is worried as she will not remain happy with him because of Dua. He says that he will talk to her mother and after returning back from Dubai he will take a decision.
Sikandar thank Maleeha for coming. Sikandar says that he is not having place of someone else in his life. She says that she will make her place.
Najaf says to her uncle that she has always seen Zubair as her brother and she can’t spend her life with Zubair as her husband. He ask her to think properly. She says that she saw his as her well wisher but she can’t do that. He says that it’s ok and he is happy that she told the truth.
Samina says to Maleeha that she don’t know his family. Samina says that her decision is wrong. They both argues.
Najaf’s aunt says that she should ask first before going to kitchen. Najaf says that she was going to make tea for her uncle. She says that he don’t know from where she is earning and ask her to care otherwise they will be on road.

PRECAP: Zubair’s mother says that Najaf got job of thirty five thousand and he is still on fifteen. Najaf’s uncle tell Najaf about her sister. Zubair tell Najaf that he loves her.

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