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Saba stops Zohaib but Shagufta took Saba into the house and threw her into the room and locks her in the room. Shagufta ask Zohaib’s mother to be out of her house. Shagufta says to Zohaib’s mother and sister to not to come again here. Saba ask her to open the door but she says that when her brothers will come than they will open her door.
Babar brought Habib who is a smugler as well and ask Inspector to release Usman and his brother. Inspector became angry on him. Habib says that he will take Usman with him otherwise he will do something else. Inspector ask him to do whatever he want to do. Habib became angry and shouts and says that he knew the results if he will interfere with him. Inspector ask him to not to shout on him as he is taking advantage of what in position he is? Habib became angry and says that he will do something that they will send them by themselves. Inspector ask to release Adnan as Usman is the murderer.
Saba called Zohaib and and says that he didn’t done good as she asked him to stay there with here. Zohaib says that he will take her out from there. Saba says that he can’t do anything as he is a loser. Saba cries.
Shagufta says to her mother that she is bearing them with so much difficulty. Her mother says that she will ask Usman to do bad with Zohaib and with his mother. Shagufta says that Babar is with Usman and they are coming back. Her mother says that they are their own in difficulty as their relatives are busy in their work. Shagufta says that she will tell Usman everything and Saba is innocent, she just came in Zohaib’s planning. Her mother says that she will never allow Babar to marry Saba. Shagufta says that she will live like that in which she will allow her to live. The bell rung and Babar and Adnan came. Shagufta ask about Usman and Babar tell her that Usman will be back in some days as he did a murder and the police didn’t sent him. Shagufta cries.
Adnan took drugs and recalls what happened to him in the police station.
Zohaib’s mother ask Farah to call Zohaib and ask where is he? Farah ask her to not to worry as he will be back. Farah says that she should brought Saba with her as she is her aunt. Her mother says that now they will make a big thing after all this and she don’t know what they will do with Saba. Farah ask her to call them and ask about the situation. Her mother ask her to pray. Farah says that she will pray for their death.
Babar tell Shagufta that he told everything to the Inspector. Shagufta cries. Babar says that he talked to Malik and he will do something otherwise they have to fight the case. Shagufta says that she will talk to him to release Usman. Babar says that why he mudered her. Shagufta cries and complaints her mother about Babar, Babar ask her to give him food as he is hungry.
Junaid’s mother ask Junaid to be normal like before and his father asked her to send him abroad. Junaid refuses and says that he will talk to his father by himself. His Inspector friend come to meet Junaid and Junaid ask about the situation. His friend says that they will talk any other time. He ask Junaid to come with him for lunch. Junaid refuses.
Zohaib’s friend ask Zohaib to not to worry as he will not get anything like this. Zohaib became angry on him and says that in his view their’s nothing happened. His friend says that why he loved her as she is not having permission to do love marriage. His friend says that he did wrong as he went like this to her house. Zohaib panics and leaves.
Saba cries while remembering Iqra and recalls the memories which she spent with her.
Zohaib recalls when Saba asked him to took her with him.
Zohaib came back home and his mother ask that where was he? He says that he was with Ashar. His mother ask Farah to bring food for him.
Junaid’s friend says that they will not leave Usman too easily and they will file a case on him. Junaid ask his friend to eat food. Junaid left the food and his friend says that he will talk to him and ask his mother to not to worry. Junaid’s friend ask him to keep hope. Junaid says that he can’t see Iqra’s muderer to see free and cries.
Shagufta came to Saba’s room and saw the broken mobile and ask that who brought this mobile. She ask Saba to speak up and says that there is no reason to cry as he left her like this and says that she will not allow Zohaib to return back. She ask her to eat something and also ask her to mother to eat.
Zohaib ask Farah that she talked to Saba. Farah says that he did so bad and now the situation is more difficult as they can’t go there to meet Saba.
Iqra’s prayer held and Zohaib’s mother and Farah came at her prayers. Shagufta says that why she is here again to create a drama as they are not having any relation with her and ask them to leave but they came in.
Babar ask Rehan to hurry up. Babar ask Shagufta to pray for Usman to be free from jail today.
Saba says to her mother that when someone is mudered that their soul didn’t left from the ground. Her mother says that nothing is like that. Shagufta ask Hajra to smile as Usman is coming back. Hajra says that she is not having a chikd that’s why she don’t know the pain of a child. Shagufta ask her to not to curse her.
Usman came back home and Shagufta welcomed him. Usman’s mother slapped him and Usman in recation also tried to slap her but his brother stopped him. His mother ask him to beat her as well. Shagufta took her in the house and Usman panics.
Zohaib ask his mother to take him with her to that house. His mother says that they will go by herself as he created the situation difficult.
Usman felt pain as police beaten him up. Shagufta says that her mother is also coming and her brother did alot for him. Usman says that he will also did the same for him. She says that his aunt and Zohaib didn’t came here once. He says that he left them at the day. She says that Zohaib is making affair with Saba and tell him the whole story what happened.

PRECAP: Zohaib says that he will die if he will not married to Saba. Usman ask Zohaib’s mother to ask Zohaib to not to come here again otherwise she will lost her 1 child. Usman slaps Zohaib and ask him to leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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