Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 15 9th August 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 15 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sheema ask Rehan to eat something and ask him to not to wait for Zubia. Rehan ask her to shutup. Sheema says that she is in peshawar. Rehan became angry on Sheema and leaves.
Mehjabeen says that she saw Zubia crying whole night that’s why she is not here to do breakfast and she will not allow her to leave now from here. Mohsin ask that now she will live here with them. His mother says that they are having too much load of there parents as her mother gave too much money to them and now they have to take care of them. His mother make him understood and ask her daughter in law to make breakfast for Zubia as well. Mohsin make his wife jealous.
Saim says to Asfandyar that he wants to play the game as Asfandyar was talking on call. Asfandyar became angry on him and Saim says that now he will not talk to him. Asfandyar recalls what Danial used to say to chill in life.
Geeti took Saim to school and Asfandyar ask to drop Saim to school. Asfandyar and Saim leave together. Saim ask that he will go with him always. Asfandyar says that if he want to than he will drop him regularly.
Mohsin’s wife says to Zubia that she is her guest and she don’t allow her to do work.
Asfandyar says to Dr.Shehroz that women don’t want their checkup from male persons and he says that he want to hire the lady doctor.
Zubia tries to find job. Mehjabeen ask about her job. Zubia says that she will go for the interview. Mehjabeen says that she said that she will work in the big hospital. Zubia says that first she will take experience in the clinic than she will apply in the hospital. Mehjabeen says that she had a wish to send her to her home like her daughter.
Dr. Shehroz came to meet Asfandyar’s family and he ask Geeti to work in his hospital. Asfandyar’s friend says that they are relaxed here and compliments Asfandyar that he brought them here. His wife says that Asfandyar is so nice. His friend tell his father about their first meeting and Asfandyar said that he want to make a hospital in Pakistan. His friend says that he told him the real meaning of life. Usman recalls when he used to say to Asfandyar to be successful like Danial and Danial used to say that he will be more successful than him.
Zubia came back home and Mehjabeen says that why is she too much late as she was worried. Zubia says that there was transport issue and brought apples for them. Zubia gave her salary. Mehjabeen refused to take that. Zubia force her to take that. Mehjabeen says that she will put committee of this money for her marriage. Mehjabeen ask Zubia about her job. Zubia says that she is doing well. He aunt ask her to do job in big hospital. Zubia ask her to pray for her.
Mohsin called Zubia and ask her to wait for him as it’s raining today. They both came back home and his wife became angry on her. She says that they came after enjoying. Zubia says that it was raining outside that’s why she came with him. Farheen blames Zubia and Mohsin that they are both are having affair. Mohsin ask her to shutup. Mehjabeen ask her to not to talk about Zubia. Farheen says that she is trying to play with her husband that’s why her brother kicked her out from home. Mohsin take her with him and ask her to remain silent. Zubia cries.
Zubia called her teacher and tell him about her situation and ask her to help him as she is not getting the job. He says that he will try for her job.
Mehjabeen says that she will not go anywhere. Zubia says that this would be better for her to leave from here. Mehjabeen says that she can’t do this as what she will answer to her sister. Mehjabeen cries. Zubia says that she will come back in holidays and she will get chance to be successful as she needs her prayers and ask her to give her permission.
Zubia went to meet Dr.Shehroz and tell him about her situation. He ask that why he want to work with them. Zubia says that she want to face challenges. His wife says that she will be able to handle that? Zubia says that she will do that.
Zubia came back home and Mehjabeen ask about her interview. Zubia says that it was good. Zubia says that with whom she will be working they are the best doctors of America.
Zubia thinks that she has seen Asfandyar before.
Dr. Shehroz says that she is too much talented and he want to hire her. Asfandyar and His wife says that she is too young. Dr. Shehroz ask to give her a chance.
Zubia says to Mehjabeen that she got the job. She says that she have to join till Monday and she should go for shopping as she will be in cold place.
Zubia says that she is late and Mehjabeen ask Farheen to woke up Mohsin. Farheen says that she can go by herself as she was here from Karachi alone. Zubia says that she will go by herself. Mehjabeen apologizes from Zubia. Zubia leaves.
Zubia went to Kashmir.
Sheema remove Zubia’s things from her room and Rehan ask her to not to do that.
Dr.Asfandyar’s driver tell Zubia that he remain angry all the time and he never forgive a person for their mistake.
Dr.Haroon greet Zubia and tell him about Asfandyar that he is in Islamabad and he remain angry. He show her hospital. Dr.Shehroz’s wife greet Zubia. Haroon make fun of Asfandyar.
Zubia ask about Zainab to tell about her. She says that she is divorced and she started doing job here and now she is happy. She ask Zubia to tell her if she needs anything.

PRECAP: Asfandyar became angry on Zubia as she diagnosed patient wrong. Haroon try to make Zubia understood and says that she will be able to learn how to treat patients in one month.

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