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Ghairat – Episode 3 7th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Usman beats Iqra and became angry on her. He took her in the kitchen and burnt her. His mother cries and shouts. He ask her mother to not to shout as this was an incident and ask her to not to tell anyone about this.
Zohaib tell his sister about Iqra that she ran from her house. His sister ask him to tell her the whole story. He tell her about everything. He ask her to not to tell about this to his mother. Zohaib curse Saba’s brothers. He says that he can’t see like this with Iqra. His sister says that he can’t do anything. He says that there is all mistake of her brothers that’s why she took this step. She ask him to save Saba. He says that he will not leave anyone if Saba will be hurt.
Junaid’s friend ask him to not to worry. He says that they did bad by sending Iqra there. His friend says that they have mentioned safety on the papers. Junaid was worried about Iqra and says that they are uneducated and they can do anything. His friend says that they sent her but if they will do anything than they has the solution for this. Junaid’s father calls and Jamal picked up the call.
The funeral of Iqra held and and Shagufta cries and says that her spirits killed her. Saba came and recalls when she used to play with her sister. Saba recalls when her brother killed her infront of her. Usman says that it was Allah’s choice as they tried alot to give her treatment. Zohaib says that he can’t stay here in prayers of Iqra. Zohaib says to her mother that he can’t sit here as he can’t bear all this. Zohaib says that they killed her and how they can pray for her. Usman ask him to take his family with him as from now they are not having any relation with them. Usman and people took the dead body. Iqra’s mother stops them and ask them to not to take her. Everyone cries.
Police came to the graveyard and slaps Usman. Junaid also came and took them to the police station. Junaid went to the Iqra’s grave and cries.
Zohaib says to his friend that they killed her. His friend ask him to not to do that. Zohaib says that they killed her for their respect. His friend says that they will do the same with Saba as well if he will do this and ask him to keep patience. Zohaib says that he can’t keep patience and she had a right to do marriage of her choice than why they killed her.
Doctor came to check Iqra’s mother and ask to take rest. Babar ask his sister to come out. He ask about the incident and tell that Usman is in police station and tell about the whole situation. Shagufta became tensed and cries and ask him to go to the police station. Her mother says that now they will be punished because of Iqra.
Inspector says to Usman that he thought that this was too easy. Usman says that he is blaming them as they didn’t did that. He says that they don’t knew about the incident and tell a lie. Inspector says that how everything was alright after that. Usman says that they kept them normal as she was afraid. Inspector ask to take them in jail and ask them.
Police beats Usman and his brother and ask them to speak up. His brother says that he will tell them everything. Usman was shocked. Police take him to his room alone. His brother tell inspector everything. Inspector ask to take him in the jail and kept the recording.
Shagufta cries and says to her mother that what’s happening with her. Her mother ask her to keep patience. Shagufta says that she is being punished because of Iqra. Zohaib’s mother says that police is doing there work and if they will be innocent than they will be back and ask her to pray. Shagufta says that she wanted the same and ask her to celebrate. Shagufta says that Zohaib ran like that as he is involved in this. His sister ask her to not to talk like that. Zohaib’s mother ask her to call Zohaib. Shagufta’s mother ask her to not to listen to them and ask her to see her mother in law.
Zohaib ask Saba to keep patience and Saba cries. Shagufta see them together and blame them and Zohaib ask her to be ashamed that she is talking like that about them. Saba ran to stop Zohaib. Saba ask Zohaib to take her with him. Shagufta ask her to be embarassed as her brother is in jail and her sister is dead. Saba ask him to take her with him. Zohaib says that he will take her with him as he will not leave without her. Zohaib’s mother took Zohaib with him and ask him to leave. He says that they will kill her. Zohaib leaves and Saba stops him. Shagufta took Saba with her.

PRECAP: Shagufta says to Saba that she will not allow Zohaib to meet her. Zohaib says that he will take her out from that house. Saba says that he can’t do anything. Usman came back and his mother slaps him and says that she should done that before. Usmam tried to slap his mother as well but his brother stops him.

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