Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 14 8th August 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 14 8th August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Basit’s father put proposal of Basit infront of Nazi’s father. His father apologizes. Nazi’s father says that he has given his son Basit for their respect. Qadir says that he can’t see him worried. Qadir says that Basit is educated and now he got the job as well. Nazi’s father says that he will talk to his wife and than he will take his decision.
Rani says to the flower man that he used to ignore her but now she is in place of Nigaar and she is a queen. He says that she prayed for that and after that they remembered that what they got and what they had lost. Rani recalls what happened to her that night.
Qadir tell Basit about the proposal and tell him the whole story. His father says that he thinks that they will reject and ask that he love Nazi? Basit says that he love her but he was silent because of his respect. His father ask him to not to tell about this to his mother and sister.
Chaman begum tell Shahzaib about Nigaar and says that she used to love him alot. Chaman begum says thats he remembered him till her last. Shahzaib says that she didn’t loved her ever. She says that he rejected her. He recalls when Nigaar cursed him to be rejected by anyone as he rejected her. Shahzaib says that he has been cursed by Nigaar and now he is going through the same situation.
Nazi’s father says to his wife to not to worry that much. She says that Nazi’s marriage is cancelled and now everyone will ask questions. She says that they thought that Shahzaib was a nice person but they didn’t knew about him. He tell her about Basit’s proposal. He says that he is a nice guy and he is educated. She says that this is their insult as they are their servants. He says that Qadir did this to save their respect. She refuses and He says that they knew Basit very well and he will become according to their standard after marriage. She says that this is his choice now as he has taken his decision. She cries.
Nazi’s parents come to Nazi’s room and her mother says that they are here to talk something important. She says that they were too much worried for her but they are blessed by Allah. Her father says that Qadir has sent proposal of Basit for her. He says that they need to see her happy and Basit will keep her happy. Nazi says that this is her choice and her parents became happy.
Shahzaib recalls what Chaman begum and Nigaar said to her. His mother says that why he is ignoring his health because of Nazi. She ask that what kind of load is he having in his heart? He says that his mistake became a curse for him. He tell about his story when Nigaar showed her love for him but he rejected her. She says that Nigaar was really broken and ask him to apologize. Shahzaib says that she is dead. His mother says that he didn’t made any mistake and this is the exam for him. His mother ask him to bear this pain with patience and silence. He ask that what should he do? She ask him to prove himself to Nazi’s father and if they will not be agreed than he should have to forget her. He says that this is difficult for him. She says that if she is his destiny than he will get her otherwise!!
Rani while sleeping hear Nigaar sleeping and woke up and shouts and call Chaman begum. Rani ask Chaman begum to change her room. Nigaar says that she will be with her always. Rani cries.
Nazi came to meet Basit and congrates him. Basit ask her to leave as anyone will see them together. She tell him that they are getting married soon. She tell him about Shahzaib. Basit became angry on her. Nazi says that she is happy as their love won. She hug him and Basit’s mother saw them like that. His mother slapped him and says that she didn’t aspected this from him. His mother became angry on him.
Qadir went to meet Nazi’s father and Malik ask him to sit with him. He tell him that they are not having any doubt about Basit. He says that his daughter is so lucky to get them. Qadir says that they are lucky. He ask him to tell this to his family and they will announce that tomorrow with Nikah.
Nazi says that she did wrong and now she don’t know what will happen.
Nazi’s mother ask Malik that what happened? Malik says that he accepted the proposal. Qadir tell his wife about the marriage of basit and Nazi and gave her sweet. She refused and Qadir became angry on her. She says that Nazi is blaming Shahzaib to marry Basit. Qadir calls Basit and ask that is this the truth. Basit says that he don’t know about this and his mother says that she is using Shahzaib to get Basit.
Sohail says to Malik that he is here to talk about Shahzaib. Malik says that he will not listen anything about Shahzaib. Sohail says that they are misunderstood. Sohail says that they planned to take him with them but Shahzaib is not characterless and he is a nice person. Malik’s wife says that he is right. Sohail says that now this is the matter of his respect as well. Nazi says that what’s happening as Shahzaib is winning the game but she will not allow this to be happen. Nazi called Basit but he didn’t answered.
Qadir says to Basit that what he did as he was not like that. He says that he forgot his standard. Basit says that he don’t know anything as he make her understood but she didn’t listened. His father says that he accepted that he love her. His father became angry on Basit. Basit says that why they are not ready for this as Malik is ready. His father says that he betrayed them. His mother says that for him they can’t be insulted. Qadir ask Basit to apologize Malik. Basit says that Nazi will committ sucide and he will not go with him. Qadir says that he will himself apologize Malik and now he is dead for him.

PRECAP: Nazi’s mother shouts on Basit and his parents that he was dreaming to be like them. Nazi’s father says that first he will kill him than her and than himself.

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