Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 14 2nd August 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 14 2nd August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Khalil was ashamed because of what he did with his wife and daughter. He apologize from Zubia. Zubia ask him to not to embarass her. Khalil recalls what he did. Khalil says that he haven’t given her the right of a father and didn’t gave respect to his wife even. Zubia ask him to forget everything. Khalil says that he remain worried that what will happen to her if he will die. He says that he tried to send her to her home but he was not able to do that. She ask him to not to worry about her. He pray for her and for her safety. Zubia and Khalil cries.
At Fajr time, Zubia was shocked to see that her father was dead.
Asfandyar came back home and Saim ask that what he brought for him. Asfi says that he brought gifts for him. They spend time together.
Zubia saw her father things and recalls what he said to her last time.
Arham ask Zubia for his gift as it’s his birthday. Zubia give him chocolates and says that she forgot to buy his gift. Sheema ask Rehan to not to take Zubia with them as they don’t want to spoil her son’s birthday. Zubia refuses to attend his birthday as ask them to go.
Asfi and his friend show their hospital and about their facilities to deputy Commissioner. Asfandyar says that they want to make people educated with the care.
Sheema says that his idea is best of starting a business. Rehan says that he is not having that much money. Sheema ask him to sell out Zubia’s and his mother jewellery. Rehan refuses to take that. Sheema ask Zubia to sit with them as they want to talk to her. Sheema tell Zubia everything. Zubia says that he can take that and she will bring when she will be back. Zubia leaves.
Asfandyar’s mother says that he remain all time in hospital. He says that he has to give time as they are making hospital. Usman ask that how they will manage. Asfandyar says that they are giving facilities and doctors will learn many things from Dr. Shehroz. Asfandyar ask him to pray.
Sheema’s cousin ask about Zubia and She tell that she is not a good girl and she was having affairs with many people.
Sheema’s cousin went to Zubia’s room and she calls Rehan and Rehan fight with him. He says to Rehan that she asked her to check her laptop. Rehan blames Zubia and he ask Sheema to kick her out. Zubia ask him to not to blame her as she is innocent. Zubia recalls what her father said that her brother is not like that to keep safe. Rehan cries and Sheema says that he didn’t did wrong as she is playing with their respect. Sheema locks the door and threw Zubia out of the house. Zubia cries. Zubia went to the railway station and bought a ticket. Zubia recalls when his brother and her mother used to take care of her.
Sheema tell Rehan that Zubia left. Rehan says that where she gone? Sheema says that she didn’t waited as she needed an excuse to leave this house.
Zubia went to her aunt’s house. Mehjabeen ask Zubia that what happened to her? Zubia hugs her and cries. Zubia tell her everything and says that how she came from Karachi to Peshawar alone. She ask her to call Rehan. Zubia refuses and ask her to not to call him as there is no respect for her in that house. Zubia ask that she can live with her as she is the only one after her mother.

PRECAP: Dr.Shehroz compliments Asfandyar ifront of his father that he is too much talented. Mohsin’s wife says that Zubia is characterless that’s why she kicked out of her house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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