Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 19 3rd August 2017 Written Update

Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 19 3rd August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Ramsha says to Sana that she is very happy today. She ask Sana that what happened to her? Sana says that she is just shocked to hear what Waleed said. Ramsha ask her to start preperations. Waleed says that he shouldn’t said that infront of everyone. Sana ask that it’s compromise or love. Waleed says that this is love for her. Sana says that he did the same to her before. Waleed says that he is ashamed on that. He ask that she don’t want to marry him. She says that she can’t share him with anyone. He says that he will try to forget her and she will help him in doing so.
Ramsha came to meet Alishba. Hamda ask Ramsha to sit. Ramsha says that this house is enough for two. Ramsha brought permission papers that Waleed is doing second marriage and he needs her permission. Hamda says that she was trying to send her back. Ramsha says that they are not having any place in their home as he don’t even remember her. Alishba ask her to ask Waleed to send divorce papers. Ramsha ask her about Rehmat. Hamda ask her to not to do like that as they are doing a mistake and when they will meet all misunderstandings will be alright. Ramsha says that she is happy to see her like this. Ramsha says that she is shocked to see that she still wants to deliver this baby. Alishba cries.
Yasir says to Waleed that what is he doing? Waleed says that he has taken his decision. Yasir says that everyone is in pain with his decision. He ask him to not to take such big decisions as he thinked that what will happen to Alishba. Waleed says that why anyone didn’t asked her that why she did this to him. Yasir says that he agreed everything what he said but he can’t agree with this decision. Waleed says that he is against him for that girl. Yasir says that he don’t know anything but when she was here everyone was happy and now when she left he died and broken from inside. Yasir says that if he married to Sana after leaving her than he will live in this house or him.
Ashar says to Samra that Waleed and Sana is getting married next week. Ashar says that he wanted to inform her and not to say anything. She says that he is no one for her. Ashar ask her to let him do this.
Ramsha ask Sana to cheer up. Sana says that she thinks that he is just getting married with her to forget Alishba. Ramsha ask her to make him able to forget her. Sana says that she don’t want to share him with anyone. Sana says that she can see Alishba in his eyes. Ramsha ask her to take him out and make him busy. Ramsha ask her to force him and he will do that.
Hamda ask Alishba to sleep as doctor asked her to take rest. Alishba says that she is alright. Hamda says that why she is punished as she didn’t did bad with anyone. Hamda ask her to think once and ask her to talk to him. Alishba says that he don’t care about her. Alishba ask her to not to call him.
Sana took Waleed out and they do chit chat. Waleed says that he felt everything now. Sana ask him to be happy as he is strong. Sana says that she brought him here for shopping and ask him to cheer up his mood. Rehmat with his wife and son came in the same mall. Waleed saw the shop of toys and recalls when he used to talk about his baby with Alishba.
Hamda ask Alishba to not to sleep without eating. Alishba says that now her sleep is gone. Alishba says that he used to say that he will take care of his baby but now he don’t care. She says that now she will take divorce from him and she will show him that she is happy without him.
Sana saw Rehmat in the mall and ask Waleed that she will be back. She went to see Rehmat.
Samra cries and called Hamda. She ask about Alishba and Hamda says that she is not fine. Samra ask that she is taking care of her. Hamda says that she needs care. Samra says that she called her to take care of Alishba. Hamda says that she sis shocked that she didn’t asked her to talk to her. Samra says that what she will say to her that her mother can’t do anything for her. Hamda says that she ruined her life and she is responsible for that.
Ramsha was happy to see Sana’s choice. Sana says that she brought all this because of Waleed. Ramsha says that Alishba did bad to her son and she will never remain happy now.
Sana saw Rehmat’s wife on her way and she ask her to sit with her. Sana ask about her and ask that who was with her on that day. She says that he is her husband and he was afraid infront of her. Sana says that what did he do? She says that she earn alot and remain out from house. She says that she remain doubtfull on her. Sana says that he is having second wife. She says that he love him and this can’t happen. Sana says to ask him about his work and tell him about that. Sana says that she want to know the truth.
Ramsha ask Waleed to be happy. Samra says that how he can be happy without Alishba. Ramsha ask her to leave. Samra says that she will ruined what she did. Samra says to Waleed that Alishba loves him alot and she can’t do this. Ramsha says that she is a liar. Samra ask Waleed to speak up. Ramsha says that he is not saying anything in her respect. Ramsha says that he is getting married with Sana and take him with her.
Waleed says that why everyone is taking him wrong. Sana says that this will happen. Waleed says that he will not be here after marriage. Ramsha ask Waleed to not to be worried because of Samra.
Rehmat’s wife says that she want to ask something from him. She says that she met her again. Rehmat ask to come out. She ask to tell her the truth that where he work. Rehmat ask that where she met. She says that she went to meet her. She ask about his work. Rehmat says that he want to make her and his son safe, Rehmat says that he can do anything for money and he do work. Rehmat says that he will bring anything for his son. She says that he didn’t even took permission from her for second marriage.
Ramsha says that all preperations are done. Ramsha ask Sana that is she happy? Sana says that she is happy.
Remat’s wife called her and tell her everything. Sana says that she wants to meet her. Ramsha ask that who was on the call? Sana says that it was her friend. Ramsha ask her to call her friend home. Sana says that she is going to meet her and than she will bring her home.
Ramsha says to Waleed that she is trying to confirm that everything is alright. She ask him to not to punish himself. She says that it’s his nikah today with Sana.

PRECAP: Sana says that she don’t want to marry. Ramsha says that what is she saying. Sana says that she is like a devil. Sana ask Waleed to bring Alishba back. Ramsha stops Waleed and says that if he will leave than he will see his mother dead.

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