Gustakh Ishq – Episode 4 28th July 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 4 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Najaf was shocked to see Sikandar in her aunt’s house and the tea was fallen on his suit. Everyone panics. Sikandar ask about Najaf and Zubair tell him that she is our cousin and tell his story when he had a fight with her. Mumtaz ask Najaf to apologize Sikandar.
Najaf says that why she paniced infront of him and why he came her and thinks that he came here to take revenge from her. She recalled when she had a fight with him and he asked her to not to talk about his family.
Sikandar was shocked to see Najaf there and Reema apologizes Sikandar and tell about Najaf that she misbehaves as she is from small town. Sikandar says that she must be afraid from him. Reema says that she is too much proud because of her. Sikandar ask about Rashid.
Zubair says to Najaf that what happened to her there? Najaf says that she was thinking that they made a big thing of her little mistake and what he think of himself. Zubair tell her about Sikandar and Najaf became angry on him. Zubair says that he is her cousin. Najaf says that he is so rude and she is not strong enough to fight with him and he will remain her enemy. Zubair make her understood and ask her to remain silent and forget everything. Najaf ask that what he is doing? Zubair says that he is making coffee for him. Najaf ask him to leave that as she will make coffee for him.
Sikandar says to Rashid that he has no time for him due to lot of work. Rashid says that he did very well and handled business of his father and he is very lucky. Sikandar says that tomorrow is his mother’s centenial. Mumtaz says that she was a nice lady. Zubair gave Sikandar coffee and Sikandar took one sip of that and leaves.
Reema complaints that this coffee is so bad and ask that why she is doing this? Najaf ask her to talk later as she is angry. Najaf says that she made a mistake there. Reema says that she became afraid instead of apologizing. Mumtaz says that he is not a simple person and he is her cousin. Najaf says that she don’t know him and says to not to ask her to respect him and apologizes to think that it was her first and last mistake.
Najaf recalls when she got gold medal and used to say her friends that this study is her pride and she will be successful.
Mumtaz ask Rashid that they has to go to Iqbal’s home and to ask Najaf to not to create a problem there.
Najaf gave food to Rashid and he ask her to not to worry as he knew that he is sick and he can’t do anything for her. Najaf ask him to not to say like this ask they are her family. Mumtaz says that she remain seperate as she don’t think that they are not her family. Rashid ask her to went to Sikandar’s mother prayers with them. Najaf refuses but Rashid forced her and says that if she will not go than he will also not go there.
Sikandar went to the graveyard at his mother’s grave and recieved call from his home to come early and Sikandar says that he will not meet anyone today. Sikandar says that he don’t care about people what they say about her as he knew that she is innocent.
Reema prays for her marriage with Sikandar and Najaf says that that’s why Sikandar is so much proud because of his money. Samina says to Iqbal that Sikandar arranged his mother prayers like before again and she came for the prayers. She says that she knew what was the reason behind his mother’s death as she committed sucide to hide something which was wrong. He says that she didn’t told anyone about that not even Sikandar. She says that she don’t want to ruin this house that’s why that secret is hidden in her.
Qadoos went to meet Iqbal and says that he is sick but he is here because of her sister. He introduce him to Najaf as she is daughter of Qadoos and He says that she is Samina and they met after a long time that’s why she is not recognizing him. Samina says that she don’t know him. Sikandar returns back home and Rashid says to him that his mother is at nice place. Mumtaz tell Najaf about Iqbal’s grand daughter and She shouts to take her out. Sikandar ask Dua to give her glass. Dua panics and Najaf took glass from her nicely. Sikandar ask Salma to take Dua away.
Zubair ask Najaf to leave her anger. Najaf says that’s why she asked to not to take her there and next time she will kill him. Najaf became angry that his behaviour was not right with him as he seperated Dua from her.
Rashid says to Qadoos that Najaf is so nice.
Reema come and Zubair ask that why is she here? Reema says that Qadoos is on the call and ask her to talk to her father.
Mumtaz ask Qadoos about his job. Qadoos says that he sent a check to her and he will send another check to her after a week. Najaf ask that why he don’t call her. Qadoos says that he don’t get time and says that he sent her a mobile phone so that he will be able to communicate. Qadoos says that he used to do everything by herself and ask that she is in contact with Khalda. Najaf says that her number is not reachable. Najaf says that she is missing Guria and Mano. Najaf says that she wants to complete her studies. Mumtaz ask him to not to worry that much and says that she will study in Reema’s college as this is her house as well.
Salma ask Sikandar to sleep as it is too much late. Salma ask him to take Dua out for sometime. Iqbal says that after taking her out the story will be out that her mother ran with someone and gave her before her death. Iqbal says that people were asking questions. Iqbal says that his sister ruined their respect and he can’t hide Dua and ask him to send her out somewhere. Sikandar says that he will not do anything like that. Iqbal says that he want to continue what his mother and sister did. Iqbal says that his mother did sucide and his sister did court marriage. Sikandar says that if people tonts him than they did right as he didn’t understood his wife and she ruined his wife by taking her into anti depression. Sikandar says that he did bad with her that’s why she comitted sucide. Iqbal says that he has taken his decision that Dua will nto live here. Sikandar says that Dua will not leave this house otherwise he will leave this house and him forever.

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