Ghairat – Episode 2 31st July 2017 Written Update

Ghairat – Episode 2 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Shagufta tell Hajra about Saba that she was with Zohaib on bike. Hajra was shocked to hear that. Shagufta ask her to hear that from Saba.
Fauzia says that she is not having any problem with her. Iqra says that if she will not do this than they will arrange her marriage somewhere else. Fauzia says that she can’t do anything. Iqra says that she will committ sucide than. Iqra ask her to ask Junaid to take her away from here as she is ready.
Saba says that what she will do now as Shagufta will tell to Usman about her and Zohaib.
Fauzia says that what is she talking about. Iqra says that she is taking this decision for herself and ask her to do this as she wants to be out of here. Fauzia ask her to think. Iqra says that she is hundred percent sure about her decision.
Hajra says to Shagufta that her daughter is not like that. Shagufta ask her to beware and not to blame her as she did that. Hajra says that she sent her to bring Fauzia and ask her to not to tell Usman about this. Shagufta ask her to make her sister understood to stop her son and not to think about Saba. Hajra says that she will make her understood and ask her to not to tell Usman about this.
Hajra says to Saba that what Shagufta is saying? Saba says that this is so small as she did nothing wrong. Hajra says that why she sat with him on bike. Saba says that he is her cousin and this is better to sit with him instead of anyone else. Hajra says that she is talking to marry Zohaib as Usman will kill her. Saba says that it’s not a big deal. Hajra ask her to not to do that again. Saba says that she will not talk to anyone and ask her to talk to her aunt about her marriage with Zohaib.
Zohaib recalls the moments spent with Saba. His mother came and ask that where he went with Saba? She says that Shagufta was angry. Zohaib tell her about the whole story. She says that she knew that this is too big thing for them as she asked him to not to meet her. Zohaib ask her to talk about her marriage. She says that they are too much complications in this and she will go tomorrow to know that what they said to Saba. Zohaib ask to come as well. She stops him and ask him to promise that he will not do this again.
Shagufta says to Usman that he is late today. He says that he is having headcahe today and ask her to make tea for him. She says that she wants to talk something important. He says that he is having headache and refused to hear what she wants to say. She leaves to bring tea for him.
Iqra ask Saba that why is she not slept yet? Saba says that she will sleep in sometime. Iqra says that she is feeling suffocated. Saba ask her to open the window. Iqra ask her to open her mind and ask her to live before she will die otherwise they will kill her. Saba was worried that what she is talking about. Iqra ask her to live her life properly. Saba says that she is her sister and she is not afraid of her. Iqra says that they will not allow her to marry Zohaib. She ask her to fulfill her wishes as this is her right. Saba ask that why is she talking like this? Saba leaves from there.
Zohaib was worried about Saba and his sister ask him to calm down. His sister says that his mother is going to talk to them. Zohaib says that nothing will happen and now he will not leave Babar. His sister ask him to believe in Allah. Zohaib says that once he will marry to Saba than everything will happen what she will say. His sister ask him to leave some love for her as well.
Zohaib went to meet Saba with his friend. Zohaib threw the stone on the window and Iqra panics as she was running out of the house.
Iqra ran with Junaid from the house.
Zohaib came to meet Saba at her home in the midnight. Saba was shocked to see him and ask him to leave. Zohaib ask her to come at the roof as he want to talk something important. Zohaib says that everything is safe as he locked the room. Saba says that she was already in the complication because of him and ask him to leave as nothing happened and no one said anything to her. Zohaib says that he was worried about her that’s why he is here. Saba says that he love her alot. Zohaib says that he don’t know himself that how much he love her. He says that his mother is coming to talk. Zohaib gave her his phone and ask her to call him whenever she want to. Zohaib holds Saba’s hand and push her closer. They had an eye lock. Saba leaves from there. Saba saw the messy cupboard. She call her mother.
Junaid took Iqra with him and his mother ask that what’s happening over here.
Usman ask that who is involved in this. Shagufta tell Usman about everything and says that Sab went to bring Fauzia. Saba says that there is no mistake of her mother. Usman says that he will find her out. He ask his address from Saba.
Junaid did nikah with Iqra.
Junaid went to Junaid’s home and he ask his mother to take Iqra in. His friend ask Junaid to go in as well as they will meet him.
Saba called Zohaib and she tell Zohaib about Iqra. She says that she is too much afraid as Shagufta told everything to Usman. Zohaib ask to come. Saba refuses and says that he will knew about them as well.
Usman shouts and says that he will take his sister. Junaid’s friend S.H.O says that they can solve the matter normally. He says that he will be ruined if he will panic. Shagufta ask him to not to interfere. S.H.O says that now she is Junaid’s wife and now they can’t do anything. Shagufta says that what they will say to people. Usman ask him to send his sister with him for their respect. He took Iqra with him and ask Iqra to come. Usman slapped Iqra ask everyone to go to their rooms. He ask Saba to see. Iqra says that she is someone’s wife. Usman took her to kitchen and burns her.

Precap: Iqra’s funeral took place and Police arrest Usman and his brother. Shagufta locks Saba in the room and Zohaib says that he will take away Saba with him.

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