Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 13 1st August 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 13 1st August 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Nazi’s father ask Shahzaib to tell him that he used to go at dancers place? Shahzaib accepts that he used to go there. Her father ask his wife to leave. Shahzaib’s mother ask him to listen to Shahzaib at least. Her father says that he is not applicable to marry his daughter.
Rani ask Shamo that why he came as she called Salma. Shamo says that she is afraid of him as she recalls her past by seeing him. Rani says that she forgot everything and ask him to not to spoil her mood as today is her first dance, Shamo says that he will do an awesome makeover of her. Rani cries and Shamo ask her to not to do that and ran with him. Rani says that she will not allow anyone to broke her dreams. Shamo says that this will ruin her life.
Chaman begum ask Ustaad to pray for Rani as today is her first dance. Ustaad says that she is so much talented and she will be successful.
Shahzaib cries and his mother ask him to eat something. He refuses and says that he is not hungry. She says that she didn’t eaten anything as well as he is sad. He says that she didn’t felt bad to hear what he did. She says that she didn’t felt bad and says that she will not ask anything as she had a belief on him that he can’t do anything wrong. He says that than why Nazi don’t believe him. She says that she is his mother and there is a big difference in their relations. She ask him to forget everything and says that she didn’t realized about his love and now she also believes that Allah is taking his exam.
Chaman begum compliments Rani that she is looking beautiful. Chaman begum ask her to dance so well that people forgot Nigaar.
Rani starts her dance.
Basit’s mother was worried about him as he was late. Basit come and she ask that why he is late? He says that he was with his friends. He refused to eat anything. He ask about his father. She says that she had gone to work. Basit recieved a text message from Nazi that she asked him to meet in the morning. His mother ask that why he is upset? Basit says that his friend is sick and he has to go to see him. His mother ask him to sleep now.
A girl took Rani to the room and she ask her to massage her legs as she is tired.
A man who was in her dance came to her room and locks the room and she ask that why he came here. He says that he is her guest. He holds her hand and Rani shouts and call Chaman begum. He says that he paid for her.
Basit went to meet Nazi and ask that why he called him here. Nazi says thats she did what he wanted but Shahzaib was a characterless man. Nazi cries and Basit says that he was a nice man. Nazi says that Shahzaib accepted that and her parents are worried as her marriage is cancelled. Basit’s father listens everything and Basit says that he can’t believe this. Nazi says that she came here to meet him. Basit ask that what she wants from him. Nazi ask him to save their respect and says that she can’t see her parents like this. Basit ask her to not to do this. Nazi sat in his legs. Basit’s father says to Nazi that this can’t happen and ask her to go her home as nothing will happen to their respect as she is their respect as well. His father ask him to not to say anything as he will take his proposal to his parents. Basit says that he refused by himself. His father says that now he will took his proposal by himself.
Rani cries as what he did. Rani says that she ruined herself and she fulfilled her dream. She says that she didn’t knew that Nigaar is spending life like this. Rani says that why she did this and cries. She recalls when everyone asked from her to become Nigaar and she accepted. Rani says that why she became so greedy. Rani says that she wanted money. Rani says that she didn’t listened to anyone. Rani curse herself.
Chaman begum says to Rani that she was given too much respect. Chaman begum says that now she will dance on regular basis. Chaman begum gave her money of what she gained. Rani refused to take that. Rani recalls when she said that she will give 5000 in Dargah if she will take Nigaar’s place.
Molana ask Shahzaib that what happened to him? Shahzaib says that he is in pain. Molana says that he is strong enough and Allah gave him that pain which he can bear. Shahzaib says that he did a mistake and people don’t forgive them. Molana says that if he will put anyone in problem than he will forgive. Shahzaib says that he will forgive by trying. Molana says that human being say everything but didn’t do that. Shahzaib says that there is nothing in man’s hand. Molana says that it’s his destiny. Molana ask him to forget everything and stand infront of her and tell her the truth.
Basit’s father went to Nazi’s father and says that he is looking worried. Malik says that his destiny has taken his exam. Qadir says that he is with him and he can’t see him like this. Malik says that Nazi’s wedding ceremony’s invitations has been sent and now how he will tell that her marriage is cancelled. Qadir says that he is also having a daughter and he can understood his pain. Qadir ask Nazi’s proposal for his son.

PRECAP: Nazi’s mother panics about what Qadir and says that they are not capable to take their daughter with them.

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