Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 13 26th July 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 13 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Khalil was in hospital due to accident. Rehan and Zubia went there and tried to woke him up. Rehan ask Doctor about Khalil and Doctor says that he is badly injured and he will be fine soon but spinal cord can’t be cured and ask him to not to lose hope. Zubia says that Khalil will be alright. Zubia says that she need her father back like before. Zubia took care of her father at home.
After 5 years, Usman plays with Danial’s son, Saim. His wife says that because of Saim he smiled otherwise she has not seen him smiling as she lost Danial as well as him few years back.
Zubia become a doctor and check patients.
Sheema says to Najma that she has to go to mall with her as she can’t go to the simple market. Sheema says to her maid that she has to make something special in the evening.
Zubia ask that no one asked him to eat food. Khalil says that he is not hungry and he tried to drink water but the glass fell down. Zubia checks his bell and that wasn’t working. Zubia ask her maid that who is at home and ask her to take care of her father as well. Her maid says that Sheema asked her to take out the cell from the bell for her remote. Zubia complaints Sheema. Sheema says that there are too much expenses. Zubia says that this all money is of her father. Sheema became angry and says that she is tired to think that this is the money of her father. Sheema ask her to get a job and take care of her father by herself. Zubia gave food to Khalil.
Zubia gave medicine to Arham and he cries due to pain. Zubia ask Sheema to give medicine to him when he felt pain.
Geeti took Saim to the school. Danial’s mother ask Asfandyar that when he is coming back. Asfandyar says that he came 6 months before. His mother says that he just came for his work and he has no time for her. He ask her to not to think that much as they used to talk on call daily.
Geeti returns back home with Saim.
Zubia says to her father that he is forcing her to go to the wedding as she don’t want to go there. He ask her to go as this is important. Khalil ask Rehan to take her with him and take care of her as well. Khalil prays to Allah to not to punish his daughter as he want to see his daughter to be married.
Zubia recalls what people said to her and tonted her in the wedding.
Khalil ask Zubia that what happened to her as someone said something to her in the wedding? Zubia says that if some mistake happens than Allah forgives them? Khalil says that yes. Zubia cries and says that a human being don’t forgives and ask that why people are so cruel. Khalil says that she is so strong and she is talking like this. Zubia says that she is tired now by making people believe.
Geeti tell Saim that his father was like a super hero and he was brave and he will also be brave like him.
Geeti’s mother says that geeti is not ready for second marriage. Her mother in law says that she want her to get married again. Geeti’s mother says that she is not ready as they forced her alot. Geeti’s mother says that Asfandyar and Geeti can be married. Her mother in law says that this is a good idea.
Geeti’s mother called Geeti and she ask her that how she can be alone for more days? She make Geeti understand that she and her mother in law wants her and Asfandyar to get married. Geeti says that she don’t want to get married to anyone. Geeti ask her to respect the relation and she is happy in this life. Her mother says that Asfandyar can love him more. Geeti ask her to not to call her again and refused to get married.
A boy force Zubia to come with him as he will drop her. Zubia refuses.
Geeti’s mother in law tell that Asfandyar is coming. She says that she wants to buy curtens. They all were happy.
Khalil called Mehjabeen and says to ask him that how is he living his life? He says that he made his wife’s life painful and now he is punished. Khalil says that he is praying for death. Mehjabeen parys for him. He says that he is ashmed from her as he misbehaved with her. Khalil ask her to accept his daughter Zubia and he is asking for Mohsin’s proposal. Mehjabeen says that he is so late as Mohsin is now engaged.

PRECAP: Sheema ask Rehan to not to take Zubia to Arham’s birthday as everyone will talk about Zubia than and their respect will be ruined. Zubia ask Sheema that what happened? Sheema says that she is saying to Rehan to not to take loan from outside as there is jewellery of her and Zubia and they can sell that out.

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