Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 12 19th July 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 12 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

geeti woke up and drank water, she recalls when Danial used to say that he needs 5 children and cries. She calls her mother in law that she is having labour pain. Doctor tell that she delivered a baby boy. Danial’s mother cries. Geeti cries and her mother in law hugs her.
Usman woke up and calls his wife and she tell him about the baby and ask him to come early for Azaan. Usman refuses but his wife forced him to come.
Khalil tell Rehan that his friend refused from the proposal as someone informed about the incident to them. Rehan ask Sheema that how they got to know about that? Sheema says that she is feeling sad for Khalil. Rehan prays for Zubia’s death.
Geeti’s mother says that Rizwan didn’t even called them for wishing. Her father says that why she is not coming back? Her mother says that she is not ready to come back. Her father says that he will ask her to come back. Her mother says that she can marry again. Her father says that they will bring her back. Her mother says that she will never come like this.
Asfandyar recalls when his brother asked him to believe on him.
Danial’s friend says that how he will find Danial’s murderer. Asfandyar says that he will prove that his brother was a respectable person.
Zubia ask Khalil to give her permission to study in medical college. Khalil says that he is not having any issue.
Khalil says to everyone that he wants to talk something important as he wants to distribute his property to his children. Rehan says that there is no need of this. Khalil says that he wants this as he wants to be free from all tensions. Khalil says that his shops and his flat will be of him and he is giving Zubia this house and her mother’s jewellery. He says that he has to take care of Zubia as he gave her permission to study in medical college. He ask Zubia to not to spoil their respect again.
Rehan ask Sheema that what happened to her? Sheema says that why he was silent infront of Khalil as they didn’t got anything. Rehan says that she got everything here as she was not having anything before and now she is not thankful. Sheema says that she thought that she was a daughter of this house but she is not and cries.
Zubia says to Khalil that she is leaving now for college. He gave her money and ask her to keep that. Zubia says that she don’t need that much money. He force her to keep this money. Zubia says that now she will not spoil his trust. Khalil says that’s why he gave her permission to study and ask her to be successful.
Geeti’s mother in law was worried about Asfandyar and says that she don’t know where is he? Geeti ask her to not to worry as he will be at his friend home. Geeti call Illyas and ask about Asfandyar. Geeti says that he went to Multan. Her mother in law says that now she can’t bear any problems regarding them.
Asfandyar went to Multan and try to find out prove against Danial’s murderers.
Zubia recalls when her brother used to ask Khalil to not to send her for study.
Danial’s mother tell Usman that they are fixing marriage of Faryal somewhere else. Usman says that they are doing right and now he is not feeling any pain. Asfandyar says that he will prove his murder. Usman ask him to handle him first and ask him to study first. Usman says that they will shift from here. They all says that they will not leave this house. Usman says that he has taken his decision as they will not live here.
Zubia attends the lecture in her college. Zubia was sitting alone on the stairs of her college.
While having lunch, Asfandyar says that he is leaving for America a day after tomorrow. His mother was upset on his decision. Asfandyar ask that when they are shifting from here. Usman says that they will leave on the end of this month. Asfandyar says that he is having flight at 6 am.
Faryal get ready for her marriage.
Asfandyar recalls when Faryal said that she don’t want to marry him. Asfandyar do his packing and his mother ask that is he leaving? He says that he is just leaving for some days and he will be back after specialization. His mother cries and says that Faryal’s marriage is today. Asfandyar ask her to not ruin their present and future for their past. His mother says that now nothing will be ok as everyone is leaving. Asfandyar ask her to be back after sometime and everyone needs this change.
Asfandyar recalls when he ask Faryal to not to ruin their marriage at the end.
Usman’s family returned back to their old home.
Zubia recieved call from someone and she got to know that Khalil is in hospital due to accident and call Rehan to come faster.

PRECAP: Doctor says that Khalil spinal cord is not perfectly alright and he will remain on bed. Sheema says to Zubia to take care of her father by herself as by doing this she will get apology of what she did.

Update Credit to: Sona

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