Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 18 20th July 2017 Written Update

Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 18 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Alishba says that he made her shocked as no one want to see Sana in this house instead of him and ask that why he stopped her? Waleed ask her to switch off the light as he wants to sleep. Alishba ask that he will not recieve call from a client from Canada. Waleed says that he don’t wnat her to leave like this as she was upset as she was always with him. Alishba says that she need an answer. Waleed says that he don’t want to give answer.
Sana recalls what Ramsha said to her that Waleed will start hating her for hiding such thing.
Yasir ask Waleed that why he stopped Sana? Waleed says that she is not having money even and where she will go? Yasir says that he only care for him and Alishba. Waleed says that she is telling a lie to everyone and he had seen her with Rehmat.
Alishba ask Sana that what she wants? Sana says that she thinks alot but she snatched what she wanted. Alishba says that she wants to snatch her love and now he is married. Sana says that she is also having the blame that she is already married. Alishba says that this is just a blame as this is not the truth. Sana says that she felt sad for her as she don’t know her real name. Alishba says that Waleed is doing all this for friendship as he is not having any place in his heart. Sana ask her to find her identity first and then they will ask Waleed that to whom he loves.
Yasir says that they are taking Rehmat seriously. Waleed says that he is tensed because of Alishba. Ashar says that he thinks that she is Alishba. Waleed says that he is happy with her and says that she should trust him and be ready for a DNA test. Ashar says that he will talk to her.
Alishba recieves call from Rehmat and Rehmat ask for 20 lacs rupees from her. Alishba says that from where she will brought that much money. Rehmat says that her in laws will give her as she wants to meet Hamda and she is hungry as well. Alishba says that she wants to talk to her. Rehmat ask her to bring money first as he will wait for her. Alishba cries. Samra ask her to not to worry as she will think about it.
Waleed recieves call from Rehmat and Rehmat says that he didn’t done good with him and Waleed says that he is talking rubbish. Rehmat says that this is true love. Waleed ask that how much he wants? Rehmat says that he wants to meet him. Waleed says that he is not having that much time to waste on him. Waleed became angry on him. Rehmat says that he don’t believe that Alishba meets him and gave him money as well and he can see by himself.
Ramsha says to Alishba that is she having problem with her? Alishba says that nothing is like that. Ramsha says that she know that she is Alishba. She says that she is not changed. Alishba ask her to talk to Waleed. Ramsha says that she is also confused but she had a believe on her. Ramsha says that she has to made them believe that she is not married to Rehmat.
Rehmat waits for Alishba .
Waleed ask Alishba that what is she thinking? Waleed apologizes. Alishba says that she can’t bear Sana in this house. Waleed says that she will leave someday but he is with her. Waleed ask that she wants to go somewhere. He ask that where is her jewellery? Waleed ask her to wear jewellery as they look good. Waleed ask that he will brought jewellery. Alishba thinks that she will give jewellery to Rehmat. Samra ask her to give her jewellery to him and she will finish this matter today. Alishba says that she can’t take this and he will be anrgy to see her. Samra make her undertsood that everyone will ask questions from her if she will give him her jewellery. Waleed saw her jewellery and ask her to wear those as she look good. Waleed says that he will be late at night and leaves.
Ramsha says to Sana that what she thought is all happening. Sana says that Waleed told her that Alishba hid somethings from him. Sana ask that why Alishba is confused as she is not Alishba? Ramsha says that they deserve that and ask her to start preperations of her marriage.
Alishba come to meet Rehmat and ask about Hamda. Rehmat ask her to ask about his health as well. Alishba gave him jewellery and ask where is Hamda. Rehmat says that she thought that he met her for money. Rehmat ask her to talk to her nicely. Waleed come and saw both of them. Alishba ask Waleed to catch him as he is running away. Waleed ask her to return back home with him.
Samra ask Ramsha that she talked to Waleed related to Alishba. Ramsha says that she talked to Alishba to give prove to Waleed. Samra ask that why she will do this? Ramsha says that because of her feeling this is not the prove that she is Alishba. Samra says that she will not be ready for DNA test. Samra ask her to talk to Waleed. Ramsha says that he do whatever he wants to do.
Waleed asl Alishba that why she went there? Alishba says that she went to meet Hamda and she didn’t betrayed him. Waleed says that she is telling a lie. Alishba says that she didn’t told him because she knew that he will stop her. Waleed ask that than why she went there.
Ramsha ask Samra to make Alishba understood and ask from Alishba. Samra says that she know that Alishba is her daughter and she will never hide anything from her. Ramsha says that she needs prove. Naheed tell that Alishba and Waleed are fighting.
Waleed ask that why she is helping him? Samra ask that what’s happening as she told her everything. Waleed says to Samra that she is not her daughter. Samra says that he is misunderstood. Waleed says that she is not Alishba and ask what she wants? Alishba says that this is her matter of life and she gave her money because of Hamda. Samra says that she gave her money from her savings. Hamda come and ask that why is she crying? Hamda says that she don’t know anything and she was in village and she don’t wanted to come here because of complications for her. Ramsha says that how many lies she will say. Alishba ask her to tell the truth. Hamda says that this is wrong. Ramsha says that she can’t believe that she is Alishba. Alishba tell abotu rehmat and his story. Hamda says that she is Alishba. Ramsha ask that why they believe on her. Hamda ask Waleed that he thinks the same. Ashar says that he thinks the same that she is not Alishba. Alishba says that why she is living here. Alishba says that they are not having any relation with her but this child is of them. Ramsha says how they can believe that this is their child. Samra shouts. Alishba says that she got to know everything and ask Hamda to take her away. Samra stops her.
Hamda says to Alishba to think once again. Alishba refuses and says that she will never return back here. Samra cries and Ashar says that she is thinking wrong. Samra says that she is our daughter. Ashar says that people do all this for money. Samra says that he didn’t identified his daughter. Ashar says that she took advantage of their love. Samra make him remember that what happened to her when she left before. Ashar ask her to not to do that. Samra says that now she will live dead and now she is not having any relation with Alishba. Samra cries and ask him to bring her back.
Hamda ask Alishba to eat something. Alishba refuses. Alishba says that what she will tell her child that who is his father. Hamda says that everything will be alright. Alishba says that she knew that he will not come and she has taken the decision that she will never be back.

PRECAP: Sana says to Ramsha that she don’t need his love like this. Ramsha ask Waleed to think about his life. Waleed tell everyone that he wants to marry Sana.

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