Gustakh Ishq – Episode 3 21st July 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 3 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Najaf’s father says to his wife that she must be happy that her wish is fulfilled. She says that she should be silent. He says that he knew that how much innocent she is? She says that she is asking to take care of Najaf that’s why she is asking that where he is taking her. He says that he will not tell her and she should be happy that she is not having the load of her on her head now.
Her father took Najaf with him. He took her to Zubair’s house and he tell Zubair’s father Rashid that he is happy to see him. Najaf says that he is too sick and she is not changed yet.
Qadoos says that he has to talk something important alone. Mumtaz ask him to talk openly. Qadoos tell them that he got the job in Saudia and Khalda says that she can’t live alone and he can’t send Najaf to her brother’s house and he want to leave Najaf here. Mumtaz says that they are not ready to take the responsibility. Rashid became angry on her and ask Zubair and Reema to leave from here. He says that he is here to take decisions. Zubair ask Mumtaz to forget everything. She says that she knew Khalda. Zubair make his sister and mother understood. Mumtaz says that Najaf is cursed as they knew. Najaf ask that where everyone is? Zubair says that everyone is irritated from the situation of their home. He tell his whole situation.
Qadoos gave Mumtaz money for Najaf’s expenses. He says that he will send money to her every month and ask her to let her stay here. She took money from him and ask him to not to tell anyone about this. She gave money to Reema to drink tea from canteen and not to ask for money next week.
Najaf cries and says that she is so much worried as she didn’t lived alone. Qadoos says that they will tok care of her. Najaf says that no one talks to her and she don’t know anyone here. Qadoos says that she is so brave and he also cries. Najaf says that she will not give anyone chance to complain. he ask her to live nicely with them. Najaf ask him to talk to her everyday. Mumtaz ask Najaf to send him happily and says that she is now her daughter. Qadoos leaves and Najaf cries.
Mumtaz ask Najaf to handle everything as Reema remain so busy in studies that she has no time for cleaning. Najaf says that she will do all this.
Reema ask Najaf that why is she here in her room and she touched her things. Najaf says that her mother asked her to live in her room and she will live here. Reema says that this is her room and she can’t live here. Zubair became angry on Reema. Reema also became angry and says that she will not allow her to live here as she can stay in store room. Najaf recalls what Musa said to her to keep believe on Allah.
Zubair apologizes from Najaf. She says that Reema was also right. Zubair says that now she has to live here.
Reema says to her mother that why she is not answering? Her mother ask her to clean the house. Reema says that why she send her to her room. Mumtaz says that she cleaned her room and she sent her in store room. Reema misbehaves with her mother and says that she will trap Zubair with her.
Mumtaz gave her husband medicine and ask that why is he still upset? Rashid ask her to be ashamed. Rashid says that he was shocked to hear her decision and ask that is she hiding something from him. She says that she ewas changed because of Najaf as she is so innocent.
Khalda says that why he hates her and why he is not agreed with her? Qadoos says that he will not follow her now. Qadoos says that this house is Najaf’s property. Khalda ask that why he is punishing her as what she did? Qadoos says that she made her daughter negative against Najaf. She ask about Najaf that where is she? Qadoos says that she is with her uncle.
Rashid says to Najaf that she was so beautiful in childhood. Najaf says that she is not lucky as she didn’t got her mother’s love. Rashid talked about her sister. Najaf ask that about whom is he talking? Rashid says that he forgot what he is saying and ask her to take rest.
Reema’s mother ask Reema to study and to learn something from Najaf. She ask Najaf that she is getting top positions from 3 years. Najaf tell her the story about her study and says that she will continue her studies but she can’t. Sikandar come and Zubair tell that Sikandar is here. Reema ask Najaf to bring everything carefully. Najaf was shocked to see Sikandar there.

PRECAP: Mumtaz apologizes Sikandar because of Najaf.

Update Credit to: Sona

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