Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 12 25th July 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 12 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Shamo recieves call from and he says that he remain so busy and people continously calls him. Shamo pick up the phone and Gudi was on the call and ask about Rani that where is she and tell that her mother is so much sick and ask her to return back home. Shamo recalls when he asked Rani to go back with him but she refused. Shamo that he will try to convey her message to Rani if he found her.
Basit’s friend congragulate Basit for his job and ask that where is he going? Basit says that he is leaving for his home right now. His friend ask about Nazi. Basit says that her marriage is fixed. His friend ask him to thank Allah as he is free now but he is looking upset instead of being happy. Basit says that this is not in his control.
Chaman begum says to rani that she and Ustaad will teach her how to dance. Rani ask the girl to call ask Shamo to come in her room. Shamo says that her dream is fulfilled now but he is not shocked as he is in pain to see her like this. He says that this place is like fire. Rani says that he is jealoused. Shamo says that he is not but he want her to be out of this place. Shamo tell her that Gudi called him and tell her about her mother. Rani says that she don’t want to meet her parents. Rani says that she is a princess now and she don’t want to keep relation with beggars. Shamo says that she is too much changed. Rani says that she is successful now. Shamo tries to make her understood to not to broke her blood relations. Rani tell about her father that he used to misbehave with her and ask Shamo to tell them that they are now dead for her.
Basit took Nazi to her home. Nazi’s mother was worried about Nazi that she didn’t reached yet. Nazi come and her father ask about her studies. Nazi says that her exams were so good. Samina come and says that she is happy that now her marriage preperations will start. Her mother ask Samina to arrange Dholki in the evening. Nazi refuses to do that as she want to take rest.
Gudi’s mother says that she was waiting for her and ask that she talked to Shamo. Gudi says that he said that he found Rani everywhere but he didn’t found her. Gudi ask her to forget her. Her mother says that she can’t forget Rani ever. Gudi says that she don’t care about them. Her mother says that she is her mother and ask to give Shamo’s number to her. Gudi refuses and says that she will call him by herself.
Basit’s father says that he is happy to see him back and they want to help them in arranging everything of marriage. Samina says that today Nazi refuses for Dholki as she was tired.
Nazi’s father Nazi to tell her wishes as he want to fulfill her every wish. Nazi says that she don’t need anything. Her father says that he is sad but he is happy on the other side as she is ready to go to her home. Nazi ask her father to refuse from this marriage. Her mother says that what is she talking about. Her father ask that why is she doing this? Nazi says that he wants to arrange her marriage with Shahzaib who is having affair with the dancers. Nazi’s mother says that he is not like this.
Basit’s mother ask her husband to find a girl for Basit. He tell about his friend’s daughter as she is educated. Samina says that they will bring a beautiful girl for Basit who is more beautiful from Nazi. Basit leaves from there. Samina’s mother became angry on Samina.
Nazi’s father says that he can’t believe this. Nazi says that he told her by himself. He says that he will talk to Shahzaib by himself. Nazi says that she can die but she can’t marry him. He says that if he found this true than he will not fix her marriage with Shahzaib. Her mother became worried.
Nazi’s father says to Shahzaib that he misunderstood him. Shahzaib says that he must be misunderstood about him and ask what is he saying? Her father ask that he went to dancers place. Shahzaib accepts.

PRECAP: Shahzaib’s mother says to Shahzaib that Nazi can’t imagine about his love and she can understand that Allah is taking his exam. Rani says that she will the best dancer of this place and people will always remember her.

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