Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 11 18th July 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 11 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Chaman begum cries and panics that Nigaar is dead. All girls panics and says that she must committed sucide. Chaman begum says that she was alright. All girls ask to bring police. Chaman says that they will hide this news as they will say that she went to America. She ask all girls to keep silent.
Nazi’s motrher tell her husband that Shahzaib’s mother is asking for dates of marriage. Her husband says that this is not possible as they didn’t even done with preperations and Nazi is also not done with her exams. She ask to call Nazi. She called Nazi and ask about ending of her exams and tell that her in laws are asking for her marriage dates. Nazi refused to do that. Her mother became angry and says that she don’t want to marry now.
Shahzaib says to Molana that he is upset by telling the truth. He says that Allah like the truth than why the human being can’t bear this. Molana says that the way of truth is difficult and no one can handle to walk on this way. Shahzaib says that he is right. Molana says that a person needs courage to listen and to tell the truth and ask that why he is upset as he didn’t done anything wrong. He says that he did something wrong. He says that he is having a load on his heart. Molana says that truth is a basic thing that can make easy everything and ask him to keep patience.
Nazi says to Basit that she always call him and she is not having time for her. Basit says that he is here for study not for romance. Nazi says that she also came here for study but she don’t feel good without him. Basit says that this way is dangerous and ask her to think. Nazi says that she is having only this way other than death. Basit ask her to tell the truth to his parents. Nazi refuses to do that. Nazi says that his father will arrange marriage with him when time will come.
Chaman begum says to Rani that she thinks that she killed Nigaar. Rani ask that how she died? Chaman begum says that her juice was full of poison. Chaman begum blames Rani. Rani says that she is having prove of that as no one seen her doing that. She ask her to remain silent otherwise she will be in a big problem as she gave that juice to Nigaar.
Basit was shocked to see his father in his university and his father says that his mother sent him here and he is here to know everything. He ask Basit to tell him the truth about Nazi. Basit says that he is miunderstood. His father ask that than why Nazi is refusing from marriage. Basit says that he didn’T Nazi from few days and he will not do anything like that. His father says that he know and he believes in his son.
The prayers of Nigaar held and Rani smiled.
Nazi ask Basit that why his mood is off? Basit ask her to leave him as his whole family is having doubt on him. He says that he love his father’s respect against his life and he can die for his respect. Basit says that he will commit sucide if she can blackmail him. Nazi says that what he will say she will be ready to do it.
Chaman begum ask Ustaad that he is full of talent and he made Nigaar prepared to dance and ask that who is capable to replace Nigaar. Ustaad says that Rani is perfect for this. He ask her to give Rani one chance and ask her to believe in him.
A girl tell to all girls that Chaman begum is taking everyone’s advice that who will take Nigaar’s place.
Shamo come to meet Rani and Shamo says that he is here to take her away from this place. Rani says that she will not leave this place as she will be successful. Shamo says that she is mad and she will bring her parents and will keep her with him. Rani says that she can’t ruin her dreams. Shamo says that she is doing a mistake. Rani says that he don’t know what she has beared and ask him to leave her alone. Shamo cries.
Chaman begum says to all girls that she has to chose one in replace of Nigaar. She says that now Rani will replace Nigaar. Feroza says that why she is making her a dancer as she is just a servant her. Ustaad says that she is so much talented and she will be successful.
Basit’s mother ask about Basit’s situation. He says that they are doing useless doubt on him as he made him believe that he will never break trust of him ever. His mother says that she is not liking Nazi’s behaviour. He says that he believes in Basit and no one will say anything. Samina says that she is scared.
Shahzaib’s mother says that she sent 15000 to Khuda baksh. She ask Shahzaib that why is he silent? Shahzaib says that Nazi will not marry him now. His mother ask him the truth. Shahzaib leaves. She called Nazi’s mother and says that she was waiting for her call. Her mother says that she can come any day and can fix the date of marriage. Shahzaib’s mother tell Shahzai that Nazi’s parents are calling them to fix the date of marriage and ask him to believe that Nazi love him.
Chaman begum says to Rani that now this is her room which was of Nigaar and now she is her servant as she used to do. Rani says that she will not live in this room. Chaman begum says that this room is relaxing and big. Rani says that she will live in this room and ask to renovate this room and ask her to distribute all dresses of Nigaar and she will buy her own dresses. Rani says that now a animal will eat her food first after that she will eat as she can’t believe anyone.
Nazi’s mother says to Basit’s mother that Nazi’s in laws are coming to fix her marriage dates. Samina ask that Nazi was refusing for her marriage before. Her mother says that she herself asked her to fix her marriage dates.
Rani was well dressed and Chaman begum says that she is looking beautiful.

PRECAP: Ustaad taught Rani how to dance. Shahzaib says to Molana that his marriage is now fixed.

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