1st Episode – Ghairat 24th July 2017 Written Update

1st Episode – Ghairat 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Zohaib plays cricket and his sister ask him to come early as they has to leave for Usman’s home.
Usman cut the tree of his home and her sister ask his wife to stop Usman by doing that. His wife says that her brother asked her to stay in her room than why is he here? His sister ask his wife to stop him as he will listen to her as this is not the solution to finish the ghosts. His wife ask her to stop him by herself as one of her sister is already in the seige of a spirit.
She ask her mother to stop Usman to not to do this. She ask Saba to go inside as her brother asked her to stay inside the house. Saba ask Iqra, her sister, to stop him. Iqra went inside. Saba stops Usman and a spiritual guider became angry that he asked her to not to come here as she ruined everything. Usman became angry on Saba and slapped her.
Her mother says that she ruined everything. She ask her to see her sister as her in laws will be angry to see her like this. Saba ask her to say to Usman that she called her otherwise he will not leave her. Her mother ask her to leave as she will handle everything.
Zohaib and his mother come and says that she is upset as someone said something to her. Saba says that no one cares about her. Zohaib’s mother says that she is sharp in anger and he will spend his whole life in persuading her. Zohaib says that he will persuade her right now and ask her to sit with Hajra.
Usman’s wife come and ask that she is her after a long time. She ask her to sit. Zohaib’s mother ask that what happened to Iqra. Shagufta says that she is not alright as she remain silent every time.
Zohaib come and Saba ask him to not to spoil her mood more. Zohaib says that he care about her mood. Saba says that he came after a long time. Zohaib ask her to buy a mobile. Saba says that Usman will kill her. Zohaib says that he will give her a mobile and she can easily talk to him than. Saba refuses. Zohaib says that he is also a brother and he is not like Usman. Saba says that he is different from him. Zohaib says that he love her. Saba says that her brother also loves her. Zohaib ask her to stand for her right. Saba ask Zohaib to ask his mother to talk to her mother for their marriage.
Hajra says to Zohaib’s mother that what they should do for Iqra. She ask her to take her to doctor. Hajra says that doctor is not having solution of this. Zohaib’s mother says that she must be in anti depression as her brothers are not that so good. Hajra says that she would be in seige of spirit. Zohaib’s mother says that this can be true that she like someone else. Hajra says that this is not right and she is ready to get married soon.
Usman ask his servant to open the shop early in the morning. Usman’s wife says that his aunt was here today and she was saying that Iqra is doing this drama to not to get married. Usman became angry and says that she can’t be married now as she is in the seige of spirit and ask her to not to say that again. His wife ask him to find the solution as she just gave advice to him.
Usman went to meet Iqra and ask that for how many days this will happen as their respect is ruining in the town. Iqra ask him to reject them. Usman ask her to not to say like that and ask her to be fine soon otherwise he will send her to mental asylum. Iqra ask him to fix her marriage dates than.
Zohaib ask that she talked to Hajra. She says that she is in anti depression. Zohaib says that he talked to his friend and he says that she need a checkup. She says that they are not ready to listen to them. Zohaib’s sister ask her mother that why Hajra is not like her. She says that she was married in psycho family. Zohaib says that Saba is also nice and Saba asked him to talk to her family for their marriage. Farah says that why she is so serious as they want to gave Saba in another house. She says that Shagufta tonted her on Zohaib’s job and ask about his job. Zohaib says that he will find job soon.
Iqra got mental due to seige of spirit and broke the mirror.
Shagufta says to her mother in law that Iqra’s in laws were asking for marriage dates. Hajra says that she refuesd to them. Shagufta says that she asked Usman to talk to them but he didn’t listened and they will come by themselves. Shagufta says that they will finish this relation and ask her to arrange marrige of Saba as well. Saba ask her to not to talk about her marriage. Shagufta says that she will not get married. Saba says that she will not marry to her brother. Hajra ask Saba to leave and see her sister. Shagfuta says that she is misbehaving because of her love.
Saba says to Iqra that this is all because of her and ask that why she don’t say anything? Saba became afraid of her and says that Zohaib said that she is just psycho. Saba ask that why she is depressed? Saba says that she wants to marry Junaid and ask her to say something to her mother. Saba says that she will tell her mother about Junaid and her. Iqra ask that she will do her a favour and ask to call Fauzia. Saba ask that why she is calling Fauzia but Iqra didn’t replied.
Saba tell her mother about Iqra and says that she is calling Fauzia to talk to her. Hajra refused as Usman will be angry. Sab force her mother to bring Fauzia. Saba leaves to bring Fauzia at her home.
Zohaib ask Saba to come with her as he will drop her. Zohaib took her in the restaurant and Saba says that why he brought her here. Zohaib orders orange juice and Zohaib says that he brought her here for their marriage. Saba says that she is afraid as Shagufta want her to marry her brother Babar. Zohaib says that his mother is waiting for his job than she will be able to talk to her mother.
Babar saw Saba with Zohaib on bike.
Babar called Shagufta and tell her that she is with Zohaib. Babar ask that she talked for his marriage with Saba. Shagufta says that she will talk soon.
Fauzia come and Shagufta ask that she knew everything. Fauzia says that she is here to meet Iqra. Shagufta says that she wants to talk to Saba. Saba says that she will listen to her later.
Iqra cries to see Fauzia and ask Fauzia to help her as she will die. Iqra ask Saba to leave as she wants to talk something important. Iqra ask about Junaid from Fauzia.
Shagufta tell Hajra that Babar has seen Saba with Zohaib on bike.

PRECAP: Zohiab went to meet Saba at night. Iqra leaves her home and Usman brought her back and slaps her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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