Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 11 12th July 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 11 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Danial’s friend took Asfandyar to the village where he took Danial before. he and Asfandyar ask different people about Majid for the information. A Man of village told them that Maijd died and his enemies left his dead body at home. Asfandyar says that who killed Majid they killed Danial as well and he will find a prove against this.
Noori packs her bag and her room mate says that this is better for her to return back home and her father will accept her and Jahangir Shah will be out of jail today. She ask her to eat breakfast. Noori says that she is not hungry. She says that she will bring breakfast here and then they will do breakfast together.
Media ask Jahangir’s father that what he will say now? He says that he believe that his son will be justified and he is all proves of his innocent. He says that he will recieve bail order from court.
Noori took Qadir’s gun and ran away. She load the gun.
Faryal recieves call from Asfandyar but she didn’t recieve his call. Asfandyar ask Faryal about her parents. He says that they didn’t came for Danial. Faryal says that they came on his funeral. He says that they are having blood relation and ask that what happened to them? She says that what he want to be sad all the time. Faryal says that he didn’t died with respect. Asfandyar ask her to shutup. Faryal ask him to not to shout and says that he committed sucide. Asfandyar says that all have become mad. Faryal ask him to let her concentrate on her studies.
Jahangir came out of jail and celebration starts. His father says that their enemies tried to ruin them but now they won. Noori was sitting there and He says that this was all planning to not to see him successful. He says that he want to make a girls college in this village and a hospital. He says that Jahangir will take care of them. Noori shot them all. Asfandyar was watching that on tv. Noori also died.
Ambulance came and took all the injured to the hospital.
Asfandyar says to his father that Danial’s murderers are now killed. His father says that after all this he can’t get his son back.
Asfandyar’s mother saw tv and all about all the incident.
Geeti says to her mother that she will not go anywhere as this is her home. Her mother says that Danial is not alive now and she can’t live here and her father don’t want her child to be delivered. Geeti ask that how she can say this? Her mother says that she is having her whole life. Geeti says that she want her child to be with her and she wants to hug her child. Geeti ask her to leave. Her mother says that she is saying all this for her. Geeti ask her to leave her alone and cries.
Sheema complaints about Khalil and ask that why Zubia is late? Zubia says that today was her practical. Zubia took food for her father. Her father ask that why she brought food for him and ask about her exams. Zubia says that if her result will be good than he will allow her to study further. Khalil says that this was her mother wish and if she wants to study than she can continue her studies.
Asfandyar ask Faryal that he wants to talk to her. Faryal says that he has gone and he is not that whom she loved. He says that he was a son of respectable family before but now he is upset. She ask that he is due to her in this condition and it’s her choice and she don’t want to be his family member now and gave his ring back to him.
Geeti recalls about her wedding night. Geeti recalls when she tried to make him understood to not to handle this case for his family.
Zubia tell his father about her result that she got A+ grade and she wants to take admission in medical college. Sheema tell Rehan that his father went to medical college with Zubia. Khalil says that he asked her van driver to pick her up from home. Rehan ask his father that where he took Zubia with him? His father ask him to apologize her as she is his sister. Rehan says that what is he doing? His father says that she want to be a doctor. Rehan says that he don’t believe her and ask him to fix her marriage. Rehan tell him about her proposal as she will not get any proposal from family.
Khalil come to meet Zubia and says that there is a proposal for her of his friend’s son. He says that he called them at home and she can take help from Sheema how to dress up.
Sheema complaints about her life. Khalil says to Abdullah that he is happy to see him successful. His friend says that they has to accept as they want urgent marriage. Khalil ask for sometime.
Rehan says that he will manage everything. Khalil says that how he will manage in 15 days and ask Sheema to take the responsibilty.

PRECAP: Khalil says that he want to distribute his property between his children. Rehan says to Sheema that she used to live in a two rooms flat and still she is not happy with this luxurious life. Asfandyar’s father says that he has taken his decision that they will not live here anymore.

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