Tou Dil Ka Kya Hua – Episode 3 16th July 2017 Written Update

Tou Dil Ka Kya Hua – Episode 3 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Siraaj ask Faris that has he called he? He says that she will not come. Faris says that she said that she will come but he didn’t believed. Dariya ask that who will cut the cake than and ask him to call her. Faris says that she don’t accept that she is on her way as she reached her destination and ask Siraaj to celebrate her birthday by themselves.
Maya celebrates her birthday with Saif.
Faris talks to Maya’s picture and says that she don’t know how to be loyal and she didn’t came as he called her to celebrate her birthday for sometime with him. Faris wishes her birthday. Faris throw the cake on Maya’s picture with anger. Dariya and Siraaj was shocked to see hos reaction.
Dariya ask her sevant that why he didn’t cleaned the picture of Maya. He says that Faris asked him to not to clean that.
Dariya ask that for how many days this will happen. Siraaj says that this is nice and he painted her picture differently as she is not loyal. Dariya says that he has to plan everything to give time to business. Dariya says that they are having meeting and what they will do as Faris is upset. Dariya ask him to woke him up as he is getting late from office. Siraaj says that he went to office. Dariya says that she can’t believe this. Siraaj says that he was also shocked when he asked for files for his meeting preperations.
Faris went to office and Tipu comes to meet him. Faris says that he knew that he is here to make him understood. Tipu says that he is here to tell him something as Saif is not serious with Maya as he took 1 crore for breaking their marriage. Faris says that he saw his house broken and this can’t be broken by money. Faris tell his employee that Maya has resigned from office. Faris called Maya and she apologize that she didn’t came yesterday. Faris tonts her. Faris says that he called her for discussion of divorce. Maya says that she will come. Faris says that he was angry yesterday and he threw the cake on her picture. Faris says that he is giving her check of her shares. Maya says that she don’t need that. Faris says that she has to take it.
Maya called Saif but he didn’t recieved her call.
Faris ask Tipu about tea but he refused and leaves.
Muznah ask Saif that she comes to meet him. Saif says that she love him. Muznah ask him to stop her by coming at his home. Saif says that if she will get to know that he is doing fraud with her than what he will do? Muznah says that she will tell what Faris will do as he will ruin her. Saif says that he is not her puppet and ask her to not to talk to her like that. Muznah proposes him and says that her mood is changed now. Saif says that he didn’t thinked about marriage yet. Muznah says that she will not marry Faris as she will marry him otherwise he will recieve call from her father. Muznah ask her mother that Saif is a nice guy and ask her to think nicely about him. Muznah’s mother ask Tipu that he heard everything. Tipu says that he got to know about everything while seeing her. Shanaz became angry with Tipu as she is his step mother.
Faris’s servant cleans Maya’s picture. Dariya says that he stopped him to not to clean the picture. Faris says that he was just checking. Dariya ask him to stop thinking about this all. Faris says that she played game with him and now he is checking that he is faster or she is. Faris ask Dariya to arrange a party for divorce. Dariya ask him to beware and Faris ask her to beware as Siraaj will ask her to marry him. Faris ask her to not to be ready to do marriage with him. Dariya says that she already refused him. Dariya says that she is having a reason but why he is refusing. Faris says that he slapped her for eating his chocolate and now he don’t want her to eat someone’s chocolate.
Saif recieves call from Maya but didn’t recieved. Muznah’s father called Saif in his office. He ask about property case. Saif says that he will win the case. He ask Saif to leave Maya now. Saif says that he think that he is angry. Her father says that he is not angry now and hold his neck and ask that when Muznah proposed him that what he said. Saif says that he thought that she was joking. Her father says that she ask anything and he can gave her anything. He says that for Maya he gave him 1 crore and they thought that she will marry Faris but now she wants to marry him. Saif says that they are just having understanding. Her father ask him to forget Maya. Muznah’s father says that he should be happy that Muznah wants to marry him as she don’t want to see his dead body and ask him to not to meet Maya. Saif says that he will not meet and will accept Muznah’s proposal. Muznah’s father says that he knew him very well. Saif says that he is such a sweet person. Her father says that he is not sweet father in law as he can ruin all cities for Muznah.
Maya was upset as Saif was not recieving her calls. Her sister come and ask about Saif and says that he will be busy. Her sister talks against Saif. Maya was angry with her. Her sister says that she didn’t talked against him as she is talking about love. Maya says that he must be in problem. Maya ask that she thinks that he is cheating on her. Her sister says that she has to be beware. Maya says that she don’t care. Her sister says that she will cry when she will start to care. Maya says that she didn’t even cried ever. Her sister tell her that Saif was with Muznah’s father and now Muznah will marry Saif now and he has to marry with her. Maya was shocked to hear that.
Muznah’s mother tell her that her father called Saif to talk to him. Muznah says that he is doing this by force. Shanaz says that he will not do like that. Muznah says that she want him to apologize her. Shanaz says that he will stand on one leg for her.
Maya’s sister says to her mother that she is looking worried for her silence. Her mother says that she is failed now. Maya’s sister says that she is ashamed when he saw Faris as he believed in Maya and recieved nothing in return.
Maya went to meet saif and ask that he went to meet Muznah or not?

PRECAP: Faris invites Maya at his home for divorce party.

Update Credit to: Sona

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