Gustakh Ishq – Episode 2 14th July 2017 Written Update

Gustakh Ishq – Episode 2 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Najaf was rustigated from her school. Samina come and She ask qadoos that who told her address as they are not having any relation with them. Qadoos says that where he used to work is closed now and now he is leaving for Saudia. Qadoos says that he came here to request to keep his daughter for sometime. Samina says that how she can keep his daughter here. Qadoos says that Maleeha is his daughter and she is also with her. Samina says that now she is her daughter officially and now he is blackmailing her. Qadoos says that no one knew that and Najaf thinks that her sister also died with her mother. Samina says that Maleeha is her daughter and she is not having any relation with Najaf. Qadoos says that Najaf will also be the same for her he thought. Qadoos says that he can saw Maleeha. Maleeha ask about Qadoos and Samina tell her that he is a worker in her father’s factory. Qadoos left with disappointment.
Najaf’s father wife ask that what happened to him? He says that he is not feeling well and ask her to let him take rest. Khalda ask that they refused to keep Najaf with them and Najaf is not her responsibilty. Khalda became angry.
Khalda ask Najaf that she is too much late from school and ask why she is late? Najaf tell her that there is nothing left.
Najaf saw her medals and cries. She throw them all on the floor and show her anger. She says that everything is finished and now she can’t bear these problems. She says that why her destiny is not with her and ask for some way.
Najaf put her medals on their right place. Her father come and ask that she didn’t came to meet him. Najaf says that she is not feeling well. Najaf says that she is angry with herself as she did some mistake. Qadoos says that she did all mistakes and he didn’t took care of her after her mother’s death and he got married with Khalda. Najaf says that she is her mother and due to her she is having two sisters. Qadoos says that he created problems for her and now what she will say everything will be like that. He ask her to live in hostel. Najaf cries and hug him. Najaf says that she don’t want to live her and don’t want to study here and ask that they are not having any other relatives? He says that they are not like that who can take care of them.
Zubair come and says that he is the son of Rashid. He introduces him to Najaf and says that he is her uncle’s son. Najaf says that when they used to play cricket in childhood and she was loosing than he lose the game and gave her chance to win and when he was catched while doing this than they finished their relation. Najaf says that he is a guest that’s why he came so late and after her mother’s death all family members died. Zubair says that she is not changed yet. Qadoos ask her to give him food as he must be tired.
Najaf make tea for Zubair and Zubair ask to Qadoos about a tree of guava. Zubair says to Najaf that she is still angry with them and she didn’t asked them about their mistake. Najaf says that she is bringing things to sleep for him. Zubair says that she is like her mother. Qadoos says that she is having nothing in her heart, Zubair says that she hided many thing from her that’s why she is saying this. Zubair says that he came due to some problems as his father is ill and he came to return something. He gave him 50000 and says that his father would be happy. Qadoos refused to take that money.
Khalda got afraid to see Zubair in her home and she thought that he is a theif. She starts beating him up and ask that who is he? Najaf says that he is Zubair. Zubair says that she is not changed yet. Khalda says that she forgot him. Zubair says that Najaf also changed. Najaf apologized him. Khalda ask that why is he here? Qadoos ask her to not to ask so much questions and ask Zubair to freshen up.
Khalda’s daughters ask that why she is angry? Qadoos ask her to eat food silently. Zubair says that he has to return to Karachi now. Qadoos ask about Reema. Zubair says that her studies is not completed yet and he asked her to do work at home. Guria says that Najaf won gold medals. Qadoos ask that she will not go to college and ask her to do breakfast. Najaf says that she will leave as she is late.
Najaf was upset that she is telling a lie to everyone and how she will tell her father that she is rustigated from college.
Zubair was leaving for Karachi and he ask Qadoos to come to Karachi as well. Khalda ask Zubair to ask his mother as she forgot everything. Zubair apologizes and ask Najaf to come to Karachi. Najaf says that she is glad that he came here. Khalda says that she can’t forget what Zubair’s mother insulted her. Qadoos says that they are nice people. She ask him to keep Najaf with them.
Najaf complaints to Musa that she is in big problems and she is not getting anything. She says that she got insulted. Najaf says that she can’t tell the truth to her father. Musa says that she is getting prepared for her future. Musa ask her to think positive. Najaf says that she believes Allah.
Sikandar went to the shrine and his employee ask him to sit in the car as there is so hot. Najaf met him and says that she is in a big problem because of him and now he will not be apologized. He says that he should get treatment. Najaf says that he needs treatment for his pride. Sikandar ask that how dare she talked about his family and what she want? Najaf says that he had a lot to give but no one is there to take and says that he will get to know soon. Sikandar ask her to leave as he is not interested in talking to her.
Najaf prays and her sisters come and ask that they are going to their uncle’s home and she will not allow them to live here. Najaf says that she can’t think like this as this is house of them as well. Her sister ask that how they will live without her? Najaf says that they will forget her or stop loving her. Her sister ask that who will take care of them after her? Najaf says that her mother will take care of them and will love them. Najaf says that she don’t know where she will live now. Qafoos ask Najaf to do packing and says that he will tell her that where he is taking her. He pray for Najaf.

PRECAP: Qadoos left Najaf to his relatives home.

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