Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 10 11th July 2017 Written Update

Alif Allah Aur Insan- Episode 10 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

All girls got to know that Nigaar beaten Rani and she died. They says that what she want and they should strike on her. One girl says that they are not having any other home to live other that this.
Rani’s mother cries while remembering Rani and her son says that he also prays for her to be back soon. Her daughter ask that why is she crying? She says that she is crying while remembering Rani. Her daughter says that she will find her. Her mother felt happy.
Rani while in a dark room cries and says that what she did. She ask for water.
Shahzaib’s mother says that she is so much happy today as she ordered expensive jewellery for Nazi and she will take care of Nazi forever. She ask Shahzaib to change his room curtains. Shahzaib receieves call from Nazi and he was shocked to see that Nazi called him. She says that she wants to meet him? Shahzaib says that he will come to meet her.
Nigaar cries that her all dreamz are broken. Chaman begum come and tell that Shamo is here. Nigaar ask that Rani called him? Chaman begum says that she is locked in dark room and is unconsious. Nigaar ask Chaman to let him sit as she is coming.
Shahzaib’s mother come and says that he is looking like a prince. She ask that where is he going? Shahzaib says that Nazi called her and he is going to meet her. Shahzaib’s mother says that she is having love for him in her heart. Shahzaib says that he was misunderstood. She ask him to give her love from her side. She ask him to take something for her.
Shamo ask Nigaar to be well dressed and why is she upset? Nigaar says that she is upset because of Rani as he used to meet her hiddenly. Shamo says that she is not capable to be lived here. Nigaar told him everything about her broken dreams. He ask about Rani? Nigaar says that she has beaten her and she is unconsious still. Shamo ask her to kick Rani out of her house. Nigaar says that he is here to say this to her. Shamo says that he is here to give her invitation of Salma saloon. Nigaar ask that why he was asking her to come with him? Shamo says that they need a maid in their beauty parlor and he wants her to be away from her as she is so much doubtful. Shamo says that why she is making this so much difficult and ask her to kick her out and ask her to live normally. Nigaar ask Chaman begum to bring Rani infront of her. Shamo ask her to treat nicely so that no one will be able to hate her.
Rani comes and Nigaar says that she can do anything with her but she didn’t as she took care of her alot and she didn’t forgot this but what she did is not capable to apologize her. Rani ask for apology and says that she will never come again infront of any men. Nigaar says that she broke her dream. Rani says that she didn’t had that intention. Nigaar says that she can kill her. Rani cries and become afraid. Nigaar ask her to leave this place till evening.
Nazi saw Shahzaib and Shahzaib says that he can spend whole life waiting for her. Nazi says that they must go to a restaurant for some chit chat.
Basit’s friend says that he is working on his painting now. He ask about his father as he is so relaxed. Basit says that he accepted Nazi’s proposal. Basit’s friend says that she is engaged and this must be dangerous for his family as well. Basit says that she blackmailed him that she will die that’s why he surrendered infront of her.
Shahzaib gave Nazi a rosa for her beauty and says that he is so happy to see her infront of him. Nazi says that he talks good. Shahzaib says that this is all because of her love. Shahzaib says that she called her due to some reason. Nazi says that she wants to apologize. Shahzaib says that he likes her mistakes. Nazi says that she didn’t saw any imperfection in him. Shahzaib says that he did a mistake as he went to ware house with his friends as his friends forced him. He says that a dancer fallen for him but he didn’t had any interest on in her. Nazi felt angry and Shahzaib says that he tried to tell her the truth. Nazi left without saying anything.
Rani cries with pain and a girl says that Nigaar wants her to leave. She ask her to talk to Shamo as he gave this mobile for her. Rani cries and says that she has beaten her alot. Shamo says that he convinced her to send her back. Rani says that why he is snatching this roof from her. Shamo says that he is coming to pick her up. She ask Rani to not to tell this to anyone. Rani thanked her and cries.
Shahzaib’s mother was worried that Shahzaib is not picking up her call as it’s too much late. Shahzaib returned back home and his mother ask that where was he? Shahzaib says that he didn’t payed attention. Shahzaib was sad and his mother ask that why is he sad? Shahzaib says that he is tired that’s why and he wants to take rest.
Nazi’s friend ask her to come and eat something. Nazi says that sheis not hungry. Her friend ask that why is she upset? Nazi recieves call from Shahzaib and he says that he is upset as she is hurt from what he said and apologizes. Nazi ask him to not to disturb her as she is having her exams. Her friend says that she thinks that she is not doing right with Shahzaib. Nazi says that she knew better.
Chaman begum says to Rani that she will be free from here now as she is so lucky and she is not allowed to do any kind of work. Rani put a poison in Nigaar’s juice.
Nigaar ask Chaman that she wants to go to shrine as she is having some loads on her. Nigaar ask about Rani. Chaman begum says that she is silent. Nigaar says that she came here with dreamz and her all dreamz are broken. Nigaar ask her to bring juice for her. Nigaar says that today will be a special mujra. Nigaar says that all men are same and she was stupid.
Basit’s mother says to her husband that they didn’t recieved any call from Basit. She says that she is worried about him. He ask that what they are talking about as Basit is too much intelligent. Samina says that she thinks that Basit has fallen in love with Nazi. His wife says that she has seen Nazi as well. He says that all women are doubtful as he refused to took responsibilty of Nazi. Samina says that Nazi is forcing Basit.
Chaman says to Nigaar that all preperations are done. She ask her to wake up. Chaman begum found Nigaar dead and she panics.

PRECAP: Basit says to his father that he is misunderstood. His father says that than why Nazi is refusing for marriage. Shahzaib tell his mother that Nazi don’t wants to marry him.

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