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Najaf’s friend ask that where they are going? Najaf says that if she don’t believe on her than why she came with her and she will not bring her again with her if she will not keep silent. Her friend says that she can’t come without her. Najaf says that she is having her Allah with her. Her friend says that they came to meet someone who tells future. Najaf says that she came here to make her present right. Her friend says that she pray for her future prince and she not even left any shrine in Hyderabad. Someone came out of shrine and ask them to go in one by one as Musa has finished his prayers. Her friend ask her to let her go first as she has only one complication and she is having so much to ask as she will not let her wait alot. Her friend come out and says that he said that he don’t want to meet her and he only wants to meet whom he called. Najaf says that she came here first time and no one called her. Najaf went in to meet Musa. Musa says that her name is beautiful like her soul and her destiny is also bright. Najaf says that after that she face many problems and when she tries to find what she did than she didn’t remember. Musa says that no one can do anything if she can’t do anything for her. Her says that she has to help others as well. Najaf says that she don’t know about her future and she can’t help anyone. Musa ask her to be strong. Najaf says that she prayed for little but now she has lost that little as well as her house situations were not right and she prayed for her father’s job but he went to abroad. Musa ask her to keep patience. Najaf says that she can’t took any decision. Musa says that when she will make her decision than she will not be having any problem and she has to keep believe on Allah. He says to Najaf that her friend left with anger. Najaf fell down while following her friend.
All classmated says that they all failed in class else Najaf and thanked that Najaf didn’t came otherwise they got insulted. They all talk about Najaf that she came and she always stand for truth and rights and they want her to be insulted. They laugh that her dress is dirty like she fell in dirty water. They says to Najaf that she came as they were talking about her. Najaf says to her friend that she don’t care about her that’s why she left her in shrine alone and fell down. Her friend ask her to take care of everyone. Najaf says that she tries to take care and tell what to do now. She says that Malik Iqbal is making factory and this is the big problem as there will be dangerous gas for them. They ask Najaf to talk to teacher about it as she is a bright student. Najaf says that she will talk but they also has to come with her.
Najaf went to meet Malik Iqbal but his guard says that he is not available but his younger brother is there and they can meet him. His secretory says that Sikandar can’t meet them and they can come later. Najaf force her that they wants to meet him. Sikandar ask her secretory to send them in. Najaf ask that she don’t know the room. Her friend left her alone again. Najaf says that she came to ask something from him. Najaf says that he is student of his college and this is his land but he started making a factory and there will be a big problem because of pollution and he broke the rules. Sikandar says that she is saying that he broke the rules. Najaf says that he is a good business man as she came with hope but she is leaving with disappointment. She says that he is ruining everybody’s health because of his decision and he is not a big person. Sikandar says that he is not a big person. Najaf says that he wasted his time of virtue and ask him to think.
Najaf’s father says to his wife that he asked her to not to fight with him while eating. She says that she prayed for him that he is going to Saudia for job. He says that nothing can happen because of her always. She says that he thinks that this is because of Najaf. He says that she is her daughter as well. He says that what she wants to do she did and she don’t need her permission but her every wish can’t be fulfilled. She says that she can’t live without him with 3 daughters. He says that she is forcing her that she will live at her brother’s house. He says that Najaf can’t live there. She ask him to let her find her own house. He says that she don’t think that Najaf is her daughter but Najaf thinks that she is her mother and she has to live in this house. He says that he had a lots of hope from her but he is wrong. He says that she is her step daughter and she will remain like this. He says that this is better that he will not go otherwise she will behave stubborn with her. She says that what will happen with them if he die. He says that her brother can’t come here. She says that Najaf rejected her brother’s son proposal and everyone talks of they will come here. He says that she thinks that she is a load otherwise he is not having any problem.He ask her to leave Najaf as she is his responsibilty. He says that he is leaving for Karachi and she has to keep her anger in limits till he returns back. He says that Najaf is his responsibilty and he is her father and he will arrange anything for her.
Najaf returns back home and her step sister says that their parents always fights and her mother was saying that they will take them to her brother house and she will leave alone here. Najaf says that she can’t go there but they has to study with concentration. Her step mother says that she will make them like her as well and leaves with anger. Najaf ask her mother that why is she angry? She says that she is frightened that what she think that she is her real mother or step mother and she married to her father that he will take care of her but she is afraid of divorce. Najaf ask her to not to say this otherwise she will not forgive her. Her mother says that she love her and she thinks that she has to fulfill her responsibilty. She says that her father is forcing her to live her alone. Najaf says that she will take her responsibilty. Her step mother says that young girls are load for their parents. Najaf says that she don’t know what to do and recalls what Musa said to her and ask her mother to not to worry.
Najaf’s father went to meet Najaf and Najaf says that he is worried because of her. He says that he didn’t thought that no one will be with him in difficult time. She says that whole family is with him and says that she has taken a decision to live in college hostel. He says that he can’t give her permission. Najaf force him and says that everyone is worried because of her and everyone loves and respect her in college. He ask her to not to talk about this again as he thinked something for her and ask her to sleep.
Najaf’s friend says that her principal wants to meet her. Her principal says to Sikandar that she is shocked that Najaf misbehaved with him in his office. Sikandar says that this is her mistake that she don’t know that what her students are doing? Her principal says that she will punish her. Her principal ask that who gave her permission to went to his office and ask questions. Najaf says that she asked for everyone’s right. Her principal says that she is just a student over here. Najaf says that she made her a bright student. Her principal says that she has no right to do this. Najaf says that everyone’s decision is this and that’s why she went there but her friends left her alone because of being afraid and she is not lying as she knew that. Najaf says that she is not believing her. Her principal ask her to apologize him. Najaf says that she didn’t done anything wrong and her apology is not enough for him. Sikandar says that he don’t need her apology and leaves.
Najaf’s father went to meet Samina and her maid says that she is getting ready and she will meet him when she will be leaving.
Najaf recalls what her principal said to her and scolded her that this is due to her and Sikandar is angry with them and now she is rustigating her from college.

PRECAP: Najaf’s father says to Samina that Maleeha and Najaf are sisters and he thought that they both are same for her. Najaf cries. Najaf says to Sikandar that he needs a treatment as he is so arrogant.

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