Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 10 5th July 2017 Written Update

Yaqeen ka Safar – Episode 10 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Danial’s mother got panics and ask Asfandyar that what a person saying. Asfandyar panics and call Usman.
Police checks Danial’s office as Danial was dead. Police Inspector read Danial’s note in which he wrote that he commited sucide as he is not able to fought for this case.
Noori heard this news and was shocked. Media went to Danial’s office and ask Usman about the incident. Usman and Asfandyar was shocked to see Danial in this situation. Media ask Danial’s partner about Danial that this is sucide or murder. He says that Danial was a nice person and they will investigate about this.
Asfandyar and Usman cries while sitting in hospital.
Dilawar says to Rab Nawaz that he left no prove there and this case is like sucide. Rab Nawaz ask about NGO head as her son is also here. Dilawar says that his slave will handle everything in Karachi. Rab Nawaz ask him to leave to Bangkok. He says that he will go to Danial’s home as he is feeling sad for him.
Everyone in the graveyard and Usman recalls what he asked him to pray for him and not to stop him for taking side of truth. His father and brother cries and Asfandyar recalls he asked him to leave this case.
Doctor come to check Danial’s mother and says that she needs rest and take care of her.
Asfandyar recieves call from media and he says that his brother is dead and they are still asking nonsense and they can write what they want to.
Geeti recalls the moments she spended with Danial and his words. Geeti cries.
Usman recalls when Danial was going to be married and he said that he saw himself in him. He recalls when Danial said that he wants justice for Noori.
Noori went to NGO head and She ask Noori that is she fine? Noori says that she is the reason that Danial is murdered as he was so strong and he can’t commit sucide. NGO head says that they are also shocked and ask her to pray for him.
Geeti’s mother ask her husband that he will not go to Danial’s home. He says that he just went in his death and it’s enough. She ask him to be with them. He says that this is confirmed that Danial comitted sucide and how he will face to people. She says that he is not sad because of his death. He says that they are no more in relation with Danial’s family.
NGO head says that her family is in her aunt house and she will send her back. Noori says that she promised that she will justify her case. She says that she don’t want her to be mudered. Noori says that she is worried about her life and they all lie else Danial and she don’t need anyone’s help as she will justify herself by her own.
Zubia studies and Sheema complains that she didn’t took care of her son. Zubia says that he was here before. Sheema complains that everyone asking about Zubia’s incident and says that she will not go in any function again. Rehan says that that’s why he ask to leave this house but she didn’t understands.
Geeti’s mother ask her to take care of her as she will be sick. Geeti cries and says that she was angry with him and she didn’t thought that he will not be back and he didn’t listened to him and how she will survive without him. Danial’s mother ask her to take care of her baby as well. Geeti cries and her mother says that he will be in pain that she is crying so much as he is watching her and she has to take care of her. Danial’s mother says that what about her baby if she will not take care of herself.
Asfandyar went to Usman and ask him to say something as he is locked in his room from many days. He ask him to speak. Asfandyar and Usman cries.
Danial’s mother says that they heard the good news and if Danial heard this than he would be so happy and his child has no idea that his father is not alive now.
Noori recalls what happened to her when she got raped and all the moments.
Asfandyar recalls what Danial said to him that he has to be brave and proud that his brother is fighting and he is responsible to take care of Geeti and his mother. He went to Danial’s office check his whole cabin. He found some papers and pictures and a letter by Muhammad Majid.
Khalil come to Zubia’s room and found her asleep. He put blanket on her.
Danial’s partner says that he was afraid that he would be murdered that’s why he started taking gun with him. He says that they are not having any prove about Danial that it was a murder and they don’t know where was her whole night. He ask that he came back and was happy that he found some proves. He says that he saw Muhammad Majid and he asked Danial that why he went to village and he also came to office. Asfandyar says that what was his relation with Danial? He says that they should meet him as they will get some information from there.

Faryal says to Asfandyar that they are not sad for Danial as he died disrespectful. Asfandyar ask her to talk safely about his brother. Jahangir Shah came out of jail and Rab Nawaz says that they finally won and where is Usman now?

Update Credit to: Sona

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