Woh Aik Pal – Episode 17 1st July 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 17 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Ahsan says that she told her everything and she hidden that from him and she lied to him. He ask Nazia to leave. Nazia says that they both fought with eachother and Zaid didn’t accepted him as a father and says that he married hiddenly from Hina as she was in Dubai. Ahsan says that he has to meet her than. Nazia ask to forgive her and Ahsan says that this is the last warning for her.
Sara says to Aarish to woke up. Sara says that Danish will be angry to see him here. Aarish says that he is not in the position to answer him. Sara says that she told Unaiza that he is here as she was worried. Aarish says that now he don’t need to answer her as well. Sara ask him to talk to Hina as she is upset. Aarish refuses and leaves.
Sara ask Danish that if she tell him something than he will not be angry. Sara says that Aarish came by himself. Danish says that why she met her as he asked her to not to meet him. Sara says that she asked him to talk to Hina as she is afraid that Hina will take a dangerous step. Danish says that he should get punishment. Sara says that he did that by mistake. Danish says that he married to Faris widow and he is spending his life. Sara ask him to not to say like that. Danish ask her to ask Aarish to marry with Hina so that Hina will not go to police. Sara says that she don’t want that. Danish says that Hina will never leave Aarish ever. Sara says that he is his brother and he can’t leave him like this as he need us and he is alone as Unaiza don’t love him and he don’t love her. Danish says that he can’t say anything. Sara says that if his own son will be there that what would he did?
Unaiza says that why he didn’t told her that where he is going. Aarish says that she get to know. Unaiza says that she was trying to call Hina as she thought that he went to Hina back. Aarish says that this is a small fight. Unaiza says that this is not small and if it is than why he didn’t told her and she was worried. Unaiza says that she is upset and angry and she thinks that why he married to her if he didn’t care about her. Unaiza says that he don’t need his care. Aarish apologizes. Unaiza ask him to leave and she will give him food in his room. Aarish refuses to eat. Unaiza angrily shouts that it’s his choice.
Hina called Unaiza and than dropped the call. Hina’s servant told Hina that someone is there to meet her.
Hina ask Ahsan that what is he doing here? Ahsan says that he is here to meet her and says that he felt bad what happened with her. Hina ask him to leave as she don’t need his sympathy. Ahsan says that he needs that as bad happened with him as well. Hina says that he is made for that. Ahsan says that he can help him in taking revenge as Aarish married to Unaiza that he left her. Hina ask him to leave. Ahsan says that he can understand her feelings and ask her to take care. Hina’s friend ask that who was he? Hina says that he was Unaiza’s brother in law.
Aarish apologizes and says that he is leaving for office. Aarish says that he must not kicked Mushtaq out from office without asking her. Unaiza says that she wanted to apologize that she married to him as he is young and he was innocent and she did wrong with him and he married to her with sympathy and he can’t accept her as a wife. Aarish says that she is hurting him. Unaiza says that he is also hurting her and ask him to leave. Aarish ask that she didn’t ate anything. Unaiza says that she had not eaten from yesterday afternoon. Aarish says that he can’t bear that and ask her to eat.
Mushtaq ask that he talked to Hina. Ahsan says that he don’t want to meet him. Ahsan says that all women are stupid. Mushtaq ask him to take advantage otherwise they will be ruined. Mushtaq says that everything was going good and he asked Aarish to come home. Ahsan says that he was so busy in handling everything. Ahsan says that if he married her for money than he will not leave her easily. Mushtaq ask Ahsan to make Hina understood. Ahsan says that he will give him advice. Mushtaq says that before he was doing this and now Ahsan has to take action and after that everyone will be out of the way.
Unaiza says that she didn’t knew that he also became angry. Aarish says that if she wants to see than she should leave eating food. Unaiza says that she will leave. Aarish says that she will not. Unaiza says that after a long time someone is angry on her and she is feeling good. Aarish says that he was not having intention to be angry on her as he can’t see her not eating anything. Aarish tried to apologize but Unaiza says that she is tired by hearing his sorry. Aarish says that he is not like Faris and he is consious. Unaiza says that no one is perfect. Aarish says that she thought that Faris was perfect. Unaiza says that he was her husband. Unaiza says that he is also her husband and she likes him. Aarish ask her to not to explain as he don’t mind. Unaiza says that he used to mind. Aarish says that he know that she loved Faris and she can do whatever she want to do.
Aarish found complications in project with Ahsan’s company. He was shocked and says that what he will do now. Aarish called Unaiza and he wants employee against Mushtaq and he needs her help. Aarish says that he don’t want her to be misunderstood and his situation is awkward. Unaiza says that he don’t care about her and Zaid and she will do everything by herself.
Ahsan says to Nazia that she understood that what she will talk to her. He ask Zaraar to keep check on his mother. Nazia says that why he is taking him in between. Ahsan says that he is not having any other choice. Ahsan ask her to make her place in Unaiza’s heart as he is trying to save her sister.
Unaiza says that she felt good to see her. Unaiza says that she is upset because of Aarish. She ask Zaraar to play with Zaid. Zaraar refuses and says that his father asked her to sit with his mother. Nazia says that Ahsan thought that he will ruin her things. Unaiza says that there is no problem. Zaraar says that Ahsan will scold her. Nazia ask about Aarish. Unaiza says that he can’t say infront of Zaraar and will talk later.
Aarish returns back from office and Unaiza tell him that Nazia was here and ask that he don’t like her. Aarish says that this is her houseand she is her sister and she can come when she want to. Unaiza says that sometimes she feels that he is her own or he is a stranger. Aarish ask her to not to think about him and think that he is her friend. Unaiza says that she don’t like that he took permission on little things and they has to take things clearly so that she will not think that he is betraying her. Unaiza says that why he is doing this? Aarish says that he like her and he want her and Zaid happy. Unaiza ask that what about his happiness as he is not happy. Aarish says that he is happy to see her. Unaiza says that she can’t understand him and she can’t feel secure and not happy. Aarish ask that what should he do for her. Unaiza says that she don’t know.
Hina tries to make Unaiza afraid by streamer. Ahsan says that she is mad and what she is doing. Unaiza panics and takes Aarish with her and not to go there. Unaiza ask that who was there? Aarish says that she didn’t allowed him to see. Unaiza says that why is he laughing as this must be dangerous as this didn’t happened before. Aarish ask that what she want to say as someone is taking revenge. Unaiza says that she can’t understand anything as it is so scary and someone is doing blank calls to her. Aarish says that why she didn’t told him. Unaiza says that their responsibility is enough. Aarish says that they are his family. Unaiza says that there is someone who know them very well.
Ahsaan follows Hina and Hina says that she stopped him to not to follow her. Ahsan says that she thinks that she will do this and they will be afraid. She didn’t knew that men like innocent girls. Hina says that she is not afraid of anyone and he likes her. Ahsan says that she is making herself stupid as he married to Unaiza. Ahsan says that she is stupid as she thinks that Aarish is stupid. Hina says that Aarish can’t think that she is doing all this.
Aarish says to Unaiza that Hina is doing all this as he know her from 5 years. Unaiza says that they did bad with her and they must talk to her. Aarish refuses and says that they can’t do anything for her. Unaiza ask him to marry her as she is guilty. Aarish says that what is she talking about. Aarish ask to pray for her.
Hina says to Ahsan that they know everything and now what will happen. Ahsan says that they will not be changed and he ask her to be with her. Hina says that she don’t need their money. Ahsan says that Aarish married to her for money. Hina says that he didn’t did that for money but there is a secret behind it. Ahsan ask her to tell him. Hina says that she will not as he will ruin her game and when she will believe in him than she will tell him. Ahsan ask her to be with her as they want to broke their marriage and ask her to believe him.

PRECAP: Unaiza ask Aarish that is he doing work as she want to talk something. Ahsan ask Nazia to not to talk to Unaiza without his permission otherwise he will divorce her. Aarish says that he will tell Hina about her plan. Unaiza says that she told her. Aarish says that she want divorce.

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