Titli- Episode 24 30th June 2017 Written Update

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Rehan finds Naila and his mother ask that why is he finding her. His mother says that she sent her to buy medicines for her. Rehan says that he don’t know where is she? His mother says that she must be in traffic and will be back.
Rehan waits for Naila. Naila returns back and He ask that from where is she coming? Naila says that she went to market to buy medicines. Rehan says that he know. Naila says that than why is he asking? Rehan ask that whom is she talking to in the market. Naila says that he was a sales man as she forgot her medicines slip. She says that she told him the truth. Rehan ask her to make tea for him. Naila says that why he show so much anger that he is having headache. He ask her to shutup and make tea for him. Rehan says that he has to keep an eye on her.
Someone met Qayuum and ask about his health and Naila. He says that Ahemd was like a diamond. Qayyum says that he is getting late for prayers.
Naila’s mother talks on call to Naila and says that she can’t do anything for her. Saira ask that why is she saying about her husband and her son as she did everything by herself. Qayyum says that she is right as everyone is ruining his respect. Her mother says that people talks as they need to talk. She says that Naila is happy with Rehan. He says that he know in what situation she is and he cried to listen that. She ask him to forgive her and bring her back home. He says that he will never forgive her ever.
Rehan ask that she is happy to meet her daughters as they both didn’t even saw her and they both went with step mother. He says that how dare she did this and he is not stupid like Ahmed and he will not let her go easily and says that he will kick her out of his home. He says that where she will go. Naila says that she will move to old house. Rehan says that he will not allow her to do that as she has planned everything,
Rehan ask Naila to give him food. His mother says that she thought he went with Naila. Rehan says that he went with his own work and called Naila that she didn’t told him that where is she going? Rehan says that her number is off and he will talk to her. His mother says that she is hungry. Rehan says that he will bring food. His mother says that there is nothing in kitchen. Rehan says that he will bring food from hotel.
Naila walks alone on the road and called her friend Rabia that is she at home as she want to come. Naila tell her that she is coming to meet her. Rabia give her water and ask that from where is she coming. Naila says that she needs her help. Naila says that she knew that she married to Ahmed and he was so nice and she didn’t respected him and now she married to Rehan and now he is giving divorce to her and she has no place to live. She ask her to give her place here at her home. Rabia says that her husband got job in Ahmed’s company after 3 years and told her whole story. Naila says that she can understand and ask her to let her stay for one night. Rabia ask that why she left Rehan’s home? Naila says that in the start everything was alright and she loved him but he started doubting on her and beat her as well. Rabia says that this is wrong. She says that she make her understood that she should see men’s nature not face. She says that her husband compliments Ahmed. Naila says that she is feeling awkward and her daughters started hating her. Rabia says that she is also a mother and she can understand. Rabia went to bring something to eat.
Rehan thinks that Naila thinks that he is like Ahmed and when she will be back than he will show her that who is he and her father and brother shut their doors on her but her mother has always taken her side and called her. Qayyum ask that who is calling her. Naila’s mother recieve call from Rehan and he was shocked to hear that Naila is not with her and her mother panics that Naila left her home. Qayyum panics and says that his daughter is making him to commit sucide. Rehan thinks that what should he do now and he should complain police. He says that if police arrested him than?
Naila recalls what Ahmed asked her that what he didn’t gave to her and she said that she is not relax with him. She recalls when her mother ask her to think about her daughters and she didn’t even cared.
Rabia ask that she didn’t slept whole night. Naila refuses. She ask about her decision. Naila says that she will went to old house but Rehan will not let her stay there and ask her to pray for her as she has taken her decision that she is going back to Rehan. Naila says that she has to leave now and thank her.
Rehan slaps Naila and ask that where was she and where was her mobile. Naila says that her battery was dead. Rehan scolds her and says that he can’t bear charaterless lady like her. Rehan give divorce to her and ask her to leave. Rehan kick her out from his home.
Naila walks alone on the road and cries. Naila got hit by the car.
Naila’s mother says to Saira that she is worried about Naila. Saira ask her to give her food. She ask her to call Naila and ask about her health as Qayyum stopped her to call Naila. Saira says that Kami did the same. Her mother says that she must die as she made her life like hell.
Naila was taken to the hospital and doctor says to the lady who took her here as she is badly injured. She says that she is trying to contact her family but no one is giving response. She says that she will bear all expense of her operation.
After 15 years, Ahmed went to Darul Amaan and saw Naila in a horrible situation. He saw shocked to see her like that. She smiles to see Ahmed. Ahmed ask about her health and says that he met to her personal wardon and she was saying that she stopped irritating and forcing. He cries and says that he didn’t liked to hear that she stopped forcing everybody. He says that Amna completed her medical studies and she is a doctor now and Mariam is going to be a pilot as she know that her father is afraid of heights. He says that his mother is ill and she used to ask about her. Ahmed ask that why she did this to him? He says that she didn’t done good. He says that he used to hear that don’t ask about first love and she was his first love. He says that what he should do with Beenish and she took care of his family and love him but he didn’t gave her a baby. He says that why he didn’t stopped her at that time. He says that if he stopped her than she would not be in this sistuation as she forgot everything and where he will go. He says that he will try to meet her like this. A lady took her away and Naila says that she is waiting for her daughters. She ask him to tell her that her daughters are coming to meet her and cries. Ahmed also cries.

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